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  1. So... Got my first piece of MLP merchandise... It's a Fluttershy Plushy...

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    2. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      I got an official MLP plush from the store IRL, because I wanted to support the show! There were only 3 plushies there at the time- a Twilight, a Rarity and a Fluttershy, and I liked Fluttershy the most, so I got her... I was lucky to find them in the first place...

    3. Clod



      I'll be lucky if I ever have anything.

      (If I ever do make it to Bronycon one year, there's no way I'm not coming home with stuff)

      (I probably won't go ever)

    4. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      Well, if you go to a store, people don't tend to question why you're buying it... After all, it could be for a younger sister, a niece, a daughter... I found my fluttershy in Target here in Australia. They only have 4 of the mane 6 (No RD or AJ) but I was content with Twilight or Fluttershy... Both were there, but I decided on Fluttershy... Also, note, this is probably different for different places... But America does tend to have most of the official toys...

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