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  1. Actually, um... I'm gonna bow out. The RP seems to be progressing a bit too quickly for me to keep up. Thanks anyway, though, and I hope you guys have fun.
  2. Oh. I got booted. That's... fine... *sniff* No, seriously, I understand. Though if you wouldn't be opposed to it, could I genderbend Addem and enter her? We seem to need females.
  3. Welcome back to the forums. Lots has happened during your absence.

    1. Addem Up

      Addem Up

      That it has.

    2. qqq


      If you wish to continue with Insane Asylum, you'll have to sign up again. (I'm in the Criminal Asylum...)

  4. Ajax yelped, diving behind the Riolu and allowing him to take the brunt of the attacks. Once they had finished, he lept out from behind them, delivering a fireball to the face of the closest beedrill and violently clawing at the next one. "Get the other!"
  5. Name: Addem Up Age: 18 Profession: Wrenches (clubs). He's also extremely intelligent and can jury-rig technology. District: 5 Favorite ice cream flavor: Lactose-Intolerant Link in my sig.
  6. (Sorry if I'm godmodding a little, but we need to get the group moving.) Addem nodded, trotting out of the room with the rest of the group. He looked out over the horizon, pointing. "That's the way to the village. Then again, if the attackers are still there, we wouldn't want to take the main road..."
  7. A pattering of clawed feet could be heard in the hallway. The bug's retreat was cut off by a roaring fireball as Ajax vaulted over Rockzy's head, using the pokemon as a trampoline. He slashed downards with his beak, flames streaming around him as he barreled towards the pokemon. "I gotcha, Riolu!"
  8. I was looking forwards to it, honestly. It would have been fun. Sadly, interest dies quickly on this site.
  9. (Where did everypony go?) Ajax glanced around, chuckling. "Looks like the Wurmple spread the word that there's a Fire-type here." He grinned, trotting forwards and tugging the rest of his group with him. "C'mon! I'm not losing to an Oddish." He paused briefly as he saw the light flicker, then blinked hard and grumbled, "Eye playin' tricks on me..."
  10. Ajax looked around the room, relaxing slightly as he saw that they were alone. "Yo, Rockzy, wanna check for wild pokemon?" he said, trotting to the mouth of one of the corridors and peering into it. He made sure to steer clear of the pond, hugging the edges of the room.
  11. Addem rubbed the back of his head, chuckling. "It's all about misdirection, as I'm sure you know. I just do it with a more... physical substance. Disguise only gets you so far, you know." He paused, then said, "Speaking of which, Civil, would it be possible to bend rays of light via magic?"
  12. Ajax paused, looking over at the helpless bug Pokemon. He glanced back at the Eevee, then sent a quick spurt of flame towards the weakened enemy. Turning away from it, he assumed a leisurely walk towards the staircase, the crackling flame music to his ears.
  13. Ajax shuddered under the barrage of bullets. He scampered backwards, dodging from side to side as he approached his bound teammates. With a few slashes of his claws, he began to tear the webbing away. "Ah! Ow! Dammit, Prism, help me!" He flinched as a seed struck his beak, a series of swear words pouring from him as he continued to work.