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  1. Thanks Alora. It's true I have improved a lot over the past year especially, studying my Diploma of Fine Arts in college. No doubt I will improve even more in my second year. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and leave a comment.
  2. Actually, thats a good idea. It seems obvious, but somehow I overlooked it. I have been watching episodes on youtube but I think I somehow skipped a few. I don't think I missed too many, but now I can use the episode list to make sure i'm not skipping episodes. I haven't seen the last two episodes of the season two finale, I know that at least. Thanks Bubble Berry! Viking Metal? Why have I not heard of this sub-genre before? I will check it out for sure. Thank you Not Crispy! Sounds great! Maybe I should get some of my brony friends and have ourselves a 'Running of the Leaves' MLP Marathon!
  3. Thank you so much Ballistic! And yes both the third last and last stanza's are very powerful (at least to me). Doubling the rhyme rhythm in the final stanza was to finish strong, and the descriptive metaphors and similies in the lines prior were a build up to that. Yes! Rhyming is fun! I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the kind words.
  4. You did? Thanks for taking the time to read it Ballistic! Hopefully my art and poetry is well received here, even though i'm a novice I try my best. Thanks again! Awww, don't be too mad at Ballistic. That was awesome! I love that gif of RD throwing those jabs. Quite impressed with the way her mane moves too. Love the animation in MLP. *rolls up non-existent sleeves for bar fight* Oh, its friendly you say? I sure as hay will stick around. Thank you Scootaghost! Zomg! Season three! But I still need to catch up on the other episodes before then! Do you think I will I make it in time Bubble Berry? Thanks for the warm welcome! Sounds great Twinkle Twilight! You're too kind.
  5. Hello! I'm currently in my first year of my 'Diploma of Fine Arts' course at college. My favorite mediums to work with are oil and acrylic paints as well as gouache, soft pastels, oil pastels, willow charcoal and graphite pencil. Here's some of my pony art! For my friend 'Flake Twist' on the UK of Equestria forums. 'Scootaloo' Oil on canvas A small dry point print of AppleJack. (I forgot her freckles! ) A dry point print of my OC 'Brohorn'. Viking Pony. Drawing on a scroll of rice paper, with Japanese Sumi Ink using a bamboo pen that I made myself. Mixed Media Drawing of Human AppleJack. Acrylic and gouache wash on A1 Stonehenge paper, drawn with Japanese Sumi Ink, Soft Pastels and Willow Charcoal. Mixed Media Drawing of Ashleigh Ball (voice of AppleJack & Rainbow Dash and vocalist of 'Hey Ocean'). Acrylic and gouache wash on A1 Stonehenge paper, drawn with Japanese Sumi Ink, Soft Pastels and Willow Charcoal. Non-Literal Portrait of Ashleigh Ball. Soft Pastels and Willow Charcoal on A1 pastel board.
  6. Thank you Urdnot Shepard! I always appreciate a good old 'Pinkie Pie Gasp' welcome. I shall help myself to said candy, punch and cake. Great! Thank you HistoricallyInaccurate! Thanks for the warm welcome!
  7. I read that anything with text goes into this category. I hope poetry counts as Fan Fiction. "The Sun" Sweet coat of honey, with warm amber bristle; Figure divine, angel's hammer and chisel. Spoiled eyes and envy, cast swift harsh dismissal; Venomous words cause their beauty to fizzle. Some call you simple, outlandish or uncouth; Can one be so blind, to not see honest truth? Faithful and strong, such an admirable youth; An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Three scarlet apples, ripe and ready to reap; Mountains and valleys, some gentle some steep. Picked fruit of the tree, nourishment fills holes deep; Soft sweeping melody, will send me to sleep. Emerald lens, glistens softly in the light; Mirror of beauty, what a glorious sight. Its impossible, yet this moment feels right; How can the sun shine, through the thick dark of night? Thread of bright soft gold, soaking wet in the rain; Your pure burning soul, will warm me once again. The scent of straw, pervades from your tail and mane; Being one with nature, in bone, blood and vein. Pure stark white marks, upon your golden visage; Gazing upon you, inspires great courage. Six bright jewels, such a beauteous assemblage; Beacons alight, guide lost ships to their berthage. You the sun shining, keep the darkness hiding; Bearing good tidings, with five ponies riding. In me confiding, secrets speaking or writing; Memory abiding, beauty residing.
  8. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack How did you find MLP Forums?: I wanted to be part of another pony forum, so I google searched 'mlp forums'. Now here I am. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Since a few years ago I was impressed with the art style particularly, but only since June this year I had become a Brony. Before my first episode, I watched informative videos about Bronies then I gave it a shot. I found the dialogue to be cleverly written, gorgeous art, great animation, catchy tunes and most of all great fleshed out characters. Hello everypony! If you find my username troublesome, you can simply call me 'Simon'. Although it really isn't that hard to pronounce/ remember if you break it down. (Wii Nah Jam Easy) I am an art student from Sydney Australia currently in my first year of my 'Diploma of Fine Arts'. My favorite mediums are Oil and Acrylic paints, Gouache, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastels, Charcoal, Graphite and lino print. I also write poetry and novels, but so far have only written one mlp related poem. Recently, ponies are all I can think about. Even though i'm a member of a few mlp forums already, since I found this one I thought I might join. My favorite pony is AppleJack because not only do I like her appearance, but also her down to earth personality. It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope I fit in and make friends here. (You're going to LOVE ME!)