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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I don't understand. Why would Rarity EVER be subtle?
  3. You have my full permission to change whatever you want. That song is so clumsy, the only reason i havent trashed it is because its so close to what i want. But I just want it to be better, and i don't think i have the ability to change it....So yeah! Go for it! <3 Also thanks <3
  4. 0w0 was not expecting that at ALL. Well thank you. AND WOOHOO. You just made my day, awesome dude. I'm kinda excited now <3 woohooo!
  5. lol ok, sorry didn't mean to be pushy or whatever. I was just wondering if you would consider doing a collab, not if you would this very instant lol, take ur time. Sorry.
  6. Tara Strong tweets. I mean seriously. 'nuff said. Has anyone seen her vines? Inside the voice actor's mouth, anyone?! Lol and her puppies!!!! And....and yeah.
  7. So i was wondering if you could take a piece of crap song and make it good?? Lol, I know you said MAYBE to the requests but I love your music its so COOL. Like, deep and nostalgic and happy!! Anyways, if you maybe wanna do a little collab....This is the piece of garbage lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0XQ-8923sU So uh.....no then?
  8. I'm here Booboo!! I know you missed me <3 I'll just be joining with SkyeRibbon, and you know where her link is. WOOHOO.
  9. Hey Skye. :3

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    2. SkyeRibbonPwny


      red shirt and black pants


    3. Scootalove


      Did you at least, like the uniform? x3

    4. Scootalove


      Hey again Skye. :)

  10. For the most part I completely agree, and it was a fair judgment, thank you. I do however have one thing to say about Quickjet being "Muscular." He's actually fat. Like really fat. It just didn't work so well in the pony creator, lol. Also, I do need to work on the backstory ALOT. But just t let you know, Her cutie mark has nothing to do with costume making lol, it has to do with editing. and......some other stuff i have written down that has to do with Jet but, idk. THANK YOUUUUU. Sorry they sucked so bad lol.
  11. oh ok 0w0 well it's just one more. I'm patient. And yay! Glad im not being a bother. WOOHOO these reviews are By the way, just to letcha know.
  12. OOOOOOOOooooh I'm so excited I'm next! It's not too much trouble doing two is it?? Yay this is so much fun!!! Iiiiiii am so haaaaaaappy my frieeeeeeends. Thaaaank you
  13. Well for those who know me, it isn't really hard to guess. My perfect and adorable Waifu is none other than....... This beautiful hunk of music right here, Mandopony. The one and only. I don't care if he's not in the show. He made it on the Hub, so close enough. I love him. I wrote a song about him (a terrible one, do NOT look up Dear Mando on YouTube) and I stalk him pretty much everywhere. I have the guy's ADDRESS. Andy Stein, you are my one and only WAIFU!
  14. Hey Skye, how are you doing on your Pinkie Pie recordings? Sorry if I am bothering you like this.

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