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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to start an art response Ask blog for my girl Dizzy I need a few questions to start it off, so ask anything and I'll doodle a response. I won'tanswer every question but I'll try my best, and I'll really appreciate the help I got this response from Just a note, 'yeah pony' is the same as saying yeah man
  2. Hey guys I bought this lovely pony design off of FA about a month ago. I've since renamed her Sweet Stuff, aaaand she had a wonderful talent for taking things. Yup, this Pegasus is a wonderful thief. \ Now I need to figure out her cutie mark. I've been racking my brain since I bought her so I thought I'd go to you guys for help I'd love to hear what you suggest
  3. You sure can I do all my sketching, inking and colouring in photoshop, then layer some textures behind and ontop:) I can shade digitally but it takes so long, I like using the textures to make the flat images more interesting If I can get one going well then I'll certianly make a second you can count on that Just don't want to bite off more then i can chew soooo, so far there are two votes for Dizzy and two votes for Briar
  4. Thanks guys, i do love them both and find it so hard to pick between the two. That's why I'm posting here
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking to start an ask blog on Tumblr but I have no idea which pony of mine to pick to front it I'd love some help choosing if you guys wouldn't mind Briar Briar is oldest foal of a pegasus and earth pony. She has two younger siblings who are twin Pegasus and the cause of much frustration for her, mostly because they like to remind her that she can't fly. Her cutie mark is a music note as she's quite musically gifted. She's trained as a classical violinist but due to her rough appearance and abrasive attitude she has trouble finding work, so she's experimenting with writing and performing more contemporary music. She's currently living in a refurbished warehouse, where her few friends like to spend many nights chilling together. Dizzy Shroom Dizzy is the middle foal in her family, her and her sister were raised by their older brother when their parents passed away. Despite a sad past Dizzy is laid back as any pony could be. She found her talent lies in horticulture, and she has a talent for growing, documenting and sourcing plants (particularly mushrooms) for her brothers herbalist business. I do love both my girls so It's really hard to chose. I also have a few more ponies but none of their characters are as well thought out as these two, besides they can feature as kind of extra characters
  6. Thanks guys I'm also thinking of making an ask blog but I can't pick a pony to headline it. I'd love opinions but I'm not sure which forum to post something like that in :S any suggestions?
  7. So many ponies lately, one because i love drawing them but also because I've been trying make up the money for my power bill since I had a hard week. Still no rl commissions but I do have alot of ponies toshow for my efforts so I'll show you some of the best This is my girl Dizzy pre-dreadlocks She's verry laid back so she used to let her mane get out of hoof This is Dizzy and her little sister having a cute sibling moment. They are both full grown fillies now but they're still pretty close This pony I drew inspired by my Gaia Online avatar. I think she turned out super cute This is a gaia commission pony based off of someones Goth character. I just love the hair This is Cheesy Cakes, a cute little alicorn by this filly over here. I'm not usually a fan of alicorns but she is pretty adorable This is my pegasus Ashes. I bought his design off of the same girl I bought Dizzy from I think he's a sweet heart This is Cinder who belongs to MochaDelight (awesome pony artists by the way). I saw him and fell in love with the design so I drew him a month or so ago. My girl Briar has a big ol' crush on him, not that she'll admit it So that's all the best ponies I've drawn so far. I'm thinking of starting a tumblr blog just for my pony art Let me know what you think, I still haven't had any bights for rl commissions so I'm feeling just a little discouraged. My styles not for everyone
  8. Thanks guys ^^ And yeah tablets are pretty amazing, I hate colouring without one
  9. Hi guys, I finally replaced my old tablet with a new bamboo fun and I'll tell you what, it's amazing! I've been practicing with it by drawing ponies and I'd love to share These are some quick flats I threw together. The first guy is Cinder, owned by the awesome Doodleloser. She makes some amazing ponies This is one of my boys, Ashes. He's all cute and sensitive These are my girls Briar and Cloud Skimmer. Briar's cutie mark is a music note because she's a violinist. But because of her abrasive nature and rough look she finds it hard to get work, and it gets to her more then she likes to let on. Skimmer is good friend and knows when Briar needs a hug These are some adoptables I threw together on FA Iv been loving drawing and coloring their hair So yeah, that's what I've been drawing lately. That and my icon I do love the tablet, and I will be drawing lots more ponies with it
  10. Happy birthday, PLS. :)

  11. Thanks guys I dubbed the red one Sweet Pepper for no other reason then I wanted to. She's kind and gentle, but found her talent lied in making the best hot sauce around. The other filly is Thistle Thorn. She's arrogant and sarcastic, but loves to cut and style manes. Who ever buys them can decide if they like those names or not
  12. I had a go at drawing ponies in the same style I draw the rest of my art. I think the result looks pretty cool. Both these ponies are adopts I have up for sale on other sites to try and cover my vet bills, though i am fond of the green girl.
  13. Wow, log in this morning and there's so many suggestions Those are all fantastic names. but my faves are Cloud Skimmer, High Flyer, Air Heart, and Sky Blue. Now I need to somehow narrow it down to one of those Thanks everypony for being such a huge help
  14. @skystar, those names are really good I'll put them on my list. I have a few ponies already sorted out, this girl is just the only one with no name Thanks so far for all the suggestions, It's helping me get some good ideas.