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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Absolutely. I agree with you. Not that I think that evil is on its last legs. And I do think that we are confused about gender and what it means. There are a lot of questions that we are asking as a society that we just don't know the answer to, and there's a lot of things that people disagree with regarding the subject due to life experiences and clashing ideologies. But MLP is nowhere NEAR the center of that debate. It's hardly an outlier. Sure it changes gender roles and raises the question as to why a man would like a girls' product, but gender roles hardly define gender itself, so when people have serious discussions about the issue of gender, MLP doesn't come up as often as the Bible would come up in a conversation about Jesus. As a female who has been in the brony fandom almost since the beginning, having been involved in Internet communities as well as having met bronies in real life, I can tell you one thing: the vast majority of bronies still act like men. Even in the midst of wearing pink pony shirts and dressing up in unicorn horns and brushing a pony's hair, doing those things alone doesn't make them become women, or really even feminize them. They don't do that sort of stuff to look cute or pretty, or to be maternal. They don't do it to act like girls. They don't want to be girls. They just want to be themselves, and to have fun. Any brony who questions their gender, sexuality, role, etc would have done so without any help from MLP. Honestly, MLP is more of a reflection of what's going on with our current culture than it is a direct influence on people's behavior.
  3. I actually can't say that I've ever been to a city terrible enough for me to outright call it terrible. Heck I've even been to Detroit. I think that given the state of the city in recent years I could technically say that it's the worst, but there are aspects about Detroit that I really enjoy so I can't give it that much crap. Although, I have been to a place called Highland Park. It's a city within Detroit that, back in the 50's, was split off into its own city because of how much it was thriving. Now, it's a bit of a dump. Don't recommend going to Highland Park for a trip I'll tell you that. I'd recommend a vacation in Detroit over one in Highland Park, because you could at least visit downtown Detroit and enjoy that aspect of it (and downtown is pretty safe, especially compared to the rest of the city).
  4. The nice thing about liking a character that the rest of the fandom hates? The blindbag for that character can still be found at the store. Yessir, I got me a Flash Sentry blindbag. I was also surprised to find Spitfire, whom I also grabbed.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Nuke87654


      and nice find RockinRarity :)

    3. RockinRarity


      Thanks! I was glad to have gotten him for cheap from a blindbag instead of online for a ridiculously marked-up price (which I know is what I'll have to do for some of the others in this wave...). Also I am thankful for a functioning smartphone so that I could look up the codes on Target's WiFi. :D

