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    Messing with character design (the villains especially!), alternate-universe art and writing, and show discussion! I'm also one of those people that likes speculating on how cartoon stuff would work with real physics and biology. I *am* fun at parties, thanks for asking.

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  1. Kiffy Bee

    Doodles @ Work

    It's been so long since I've drawn MLP I'm having to re-teach myself to draw ponies I did a lot of doodles in between calls at work, so here's a mini-compilation of the ones that didn't suck. The one random unicorn dude in the corner is the only pony I've managed to draw so far that didn't have a really uncanny face. MLP designs are deceptively simple
  2. Kiffy Bee

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    @PripyatPony Oh cool! I'd love if you could do one of Oracle?
  3. Since nobody ever reblogs art on tumblr and DA couldn't seem to give less of a toss, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had some feedback on these character's designs? They're gonna be the main characters of a webcomic I'm working on in a world populated by mutants, monsters, and modern magic. Still trying to piece together an overarching plot, so it's just gonna start out revolving around Lagtime (L.T.) and Bruce as characters sharing an apartment. /shrug Need to do more art for Bruce, I've got a lot of unfinished junk.
  4. Kiffy Bee

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    I've honestly never had a favorite. I'm the kind of person that's in line for ten minutes at a Baskin Robbins deciding what ice cream they want--I like everything too much to pick one! I did initially find Pinkie Pie kind of annoying, but she's since grown on me
  5. Kiffy Bee

    More tablet practice!

    Welp, that only took four hours! This is my second experiment coloring lines, and I like the soft overall look it gives. I'm also proud of how the little lines in the mane all turned out, giving it texture and depth, but all in all those lines alone took thrice as long for me to draw as it took for the lineart and coloring put together. 'Wow, Kiffy!' exclaims you, 'Wasn't that hard on your wrist?' Why yes, hypothetical forum-browser. It was. Either I need to find a better way to do texturing or start drawing in smaller res. Still, aside from the things I'm proud of, do any of you digital artists out there have any advice and / or critique for me? It's more than welcome!
  6. Kiffy Bee

    WIP Feedback

    I've been doing some requests for practice lately and I wanted some feedback on how this background looked. I'm comfortable with drawing characters but I rarely draw backgrounds, so this outline is about an hour and a half's worth of work for me. Does the perspective look right? Should I add more detail, take something away?
  7. @@Koukatsu, The problem seems to be fixed, at least for me! Thank-you very much!
  8. For some reason, I can no longer access on my computer! My wifi is fine, and im the only one who uses this computer so it couldnt've been anyone else's doing. I can access all other websites perfectly fine, and no matter which browesr I use, absolutely refuses to load. I can access it on my phone perfectly fine (my mode of typing this right now.) I've done all I can think to do or google; I restarted my computer, restarted the router, reset chrome entirely... and all I get is this same page, over and over! I'd attach a photo by my phone won't seem to let me. It says; No data received, ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. Unable to load the Web page because the server sent no data. So at this point I'm thinking this is a problem from the site's end. Has anyone experienced this before? I'd really love to know if someone could resolve this issue.
  9. Kiffy Bee

    First attempt with a stylus, OC drawing

    I like it! Very sketch-y. I do think the eyes could use a little more shine, though. ...and for some reason, she reminds me of Mavis from Hotel Transylvania No clue why, just popped into my head.
  10. @@VengefulStrudel - Thankya! His big poofty mane and tail are always super-fun to draw :> @ - Really? I honestly didn't think anyone'd really notice I'd left. Thank you! I just got home from work and I'm set to start binge-watching, since my day is totally free
  11. @,@@Gone Airbourne, Thanks! It's nice being back, and I'm gonna try and catch up on the show soon. is a gift from above, I tell ya!
  12. I kinda fell out of the MLP fandom for a while. I think the last episode I watched was the S3 finale? I kinda forgot that MLP Forums was a thing. But I was surfing tumblr the other day and saw a pony gifset and the 'ol fandom feels came back to slap me in the face so here I am! Also I got an art tablet a couple months ago. The thing I think I love most about it is that it allows me to get a level of detail that'd be almost impossible with my traditional tools. Even with the tablet, all those little curlicues and mane lines took me the better part of an hour! I've posted him before, but since it's been ages, this is Oracle! He's a unicorn who was born with a genetic defect that left him without a horn, so his magic manifests itself as dreams, visions, and mind-reading abilities that he can't really control at all. He's pretty high-strung and irritable as a result, but a well-meaning individual overall. ...I should probably make a new avatar next...
  13. Kiffy Bee

    Drawing Others' OCs (Taking Requests)

    Pic's in the post above this one
  14. Kiffy Bee

    Drawing Others' OCs (Taking Requests)

    @Dsanders (EDIT : wait I forgot those don't work on here.) I tried. (Orion's pretty darn cool!)
  15. I've been in a depressive slump for the last few weeks and unable to draw to my satisfaction-most everything I've tried ends up crumpled up in the garbage. Taking requests usually helps kick my brain back into drawing mode. Post your OCs here and I'll draw them if they catch my eye. Adding descriptive info and backstory helps!