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  1. Remind me never to look at an enderman again... I didn't even fight it, I just looked at it and the sound. Oh god the sound! Luckily it was daylight and I was swimming at the time, so it didn't get a chance to attack. But that sound. If you don't know what I mean, it's the sound an enderman makes when you aggro it. And it is SCARY.

    1. Cakebandit :3

      Cakebandit :3

      if you enchant your armor to have thorns they will refuse to hit you xD

    2. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      It's not the attacks I'm scared of. The thing makes the most horrifying noise on the planet when you aggro it. I need to find a pumpkin and use it as a helmet...

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