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  1. Sometimes, the things I already love seem to conspire together to get me interested in other things... So, what has Wreck it Wralph, My Little Pony and Sparkles* and Martyn of the Yogscast brought me to? Someone do the research...

  2. I'm a feminist... A TRUE feminist... I realized that the brony community, with it's large portion of adult males, was a GOOD thing for feminism, and a step in the right direction. Part of what makes the world unfair to the female gender is the lack of understanding in the males, and that, for some reason, many men are afraid of looking even the slightest bit feminine because they think it's weak, and it's bad. The fact that all genders and all ages can enjoy something that's target audience is young girls is a BIG statement of the progressive and open-minded nature of both the people creat
  3. So... Got my first piece of MLP merchandise... It's a Fluttershy Plushy...

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    2. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      I got an official MLP plush from the store IRL, because I wanted to support the show! There were only 3 plushies there at the time- a Twilight, a Rarity and a Fluttershy, and I liked Fluttershy the most, so I got her... I was lucky to find them in the first place...

    3. Clod



      I'll be lucky if I ever have anything.

      (If I ever do make it to Bronycon one year, there's no way I'm not coming home with stuff)

      (I probably won't go ever)

    4. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      Well, if you go to a store, people don't tend to question why you're buying it... After all, it could be for a younger sister, a niece, a daughter... I found my fluttershy in Target here in Australia. They only have 4 of the mane 6 (No RD or AJ) but I was content with Twilight or Fluttershy... Both were there, but I decided on Fluttershy... Also, note, this is probably different for different places... But America does tend to have most of the official toys...

  4. Skye Starlight

    G3 vs. G3.5

    G3 was okay... Some of the plot at least had SOME weight and interest... Though every pony was identical in shape, with essentially 1 mane style, their personalities were at least somewhat variable, like Rarity liking mud and adventure, and the Pegasi being extremely shy towards outsiders... G3.5 was essentially just extended adverts for the toys, to the point of ridiculousness... Like Sweetie Belle's Gumhouse Surprise... Which focused on Sweetie Belle's Gumhouse, an actual toy set, complete with spinning lift... And let's not even mention Newborn Cuties... By that point it seemed like they'd
  5. So... I recently watched the Lego Movie... It was fun... I guess? But I went online to listen to Everything is Awesome the major song in the movie, because I liked it, and, in the comments, someone noted that this is the villain song of the movie. So, I wondered what about it made it evil... People went on to say things that opened my eyes to something... "This song basically tells the kids that they should aspire to be part of a team... It's so obviously the villain song!" That wasn't sarcastic... But what does MLP teach us? That friendship and teamwork are important,
  6. There's a small(ish) free to play game called Town of Salem... Which is crazy fun and addictive. It's the party game mafia except all the roles do stuff and it's online. In a standard game, there's 3 mafia working together against the town, a Serial Killer who is also against the town, a Jester trying to get themselves lynched, an executioner trying to get someone else lynched, and a whole lot of town roles trying to lynch the Serial Killer and the mafia members. It's currently in open beta so a little buggy... But you can also play as some of your favorite YouTubers now... They've go
  7. I know, I keep disappearing and reappearing at random, but that's just because I've been busy. But, I'm back with a few new things. 1. avatar (if you hadn't noticed) 2. signature 3. Anxiety, which I will get into in another post. Because it's a thing that I have! I've had it for ages, it's just been diagnosed this year... 4. Slytherin. I am one. deal with it. 5. Books! Because I read some! And there's a library in walking distance, so I can read so many more! And I bought TFiOS and read that. Because I wanted to be hipster for once and read the book before I watched the movie. I
  8. Skye Starlight

    pony name

    Ooh! I know! Disco Storm! Matches his cool sort of look... Except he's not very stormy... Meh, best I could come up with.
  9. Well hi guys... It's been a while... I've made myself a new avatar too! Skystar has been updated! New mane really... I drew it, and I'm really proud of it.

    1. SCS


      It's a very nice avatar :D

  10. I don't squee... Well, I don't normally... I have been lately though... I've been playing Pokemon X and whenever I'm in Pokemon-amie with an adorable pokemon (e.g. Dedenne) I can't help but totally lose my cool.

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    2. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      But, I don't squeel! I don't make high pitched noises, except when I'm playing with my Pokemon! That's just the strangest thing!

    3. SS Patches

      SS Patches

      I Know i'm a guy so when i'm playing Pokemon in class i just Squee (i've gotten so many destinations from making a noise in class)

    4. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      Oh dear... But it's just too adorable... I don't squee with ponies or anything, just when my little Dedenne or Jigglypuff or Braixen does something adorable...

  11. Oh dear lord... This winter (er, summer for all you people North of the equator) is going to be unbearable... No new Who episodes, no new Pony episodes... Glad I still have the rest of the pony season to go but... How do people in multiple fandoms not go mad over summer? Do you just, i dunno, go outside and meet people?

    1. Super Derpy

      Super Derpy

      Yeah sometimes you have to resort to social interaction. Its tragic.

    2. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite

      Nope i stay on the internet and produce content from the depths and crevices of my mind.

    3. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      Well, good, because I'm going to need something to stave off the madness of not having episodes... Back to fanfiction I guess... Ooh! Actually! Idea! I'm going to read heaps of crossover fics too!

  12. Hiya! Haven't been here for a while! Been too busy playing Pokemon X I guess...

    1. Dormant Phyrosite
    2. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      Because I don't have enough time... And I've grown up with Pokemon. Almost every game since Sapphire. I STARTED with Sapphire. In fact, it was my first proper video-game!

    3. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite

      Yeah yeah, a lot of gamers grew up with pokemon.

  13. Helloooooooo! Everyone!

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Hello! How are you?

    2. Malinter


      Evenin' from the UK :)

    3. Skye Starlight

      Skye Starlight

      I'm doing alright. I've been playing Pokemon X for the past 2 weeks. Took me a record 3 days straight to complete it. I was so distracted by things like Pokemon-Amie and all the customization! I've spent a small fortune on clothes...

  14. You ever met one of those people who wakes up at whatever time they need to be awake and doesn't even need coffee to be energized and ready to go? Yeah, that's me.

    1. Shanks


      That is me most of the time and it is a good thing too because I have an insanely high tolerance for caffine. I somtimes need an extra boost on my 6AM shifts at work though not because of the early hour but because the sheer stress and amount of work wears me out.

  15. Oh dear... That's... Um... Gee... How about I list them? Whovians (new whovians specifically) Bros (a group which I despised last year... Evidence that a few bad eggs can ruin the reputation of a group) Bronies (2 years now!) Pokefan (Or whatever they're calling us) Yognaught, Sapling and Dreamer (Yogscast, Inthelittlewood and Kaeyi Dream!) Eleven (Area 11, the band. Could have put them with the above group though) And I'm relatively active in all of them now. I'm playing Pokemon Platinum again, watching Doctor Who and keeping up to date on Gaming vids. It's chaotic. Ah, b
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