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  1. People often say "you can't prove there isn't a god" and they're not wrong. However, nobody can prove there is a god either. And looking at the universe and the way it works, it seems extraordinarily unlikely that some sort of omnipotent entity existing outside of space and time consciously created the universe, let alone the Earth specifically, and that "he" is in a position of authority over us, or that "he" gives even a quarter of a shit whether individual humans believe "he" exists or not. It's all so preposterous that it seems like it must've been thought of as a story to prove that people will believe anything.
  2. I find myself actively avoiding my friends and my cell phone. I absolutely hate being expected to be in touch with anyone and everyone at all times. It's completely maddening to think about. Being in a crowd drains me; I need to be off the grid and explore the workings of my own mind in order to recharge, while extroverts, as I understand, are just the opposite. I think there's something to be said for the fact that most of the voters in this thread are introverts, such as myself. I don't know what that something is, but it's probably science-y.
  3. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Muhammad, Lao Tzu and the rest were all either definitely real or almost definitely real. However, each and every one of them was nothing more than a human with a rare and potent combination of intelligence, wisdom, empathy and charisma. There has never been a "son of God," a "prophet" or any other type of gifted, holy or otherwise empowered superhuman along those lines, and there never will. In fact, Buddha and Lao Tzu would likely tell you something to the same effect. In other words, religions would do better to disband completely, and their followers should learn the real lessons and the real morals contained within their scriptures and determine if they actual believe in it, or if they're too proud and too afraid to admit they don't. We can have all the positive effects religion has on lives and none of the negatives if we get rid of the parts that cause suffering and stagnate progress, and emphasize the parts that lead to the greater good. It's so fucking simple it really bothers me that most of the world thinks this is impossible. It's how I live my life every day, and somewhat ironically I feel like spreading the "good news" to those around me.
  4. I nearly forgot about this one... Regardless of how you feel about the movie, this song is eerie. Hans Zimmer, ladies and gentlemen!
  5. FF9 final boss theme... it's like standing at the gates of hell and then being pushed inside without warning. A few of the ones I was going to mention are already in the thread, so I'll leave you with a goosebump-maker. FF6 phantom train in the creepiest rendition ever made.
  6. Hell yes! If I had another one of myself, the musical and scientific achievements we could attain would be mindblowing. Another pair of hands with a similar mind working with me would be immensely helpful... and a lady with my tastes, in all senses, would be very nice to have around. I would have to insist on somehow making her genes different enough from my own to make it not too creepy... probably set some arbitrary percentage of difference and keep as much the same as possible.
  7. Maybe... I also think it would be cool for any of the mane six to hang out with some background characters more often, instead of just each other. Maybe AJ and Carrot Top have something to talk about? Or the salon ponies and Rarity have tea or something?
  8. If anything, I would've thought girls would be offended by being called bronies because it's yet another all-inclusive male form. Bro, being brother, being definitely a male, ya know? I get the segregation angle, though. It's not meant to be in that spirit, I think, just another fun fan pun name. Say that five times fast! Fun fan pun name fun fan pun name fun fan pun name fun fan pun name fun fan pun name.
  9. I just thought of something... perhaps some people find Dashie's flaws harder to forgive because she's an extroverted, confident athlete with no shortage of self esteem, a love for pranks and (pre-Daring Do) a distaste for intellectual pursuits - traits often seen in the archetypal lunkhead jock bully character, almost always the bad guy in every high school and/or sports movie. Of course we know she's really nothing like that, but she does have her in-universe abrasive moments that seem insensitive. Personally I think she's awesome. There's nothing wrong with talking a big game if you can back it up.
  10. Ahem... A certain someone who may or may not be me may or may not have a download link that may or may not lead to a certain alpha release of a certain pony-based fighting game which may or may not have been shut down by "The Man." This information may or may not be available upon request.
  11. I grew up in the 90's playing with Hot Wheels and GI Joe and making them have ninja explosion fights and other stuff like that, having stick swordfights with my friends in the yard. The cartoons I watched were stuff like Batman and SWAT Kats (GUITAR SOLO!) so you could say I was definitely not into MLP. I could've gone to my grave thinking MLP was mindless fluff. Even though I was 20 when G4 premiered, I had to wrestle with my preconceptions when I watched the first episode, fully expecting it to be terrible, and discovered I actually kind of enjoyed it. I wanted to see what happened. That's how they get ya... with the cliffhanger hook, haha. It was more engaging intellectually than I expected, and the writing was believable and had a touch of self-awareness (manifested in Spike's commentary and Twilight's initial thoughts on Ponyville) that made it more welcoming. Considering I usually watch stuff dripping with cynicism like Breaking Bad and South Park, it was nice to feel genuinely happy after watching an ep. Three seasons and a whole lot of growth later, and here I am.
  12. I have never heard of anyone doing this until just now, so obviously I don't. It's not really annoying though. Just... a little inaccurate, I guess.
  13. "Brony" never meant agreeing to share the opinions of the "masses" or whatever. It just means liking the show and possibly spending time in the fan community. Anything else someone ascribes to it runs the risk of narrowing the definition and turning people away, like we apparently are seeing now. If you like the show, that's all it takes. If you like being on this forum, come around. You can call yourself a brony if you want or you can choose not to, but it's not like it affects anything, to be blunt. It's just a term to denote people who are mostly unorthodox fans of My Little Pony.
  14. I'm an athiest because I'm a scientist - I'm not sure how more succinct I can get. However, I also consider myself a Taoist and a Buddhist. In fact, I voted Buddhist in this poll. How is this possible, you ask? Buddhism is not really a religion in the sense most people mean it. It's more of a philosophy and a worldview. Taking only the bits and pieces that make sense to YOU is inherently built into it. There is no deity or supernatural being in Buddhism. The Buddha himself said in effect "If you should meet a Buddha on the road, kill him." Why would he say this? He's saying don't listen to preachers. Follow your own heart and your own head. Be autonomous in the world. Take his advice only if it makes sense, and if not, don't. If you read enough of them, the things attributed to Buddha really make you believe he was enlightened. I think a lot of people who consider themselves athiests would find a lot to like in the way Buddha sees our short time on this Earth. As for Taoism, it recognizes the duality apparent in nature. I'm a chemist, so I see positive and negative charges all the time. It's what everything is, and yet nothing is ever exactly that thing - there's always something interrupting perfection, something seeking equilibrium. That's how entropy works; it's how the universe works. The innate sense of balance and energy running through literally everything is referred to as the Tao, or just Tao, in Taoism. They sensed it before we knew of electrons, before we knew of polarity. Ancient Taoism had "gods," sure, but that was never really as important as the yin-yang distinction and equally important imperfection concerning that distinction, ergo the classic yin-yang design. I consider modern interpretations of Taoism, therefore, to be spiritually similar to cutting edge science, and by that virtue worth considering as a viable philosophy.
  15. Hmm, interesting. Also, welcome! Nice first post. I see what you're saying. Still feels like two sides of the same coin to me. I guess I'm stable and self-aware enough to handle something like this, but it's gonna take until I feel it's worth it to forge myself a friend to try it, I think. Otherwise I'm content with the social contact I have now. I'm the sort who likes to be alone, with a cultivated inner life, so the amount of time I spend with my friends and my dog is more than enough for me.