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  1. ~Flutter Shy

    Hello there...

    Welcome to the forum Wynter! My name is Futtershy, have fun and see you around~
  2. ~Flutter Shy

    Hey y'all

    Welcome to the heard! My name is Fluttershy as you can see! ~Baii
  3. I don't know what is on my mind.

  4. ~Flutter Shy

    Hi Everypony! :)

    Welcome to the herd! I can't belive MLP was on Nick O_o Anyways! Hope we can be friends!
  5. Welcome to the forum! Hope we can be friends! See you later! ~FlutterShy
  6. Bored.

    1. ~SadisticFluttershy~


      This fluttershy is a fraud! Kidding :/ i hope you're not angry at me! please don't be mad at me!



    2. ~Flutter Shy
  7. ~Flutter Shy


    Hello! Welcome to the forum! I like FlutterShy, as you can well see xD Hope we can be friends!
  8. This episode was ok, but I much more enjoyed the Pinkie Pie episode. I wonder when they will do the episode with Luna and the book.
  9. I hate Twinkies But wait, Wonder Bread is gone too? Now that is something, everyone has had that before. Did Hostess make those brownie things with the rainbow cocoa chips in them? I love them!
  10. ~Flutter Shy

    Hello I'm New!

    Welcome to the forum! Hope we can be friends Call me Flutter Shy
  11. ~Does not read comments because is to lazy : P I think that Twilight is kinda getting a lot of power, but I mean she is Twilight Sparkle.
  12. Welcome to MLP forums! A name I think would have to do with his cutie mark, almost like everyother pony. Hmm, something to do with happy and music. I dunno, I'm bad at names Dx Anyways welcome
  13. ~Flutter Shy

    General Chat Thread

    Derpy Pony :K LaLaLaLa FlutterShy is the best pony :3
  14. Hmm, I actually enjoy this app, very much. I just got it for my iPad, I like how they put in the tortoise. Also the mini games are fun
  15. Gummy, Gummy,Gummy! I love Gummy he is so cute :3 His little eye thing And sometimes he closes one eye than the other I mean he is so cute!
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