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  1. All I've had today is like six gummy bears and some scotch so I could go for just about anything right now.
  2. Poor guy. I really hope he makes it and can find a reason to keep on living. I'm sure the people who bullied him will be feeling the wrath of 4chan soon enough if not already. They're good at stuff like that.
  3. So my 3 year old laptop finally died. Today's update brought to you by the PS3 browser.

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    2. Serbon div

      Serbon div

      Look on the bright side, at least you will get a new one!

    3. Circadian


      It fell down the steps and has been on life support for awhile. It's an HP.

    4. GrimCW


      Ahh, woulda gone soon anyways being an HP :P

      cheap parts deliberately set to overheat and die within a time limit.

  4. ITT not sure if joking around or actually schizophrenic This is kind of a sad and pathetic story, but here goes. I used to have an imaginary friend when I was 8 years old because I grew up with just my mom and my older brother. Anyway around this time I only had my imaginary friend to talk to and my fucking older brother would mercilessly pick on me and hit me because of it. He was pretty stupid but so much bigger than me that I couldn't do much to fight back. So one day things are especially heated between my brother and I. We had this big fight where he chased me around the apartment and broke a bunch of stuff but ended up accidentally knocking himself unconscious. Like, out cold. Looking back it was probably the most hilarious part of my childhood. So my mom comes home shortly afterward and finds all this mess and my brother on the ground. Fortunately he didn't have a concussion but the turd tells my mom that the whole thing was my fault. Later that night my mom comes into my room and tells me that she knew it wasn't really my fault but that she knows the reason he picks on me so much is because I still had an imaginary friend and that maybe it's time to get rid of him. I tried to argue with her but she said he had to go. I'm really sad and pissed off about all this but later that night while I'm watching TV I get this really good idea. So after school the next day I end up dropping Bloo off at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends where he was allowed to stay as long as I kept visiting daily. This went on for several years until I realized (after starting heaviy medication) that Foster's was just an abandoned old house and there was no such thing as imaginary friends. Clifford?
  5. Hello everybody. It's nice to see people are still looking back at the old topics. I suppose October is almost over and there's still no news on the release date of Season 4.
  6. The wife of a an evil dictator died today. Death just kind of sucks in general, doesn't it.

  7. For controversies my prediction is that in season 4 there will be an Applejack pregnancy scare that rocks the pony community. Calling it now.
  8. It's only been a few months but it feels like it's been years since I've been on this site. The formats changed and everything.

  9. Whoa new format what's happening I DON'T LIKE CHANGE

  10. A happy birthday to you,good sir!

  11. Nice banner.

    1. . eris .

      . eris .

      Why thank you! ^^ xD Still super excited that they picked it.

  12. Breaking Bad is on. Like right now. Awww yeah.

  13. If the universe is infinite, certain patterns would emerge. One of those patterns being you. So every time you died you're consciousness would just pick up right at the beginning. We're stuck in an infinite loop.