    4. Nuke87654
  5. I am right-handed. But my dad, two of my brothers, and my husband are all left-handed.
  6. I didn't think that the narrator sounded like Benedict Cumberbatch at all. I know his voice the minute I hear it. It's sexy. I have watched enough Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness to know it.
  7. Nah, s'all good. I too will wait for more information before fully judging whether or not I will want to go see it... I just think that chances are pretty good that I will want to go see it anyways.
  8. CGI isn't your favorite kind of thing, OK... Also so you're saying, "No I don't think that what you're saying will literally happen, but it will figuratively happen." Did you know that The Avengers is not a movie for "younger audiences?" And neither is Pirates of the Caribbean? Yup, those movies were made by Disney too (I know that PotC is not the best example when defending quality regarding Disney films since the movies do, in my opinion, get progressively worse, but those movies are still pretty dark, and not for "younger audiences." Disney's recent films - including almost all of the Marvel ones - are all way up in quality while in the early to mid-2000's Disney was barely making quality films). To be fair, this is a "teaser," not a full-on trailer. Random scenes fused together is how teasers work. Go on YouTube and watch other "teasers" for other movies. Again, teasers are not trailers. Full trailers for Star Wars Episode VII will be released eventually. This short teaser is just to get people informed about when things will be happening, and to set expectations.
  9. OK see here's the thing. You can't compare the prequels to this new set of movies. George Lucas wrote the prequels himself. He had help (and MAJOR editing done) with episodes IV, V, and VI. The thing about George Lucas is that he's a shitty writer with an imagination. He created the world for IV, V, and VI, but the names, the dialogue, the characters, oh man, was so terrible. Did you know that Luke Skywalker's original name was Luke Starkiller? Yikes. The fact that he's a terrible writer and needs a serious editor when he creates stuff is evidenced by episodes I, II, and III. But now, George Lucas isn't writing the next movies. WHICH IS A GOOD THING I also don't understand the Disney bashing. Have you not watched anything made by Disney in the last 5 or so years? The Avengers is already mentioned up there (which is my favorite superhero movie). They used CGI in that film - did it look terrible? I don't think so. It looked good to me. But what's up with the Disney bashing anyways? Like does everything think that because Disney made it it's going to become kiddified? Does anyone think that Harrison Ford is going to break out into a Let It Go dance montage with Mickey Mouse or something? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there is something that happens towards the end of the movie that might make you angry. Or flabbergasted. Or it might make you headdesk. I'm not even a Trekkie but because I knew something about that particular moment as it happened in the original, it seriously made me be like, "Um, why did you do this?" You'll know what I'm talking about as soon as you see it. I just know it. XD
  10. I liked Into Darkness. For the most part. There were one or two things in it that were like "wut," but it was enjoyable and entertaining. I think that he'll do a decently good job with this. It's Star Wars, with a totally original storyline that isn't based off anything in particular besides its predecessors. I look forward to this movie, and the teaser was pretty sweet.
  11. Well I'm already married soooooo dating/marrying would not go over well. ^^;; We are more similar than different, and I have joked that we are practically the same person... but that's not /technically/ true. He's more into video games than I am (although I do like me some Nintendo) and I have more people skills than he does. I also like MLP more than he does and while our interests are similar and we can do a lot of stuff together we also have our own interests that we branch off into. If I met someone who was exactly like me in personality, I might be friends with him. We'd have fun chatting online and playing the MLP CCG together.
  12. I decided to torture myself and watch an episode of the DiC Sailor Moon dub from the 90's. It is as bad as I remember.

    1. The Coffee Pony

      The Coffee Pony

      The sad thing is I used to enjoy that as a little kid. I cringe at it now (along with several Nickelodeon shows).

    2. RockinRarity


      I liked it too but even then I knew that it was cringe-worthy... original Japanese and the new Viz dub is much much better.

  13. I agree with this. A lot. But I don't think that Tommy is necessarily wrong. I think he can get a little more negative than a lot of people like, but I think that he does a decently good job at keeping himself level with his videos, which makes them fun to watch even if I don't always agree with him. I also think that he's absolutely right that most people seek these analysis videos for affirmation, not for pure analysis. I know that I have fallen into this trap. I find it funny that he used a clip from one of Digibrony's season 4 videos (the one about Daring Don't, which was an episode that I didn't like very much either). "Am I getting jaded?" he asked. At the time, since I didn't like the episode much either, I didn't think so. But as the season progressed, that quote came back to me, and I felt like Digi was looking for too much to dislike, and he was letting what was happening in his own personal life influence his opinions on certain episodes. In short, I didn't think that they were fair analyses. And that's what really bothered me about him as I watched his videos. Eventually I just stopped because I wasn't enjoying his "analyses" anymore - they were more like bitching if you ask me. So that's why I agree that tone and approach in making these videos makes a big, big difference. I think that it's good that Tommy is wondering these things himself, because I think that it helps keep him grounded. But overall, I think that analysis videos have an important place in the fandom, and as long as the people creating the content don't allow themselves to become too positive or too negative, it serves an important purpose, and that is the role of keeping the rest of us on our toes and remembering that scrutinizing our favorite thing in the world doesn't mean that we think that our favorite thing in the world is bad. It just means that we know that it can be better. Oh, and if people in the community would just stop believing that analyzers like Tommy hold any kind of authority about how anyone else should feel about a particular episode, that would be great.