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    Ponies, Pokemon, Minecraft and more... Drawing and Singing but not for show... Hanging with friends... Real life or Online...
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I was once a Pinkie at heart... After a year, it's obvious I've become more like Fluttershy. I've become the sounding board for my best friends, I've retracted into my shell and I avoid confrontation. But, when I'm needed most, I know I can pull through for them! And they know I will!


Also, I'm below average for Dash, AJ and Rarity, whilst being above average for Pinkie, Twi and Flutters... Shows that I'm introverted unless I feel really comfortable around someone, and then I can talk forever... Also, I is random.


Well, as many of you would know, I'm Skye Starlight, but you can just call me Skye or Skystar. I don't really care all that much.


My favorite number: 75

My favorite color: Lavender

My favorite pony: Rainbow Dash

My favorite fruit: Mango

My favorite food: Macaroni Cheese

My favorite band: Area 11

My favorite song: Tokyo House Party

My favorite Yogscast Member: Zoey

My favorite Anime: AKB0048 (Mech battles and singing idols, how can I pass this up?)


Round 2: Second favorites!


My second favorite number: 9

My second favorite color: Sky Blue

My second favorite pony: Fluttershy

My second favorite fruit: Strawberries

My second favorite food: Nachos

My second favorite band: Hey Ocean!

My second favorite song: Cassandra (pt II)

My second favorite Yogscast Member: Sparkles* (I love the dark horses!)

My second favorite Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Langan (More mechs... I think I'm beginning to see a trend here...)


Personality wise, I'm sort of shy, well I say sort of... But despite that I love having fun and being crazy. So I'm not overly popular, but I act like Pinkie when on my own or with close friends, so much. I'm also somewhat intellectual, but that was in no way an accident, as I'm pretty sure my family wanted me to be a genius. I just decided that I'd be creative instead! Oh, and I'm also loyal as all buck, and a bit tomboyish.


I also try to help out where I can, because I know that if I needed help everyone here would do the same.