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  1. Absolutely. I agree with you. Not that I think that evil is on its last legs. And I do think that we are confused about gender and what it means. There are a lot of questions that we are asking as a society that we just don't know the answer to, and there's a lot of things that people disagree with regarding the subject due to life experiences and clashing ideologies. But MLP is nowhere NEAR the center of that debate. It's hardly an outlier. Sure it changes gender roles and raises the question as to why a man would like a girls' product, but gender roles hardly define gender itself, so
  2. I actually can't say that I've ever been to a city terrible enough for me to outright call it terrible. Heck I've even been to Detroit. I think that given the state of the city in recent years I could technically say that it's the worst, but there are aspects about Detroit that I really enjoy so I can't give it that much crap. Although, I have been to a place called Highland Park. It's a city within Detroit that, back in the 50's, was split off into its own city because of how much it was thriving. Now, it's a bit of a dump. Don't recommend going to Highland Park for a trip I'll tell y
  3. The nice thing about liking a character that the rest of the fandom hates? The blindbag for that character can still be found at the store. Yessir, I got me a Flash Sentry blindbag. I was also surprised to find Spitfire, whom I also grabbed.

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    2. Nuke87654


      and nice find RockinRarity :)

    3. RockinRarity


      Thanks! I was glad to have gotten him for cheap from a blindbag instead of online for a ridiculously marked-up price (which I know is what I'll have to do for some of the others in this wave...). Also I am thankful for a functioning smartphone so that I could look up the codes on Target's WiFi. :D

    4. Nuke87654
  4. I am right-handed. But my dad, two of my brothers, and my husband are all left-handed.
  5. I didn't think that the narrator sounded like Benedict Cumberbatch at all. I know his voice the minute I hear it. It's sexy. I have watched enough Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness to know it.
  6. Nah, s'all good. I too will wait for more information before fully judging whether or not I will want to go see it... I just think that chances are pretty good that I will want to go see it anyways.
  7. CGI isn't your favorite kind of thing, OK... Also so you're saying, "No I don't think that what you're saying will literally happen, but it will figuratively happen." Did you know that The Avengers is not a movie for "younger audiences?" And neither is Pirates of the Caribbean? Yup, those movies were made by Disney too (I know that PotC is not the best example when defending quality regarding Disney films since the movies do, in my opinion, get progressively worse, but those movies are still pretty dark, and not for "younger audiences." Disney's recent films - including almost all of t
  8. OK see here's the thing. You can't compare the prequels to this new set of movies. George Lucas wrote the prequels himself. He had help (and MAJOR editing done) with episodes IV, V, and VI. The thing about George Lucas is that he's a shitty writer with an imagination. He created the world for IV, V, and VI, but the names, the dialogue, the characters, oh man, was so terrible. Did you know that Luke Skywalker's original name was Luke Starkiller? Yikes. The fact that he's a terrible writer and needs a serious editor when he creates stuff is evidenced by episodes I, II, and II
  9. I liked Into Darkness. For the most part. There were one or two things in it that were like "wut," but it was enjoyable and entertaining. I think that he'll do a decently good job with this. It's Star Wars, with a totally original storyline that isn't based off anything in particular besides its predecessors. I look forward to this movie, and the teaser was pretty sweet.
  10. Well I'm already married soooooo dating/marrying would not go over well. ^^;; We are more similar than different, and I have joked that we are practically the same person... but that's not /technically/ true. He's more into video games than I am (although I do like me some Nintendo) and I have more people skills than he does. I also like MLP more than he does and while our interests are similar and we can do a lot of stuff together we also have our own interests that we branch off into. If I met someone who was exactly like me in personality, I might be friends with him. We'd have fun
  11. I decided to torture myself and watch an episode of the DiC Sailor Moon dub from the 90's. It is as bad as I remember.

    1. The Coffee Pony

      The Coffee Pony

      The sad thing is I used to enjoy that as a little kid. I cringe at it now (along with several Nickelodeon shows).

    2. RockinRarity


      I liked it too but even then I knew that it was cringe-worthy... original Japanese and the new Viz dub is much much better.

  12. RockinRarity

    General Media Favorite princess outside of MLP?

    Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium
  13. I agree with this. A lot. But I don't think that Tommy is necessarily wrong. I think he can get a little more negative than a lot of people like, but I think that he does a decently good job at keeping himself level with his videos, which makes them fun to watch even if I don't always agree with him. I also think that he's absolutely right that most people seek these analysis videos for affirmation, not for pure analysis. I know that I have fallen into this trap. I find it funny that he used a clip from one of Digibrony's season 4 videos (the one about Daring Don't, which was an episod
  14. While it's true that a college degree will not guarantee you a job, having a degree is, generally speaking, better than not having a degree. http://www.npr.org/2014/11/19/362802610/for-millions-of-millennials-some-college-no-degree-lots-of-debt Recent study on how some college with debt (yet no degree) can be so much more damaging financially than a finished college degree. I majored in creative writing and I knew that I wasn't going to get a job directly in that field. I worked during college as a student secretary in a college department on campus and that helped me gain administ
  15. The DiC English dub of the original Sailor Moon anime is terrible and horrible. The Cloverway English dub of Sailor Moon is also terrible and horrible. But I am inclined to enjoy it more because they kept the original Japanese music.
  16. I'm calling Twilight Sparkle because I like that, in this scenario, it'd be possible to talk to her for real. Or maybe it's just Tara Strong. But then I'd get to call Tara Strong. Although I'm not sure if Tara Strong would be able to change my friend back.
  17. The hell? I thought Canada was supposed to be more progressive than the United States. ...don't they produce this show in Canada? Seriously, what the hell. The fact that they feel the need to silence some of the audio in order to make it preschool-friendly, of course this show is not meant for preschoolers exclusively.
  18. I'm at 6845 as of yesterday. Today's supposedly the day where I get to double my efforts and double my word count, but I have no idea if I will be able to do that. O.o
  19. Hey I'm one of those 25 year old whipper-snappers. I'm married and I work a full-time job. No children yet though. So I already knew that I was old. xD
  20. Because it was overtly-critical, I am assuming, to the point where your criticism was venomous instead of constructive. I am not a moderator, but that is my best guess. If you want to discuss it in length then I'd recommend that you PM Twilight Sparkle above. This forum is not anti-critique, but you have to be careful not to be rude in what you say about people. There are ways to be critical without being mean.
  21. Um I've been on the site a few times. It's hard for me to get into MLP fanfics because I have a very particular vision of the show that I don't think a lot of fanfic writers can write about (that's a personal preference for me, though). I have navigated the website though and have found some amusing fanfics. I'd say that it's one of the better fanfic sites out there that I'm aware of, based on the fact that it isn't a hellhole.
  22. That sucks. It started to work for me. 1095 today. Not great, but not terrible. Helps to have two characters banter between each other.
  23. Trying to update my word count on the site and it's down! WTH
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