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  1. I have to say that Vinyl and Derpy are my favorites. It's really what the fanbase has done to create their personalities that makes them so great! Also, they're so adorbs!
  2. Hey everybody! I always wondered what my OC would look like as a Rule 63. Here you are! Also, post yours! My OC, Mercury Crescendo Rule 63, Fermata Crescendo.
  3. Scoot. (: I guess the little Milkshake scene may have already been posted. This one too. c:
  4. Bronyhood stays with you always. The spirit of Lauren Faust is in us forever, but if you feel it's not there anymore, it's simply because you must reconnect with your inner child!
  5. Hmmm. I hold a lot more sad songs close to my heart. This one isn't too bad. Strangely, It cheers me up. It reminds me of the times me and my friends saw them live and we all sang it together. Great memories. (': Also, this cheers me up, simply because it gets me pumped and it's such a fun song. <3
  6. Okay. I collected more funny faces from the new episode! These have to be some of my favorites. Scoot's so close, it made me actually laugh out loud. I d'awwww'ed at Sweetie Belle's face during this part of the song. "The horror!" Psycho Scoot. This one was amazing as well.
  7. Gah. I just started and It's so adorable. (x Scootaloo flew? Or is hovering around not the same thing. I just finished it! I loved it. Am I the only one that gets excited when the Mane 6 and Spike cameo in episodes that are centered around different characters? I love it.
  8. Honestly, It's the theme song, but not the whole thing! The theme song in itself is pretty fun and cheerful. I like that. (: There is however, that awkward opening line, sung with such passion; A line that turns heads in awkwardness. "My little ponyyyy, my little pony. Ahhhhhhhhh." The rest is fine. I always fast-forward the first few seconds of the theme though.
  9. Honestly, this gave me major feels. I felt for Twilight. The flashbacks weren't too bad until it got to the actual show, and that's what hit me hard.
  10. My first and only My Little Pony item, bought at Hot Topic. For the record, I wear it almost every day.
  11. I believe the Princess Molestia blog has Gamer Luna as a character. I may be wrong, but if that's the case and no one is too sure, I'll wait for page to return. (:
  12. Is there any way we can make Gamer Luna a character? Possibly a character in the same universe, rather than isolating myself from all of the other couples, so that I might interact with them?
  13. I think it would be a big achievement to get an MLP:FiM float. In fact, aren't there already life-size characters made for some sort of show? Who says THEY can't be on the float? Oh, right... They're terrifying.
  14. (OOC: Wow, I've been reading this thread for the past week, and I was thinking of asking Tavi, but she was taken. So I thought I'd go for Vinyl, which was later... taken. Then I considered Derpy since the first one kinda stopped, and now I don't want to take her from anyone. Any way I can get a list of the ponies that aren't taken?)
  15. I don't usually write poetry, I stick to lyrics most of the time, but last night I was walking home around 2 in the morning and there was almost no sound. It inspired me to write this on the way. Tell me what you guys think of it. It is a comforting night. Dark and comforting. The silence is neither brooding, nor eerie. Instead, it is a warm shroud around me. The deep, fleeting humming from distant cars looms in a far off place, seemingly miles from mine. If it were not for my footsteps, the silence would be nearly deafening. The whole city sleeps comfortably, and I feel isolated. Time seems to go by tenfold, for each time I consciously observe my whereabouts, I am a mile further down the path. My body is warmed by this comforting isolation, which makes the cold air sting that much more. The night is a warm cover with a subtle chill, reminding me of my susceptibility to the weather and conscious life. My fatigue is not met with drowsiness, rather, it is met with what seems to be a detachment from the sensory world. As I progress, the characteristics of the night consciously change, and I feel time start to slow to its normal speed as my inspiration to write this dwindles, and the final words are written. This feels like contentedness.