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  1. I'd recommend changing this avatar before moderation sees it.

  2. Yeah I'm a girl too I dont really care if you use brony or pegasister, but I assume you just mean "female fan". Most people I know would probably prefer brony though
    1. Keylise<3


      Soundcloud removed it due to copyright, will upload it to youtube

  3. My girlfriend is currently in London (I live in Sweden) and I've literally got no one to talk to

    1. Dsanders


      Jag är ledsen :/

    2. Lion Keyla

      Lion Keyla

      myyyyhhh.. I'm sorry. <3

  4. This is going to sound waaay to depresive but thinking about myself late at night. But there are positive tears too, like hearing "I love you" from your special someone ^^
  5. I suck at this game, too many posters posting at the same time as me xD Should probably leave so I don't ruin it or something 91441