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  1. Happy birthday, Sparkle! :)

  2. Happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a lovely time~ ^.^

  3. ???? Honestly, I don't want Chryssi to be involved in the plot UNLESS the plot has something to do with her redemption (since that's what season 5 seems to be about now) As for the future royal colt or filly, I don't know if they will be an alicorn. But speaking from a realistic perspective, I think he/she would be a unicorn first.
  4. The episode was interesting although it made me think of this commercial for some reason.
  5. Race: unicorn house: a cottage in the middle of Ponyville Job: Author of books for young ponies Pet: a dog
  6. Yeah. My Dad knows I'm a pegasister (Mom too) They're both fine with it as they've seen me go through other interests.
  7. My OC is called Star Sparkle and her theme is "Loser like me" by the cast of "Glee"
  8. Okay so I'm participating in this gift sending thing my church has never done before but I've participated once before back in the third grade because my teacher had done missionary work at the time. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a pony toy (the gift box I'm sending will be for a little girl in the age group of 5 years old to 9 years old and it needs to be small enough to fit inside a shoebox so it and any other items I put in this can be safely shipped to the country where this child lives. This of course being a child in a developing country) Anyway, I'm open to suggestions Thanks
  9. Simple. Some of these people think they are better than everypony else and therefor, they choose to be massive *ahem* flankholes and use language that might be offensive to others. As someone on the spectrum, I myself find such language (when used in to hurt others) offensive. But in reality, the egg's on their face because what they don't know is that I really am I autistic and I am into ponies (and Doctor Who but that's another story) I just don't tell people very often about my Asperger's Syndrome b/c people make such a big stink about it now and it's really annoying! I mean seriously! When did Autism become a tragedy? I can remember a time when practically no one heard of it. Now, you tell someone about it and people go nuts!
  10. *facehoof* As an independent advocate who also is also on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger's Syndrome, diagnosed for 20 years) I can say that we live in a culture with its head still buried in the sand about certain issues (one of those being Autism) personally, I blame a generational difference since each generation of people have their own opinion on how Autism should be approached (and since the co-founders of Autism Speaks, the Wrights *whose own grandson is autistic btw* seem to be from the "Baby Boomer" generation, less is known on their end. But because they have money and access to any "expert" in their address book and call their up to either talk about coming up with a cure or to hire them on as one of their scientists, Autism Speaks spends less on helping those they claim to help but pay heavy paychecks to their staff and use money to make ridiculous ads throw huge benefit parties (Yes, Ive done research on this) Frankly, I think charities like this are a waste of money. Now if you'll excuse me, Rainbow Dash and I have to go make it rain over the Autism Speaks building.
  11. I'm getting pretty sick of these people making a mockery of my faith and telling people that certain types of popular media is evil. What's next? Doctor Who? *Oh wait...Nevermind. Someone already tried attacking that show back in the seventies*
  12. Hi there! I'm sharing with you today some art of a Ponysona of an original character from a "Doctor Who" fanfic I'm currently working on called "The Doctor's Apprentice" (Which unfortunately is so good it's currently giving me sleep problems. Sweet Celestia! alert the BBC immediately! I think I may have material for their next special! ) anyway, i made ponysonas of the Time Lady OC love interest to the Doctor, Princess Raven (Who later goes under the alias, Raven West during her 7th incarnation then later becomes the 12th Doctor after fusing regeneration energy with The Doctor in an effort to try to heal him.) this story is currently in its 12th chapter in the drafting phase and the 3rd chapter in the published-to-internet phase. so anyway, here are the ponysonas (the 'Princess Raven/Raven West' ponysonas are called Princess Rare Wishes and Rare Wishes): Princess Rare Wishes of Gallopfrey: Rare Wishes (Time Pony trapped in 21st century Equestria and forced to 'fob watch' her way through her time in Equestria as a teenage filly who slowly discovers her Time Pony abilities) The 12th Doctor (her story is in the link):
  13. Hello Everypony! I wanted to share a video with you that I found of two members of my favorite rock group Tokio Hotel in London receiving ponies as gifts in 2008 WARNING: this was Pre-FiM era so obviously the ponies in this video are from a previous generation. Also, can anypony tell just who these ponies being received are supposed to be? Were they used as "base ponies" for any characters in G4? I'm guessing the pink one is supposed to be Pinkie Pie ("Betcha can't make a face crazier than THIS?!!") but possibly not?
  14. Okay first of all I am a glee fan besides being a pegasister. This is just a theory I have about one of the couples of the show in regards to the censorship and how a similar treatment was given to derpy. link here: