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  1. So, in every single one of your fandoms, who do you ship, and why? NOTE: make your shippings innocent. Some shippings can be slash but don't include any pictures of NSFW. Respect others opinions. I have lots of shippings, but I'm going to post my favourite ones here. Heriron-(Harry Potter) Self explanatory. Leian-(Star Wars)-...ok, this is basically the oldest shipping in history and the one pretty much everyone likes. Peetnis-(Hunger Games) their relationship is interesting and quite complex. It also has interesting plot twists-the person that has a crush on you has to kill you to survive, and by the time you actually love him, he's calling you a mutt! O: Clarctor(Doctor Who)-Yes, I agree that the whole romance thing was overdone since the TV movie, but Clarctor I truly like. Rosetor-Rose was much better with Jack, and the relationship extended waaaay too long. Marctor-no time to explore, the crush was sometimes annoying. As for Clarctor, the sheer mystery of it has made me ship it after only a few episodes of Clara. Watsonlock(Sherlock)-I only go for as to broship them, since I don't like slash unless the character is officially gay. And even then, I don't particularly adore it. Still, their friendship is really intresting! Plus my heart got a little bit touched at "I don't have friends, John; I only have one." So, what about you?
  2. The doctor married the doctors daughter then they had a Daughter.

  3. Hey, I think I made my friend a Whovian! Good, now let's make her a pegasister.

  4. Well, although I didn't quite like her, I disagree about your comment on lines. Some villains like Sauron are meant to have few lines. They're supposed to be a commanding evil force, while other villains are supposed to be creepy-cool and have lines that bash the hero or trick the hero or whatever. Sombra would have been much better as the later.
  5. The 50th anniv special isn't going to get on YouTube easily, The Season 4 premiere is. What do you think? And for poor Asians like me we can watch niether...
  6. My Little Pony(What do you think?) The Mortal Instruments(kinda) The Hunger Games Doctor Who Star Trek Harry Potter The Lord of The Rings The 39 Clues Yeah, that's it.
  7. Well, the best thing to do is to probably send an anoymus letter to the school councilor saying that someone is showing your friend pretty disghusting things (R34 is banned in your school right?). Say it's from an innocent bystander. You can also probably fake your age and gender so that no one will catch you. If they stop showing your friend R34 but still bully him, just avid them and ignore it, they'll stop. Hope this helps!
  8. Okay, this is how my day will be basically be like on November 23. I will make lame Doctor Who references all over the house. Then I will go to the local mall with my friends qhile wearing a scarf. Then we will watch Catching Fire and witness Jenniefer Lawrence's awesomeness. Then I will go back home, and pretend to sleep but secretly watch Ep.1 and 2 via wi-fi. Genius, no?
  9. Cadence would die after the episodes wherein the Doctor tries to kill his companions. And Luna...o dran that won't work she'll lobe Battleship. Should rechange my plan
  10. Make them watch Battleship, some Sixth Doctor episodes and all the Twilight films I would do it like Discord. By tricking everypony.
  11. Well, yes, you should. It may not be that good, but it got 2 positive reviews on RT and I mixed last time I checked(those are the only reviews). It;s also 6.8 on IMBD, which is pretty impressive for something like that.
  12. Applejack. She knows how to have fun and enjoy herself, but she knows when to stop, and what things are appopriate for genders and ages.
  13. I would sulk in a chair for the rest of the day. I like that episode better than most people (I think the only thing wrong with it was a bit rushed), but it wouldn't make a good ending. This was the whole reason why I was scared Season 3 was the last: I (correctly) guessed that Twilight would become a princess, and I didn't want the show to end like that.
  14. Well, one day, I was at the school computer watching the Season 3 premiere on YouTube(You're allowed to watch educational stuuf at school, and, fortuantely, some MLP and DW episodes are tagged "educational" for some reason). Then, someone came to me and said he watched the show, and it was horrible. And everyone who watched it was gay. I told him that my dad watched the show, and he has a Star Wars collection. Plus, I would rather watch something like this rather than those TV14 they secertly watched. Then, I continued to watch it until the bell rang. They teased me a bit more but the whole thing stopped when they saw one of their friends talking about the show with me. XD
  15. I want to join! (: Username: Twinkle Twilight Character Name: Cestler Starter pokémon: Phanpy Background: She came from a family of pue Earth Ponies, but for some reason became an Unicorn. Although most unicorns don't attend this school, she decided to join it to bring the family honor. She got her Phanpy from her neighbor Fluttershy, who for some reason thought it was an elephant with dragon pox. Honor Student: Almost. She's just a milimiter away! (Her grade average is 88.50 or something like that)