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  1. I could see that. House holds onto the glory of the Old World, aspiring to the ideals of his perfected past. House is effectively a Renaissance view of Ancient Greece or the Roman Republic (or Roman Empire). House really tries to create his own world, a cold, effective, and fairly acceptable place to live, when all is said and done. I do feel that House, perhaps with the side of the benevolent Courier, would be the best future for the world. House doesn't seem much corruptable; he's already got all he wants, and he really seems different than any of the moral factions or governments. Personally, I see House as not just the best alternative, but a fairly good alternative, and a good government at that.
  2. I think Tirek was outperformed by Princess Twilight. Twilight had to ceade her power to Tirek in order for him to take her power; all of the Alicorn magic, plus her own Twilight magic and Twilighticiousness was more powerful than Tirek. Apparently, all of the Alicorn magic in Equestria was more powerful than both Discord's, Tirek's, and all of the ponies's in Equestria's power.
  3. I chose Mr. House. NCR is a corrupt shamocracy, it's grown into little better than the democracy that started the war in the first place, and blew up the old world; NCR is ruled by brahmen baron, or, at least, the government is heavily infleunced by the large ranchers. Those ranches are caring little more for the populous of the Republic than for the brahmen they happily end for leather and wealth. It's a terribly formed Republic, and everything is wrong with the NCR. The Legion's flaws are a bit more obvious. Mr. House is the real good ruler in this. House is a benevolent dictator; guaranteeing freedom for his subjects, only asking for their work and their time in exchange for a good, free life. Surely, House is not perfect by any stretch; the yet not wonderful ruler, but he'll make sure people are taken care of, live their lives as best they can, and with as few issues as possible hampering them, he will provide both freedom and order. Really, I see Mr. House as the best possible government to rule.
  4. I'd have to say Portal 2. No other game's ending particularly sticks out in my mind, but Portal 2 definitely does, it waves a flag aboard my mind and jots its course for a brilliant and amazing ending. I'm sure there are certainly more game endings that I would consider better, and given a little time, or a lot of time to play more games, I would update my best game ending response. Portal 2 has an incredibly good ending <3
  5. I'm sorry they're picking on you, darling. Sometimes, everypony can act mean, even evil, it's an unfortunate reality that will take a lot to end. Keep strong, darling, be proud of who you are, and don't take hede from other people being mean. They're just misguided, and don't know how much of a wonderful person you are <3
  6. I'm sorry they're not treating you as you deserve to be treated. Everypony deserves to be treated nicely, with friendship and kindness, and everypony deserves friends that care and love them for who they are. These people are not truly your friends, they're being mean and behaving like bad individuals. You need to break away from them; just stop communicating with them, at all. One way to get rid of bad things is to get away from them, and ignore them, so say far away from them. This is just the first step of the solution, and its a very , very important one. Just stay away, you'll feel better right away. I hope this helps, they'rs so much help that needs to be given <3
  7. I wouldn't remove any emotions. All emotions serve their own purpose, to protect, to be free, to cherish, to express yourself, to feel the pain. All your life requires all of your emotions; it's never the emotions themselves that are bad. The things that you really want to remove aren't emotions, they're the bad sides of emotions. I would keep all emotions; without which, balance would be lost.
  8. I could live without internet if otherponies weren't using the internet either. If this was 10 or 15 years ago, or even further (with relative technology, E.G. 90's, even 80's or 70's), I could definitely live without the internet. They'rs so much that can be done offline, in fact I do most things in my life offline. They'rs so much software, so many games I played on computers before the internet. The only real problem is going to pick them up, and that was fun back then! They'rs so many books I have yet to read, I'd be in so much fun reading <3 The main uses I have for the internet for ordering things (or just spending money), learning, enjoying time with friends across the internets, enjoying a little media here and there (some reddit, maybe a little something else sometimes), downloading games, and of course My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: internet, actually, most of that is downloading games and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Oh, and I've forgotten one little thing on that list. I suppose, that would be pretty rough, given that I wouldn't have My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  9. Awww, this is so sweet and heartwarming <3 I'm really happy he's able to work through his friendship problems with the help of a cabbage. Sometimes, the strangest things lead to the greatest possibilities, the world is truly a magical place. I'm happy for him
  10. Scootaloo is my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader! Scootaloo is so adorable, and I love her so so much <3
  11. One of the interesting things to learn is that imperfection is an inherent part of the design of this universe. Its not readily possible to ever be perfect, in fact, the most perfect designs anypony has ever built in the real world inherently account for the fact that they're wrong. It's not really possible to make anything perfect in application, or to be perfect, just as its impossible to truly know anything; even laws are sometimes overturned when new scientific evidence is put forward, just as Einstein era theories overturned Newton physics. Imperfection, not being perfect is the most perfect you can ever be. Perfection's boring. Perfection is one of the worst things we can have.
  12. Anything and everything you say? This will take a mighty uncensored badge, and a very long time for me. Here's the cleaner list: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Fluttershy Oh, From here on out, I'm not going to have an order for these numbers. These are just reference beacons. Documenting everything Making sure I have everything, all pieces of information, all pictures, everything, all conversations, all ideas, all outstretches of time. Everything in my hands and viewable to me, manipulable, even. Thit as makes me happy, I have not yet achieved this quite as I'd like. Dwarf Fortress Girls <3 Men Sunshine Warmth Being Warm Scootaloo Applejack Pinkie Pie Having an extraordinary conversation. Theater performances Listening to brony music The MLP:FiM community Learning Books Softness Accounting Typing Programming a program that works that I figured out (One of the best feelings) Being with somepony I like Being with somepony I love cuddling hugging huggling Cute videos Cutness Talking with my friends Being with my friends Being supported by my friends Being cheered up by my friends Friends helping me through a difficult situation A job well done Minecraft Emotional connection to otherponies Viewing images Spending my time wisely Spending my time wisely This one's important, so I repeated it 3 times: Spending my time wisely Playing video games I really enjoy. Completing a project I wanted to complete Being with people I love in a community that's mine Sim City 3000 Fallout New Vegas Fanfictions Kudos 2 Just Cause 2 My old theater experiences, 15 years of happiness of joy. Those are my favorite experiences, equaled only by being a brony. MLP: FiM Special smells to me. Those trigger so much for me, the right smells. Pleasant sounds. Beautiful images Things that expand my mind. Math Algebra Statistics Logic History <3 I really do like history, its my favorite subject. If you know Guns, Steel, and Germs, you have an idea of my passion and exploration. Exploring things. Using my time to the fullest I can; millions of days can be lived in so short a time. If all my time was spent like my best time, I'd be in my own Elysium Nights. libertarianism Understanding Growing Seeing things from other people's eyes and hopefully, coming to a better conclusion. Changing them, changing me for the better. World-building Characters <3 I have so much more, and many more dirty things that I could not share in a less, frisky forum like this. I'll leave this here for now, and return in a bit, I want to expand upon this list. Oh! And organizing. And chaos.
  13. Celebrating Mothers Day with your pets? That is adorable <3