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  1. CyberFlash

    Maud Pie - Rocks PMV

    Hey wassap ponies! I hope everypony is having a great start to the weekend! Please checkout my latest PMV, inspired by the wonderful Maud Pie - an idea that came to me while watching the most recent episode - she really is so lovely, but it took me a couple of viewings to start to understand her! Since then, not been able to stop thinking about her - I think I need shooting! lol Anyways, enjoy! ^^
  2. CyberFlash

    How do you feel about the Tree of Harmony?

    I love the Tree of Harmony too and I'm eager to find out what the writers have planned! As people have noted, we know very little about it at this stage except that perhaps it provides some origin to the Elements of Harmony themselves. I'm particularly curious about the chest with the six locks that was revealed: I can't help thinking the six locks are connected with the six elements and the six ponies - but how? I've not really been able to stop thinking about it since that first premiere last week and have just completed a bit of tunage that was inspired by it: I'm really excited with the overall turn Season 4 has taken: delving into the ancient past of Equestria and filling in some more back story for historical events. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the tree as the season unfolds!
  3. CyberFlash

    Gaming Retro Pc & Dos Gaming PONIES unite!

    Yes!! yes yes! How could I not have mentioned Unreal Tournament!? WHAT a game! So many happy memories of playing this with my friends at the Universities dorms instead of working lol. Of course - it was always 'Facing Worlds' (well, mostly!) Awesome though all the other follow-up games were, the original was always my favourite. Oh yes I remember Bioshock too! Another great, though I never owned this one in particular.
  4. CyberFlash

    Gaming Retro Pc & Dos Gaming PONIES unite!

    Thank you Gamer Twilight! This is soo awesome - I'm such a massive fan of (a lot of games - half life too!) but particularly retro dos games. I remember back in the day! (actually much of it was spent angrily trying to make a decent boot disk that loaded the mouse and sound drivers into upper memory because the game required 580K of ram which at the time seemed unreasonably large! lol The graphics and quality of wolfenstein amazed me when it came out, and then Doom came out and raised the pie still higher! But there were some other great first person shooters that rarely get talked about from that era, so I wanted to give an honourable mention to Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold basically Wolfenstein if it were set in a spacey future killing guards and aliens with lasers ... or ... something. Crazy, but it really worked! Monkey Island / Sam and Max / Day of the Tentacle / in fact all Lucasarts game on the Scumm engine had to be among my all time favourites - wait while I'm talking Lucasarts can I also mention X-Wing and Tie Fighter? For those Warhammer 40K fans, I remember great times with Space Crusade - though I remember it also being frustratingly difficult at times! I must also mention Elite and Elite II Frontier (an older era still!) stop me if anyone remembers any of these! Such a great era, and yet at the time, annoyingly few people had a PC! It feels crazy to write this now, but I never played any multiplayers in Doom or any of these great games because I basically didn't know anyone else who had a PC. Seems crazy to write this now - and the Internet wasn't like it is today - you couldn't play games or listen to music on it or anything. It was mostly text, later images and to play someone on a multplayer you had to literally bring your PC around to their house and hook it up with either one of the serial ports or parallel ports lol flipping heck, why did we even bother? Such hard times, but also - strangely - such a golden age of games .... filled with joy and good memories! Some other memorable ones I have to mention (some of the first commercial games I bought for the PC):: Jazz Jackrabbit / One Must Fall, (in fact, I'm gonna say any Epic Megagame), Magic Carpet, Theme Park and Syndicate!
  5. CyberFlash

    BUCK (Brony UK Convention) 2013 News/Discussion

    I'll definitely be there as I live in Manchester! I'm so excited!!! it could be really awesome to meet people too ... feel free to drop me a line/reply if you want to meet up! This will be the first MLP convention too so I've also no idea what to expect. I just know it will be fantastic being surrounded by other fans and be able to just go nuts and celebrate ponies!! Yey!
  6. CyberFlash

    Who has, or is getting a pony plushie?

    Well, two of my very best friends bought me this wonderful Pinkie Pie plushie from the Build a Bear workshop while I was in hospital. Isn't she just wonderful? She's so soft and cuddly and she is helping me in ways medicine has been unable to. Funny thing is at 30 I'm far too old for this, and you know the friend who bought it spent most of the time correcting the shop worker there on some MLP facts when discussing the show lol but then having to shrug and say: "Not that I would know this, of course!" - he's not really a brony (just very tolerant of me and my bronydom!), be he knew enough to be sure he wanted: "Pinkamena Diane Pie" on the birth certificate! Lol how awesome. Such awesome friends.
  7. CyberFlash

    Ponies = Stress Relief.

    I would have to say a bit of pony therapy helps with both stress and depression! and I think actually serve quite a beneficial psychological function. You only have to turn on the news to how gloomy things are lately. Frankly, ponies offer an escape from stress that is healthier than drugs or alcohol, such wonderful ponies and a positive message and that inspires both great creativity and friendship between the community of fans. For me, ponies are a little ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia three months ago and have had such an terrible time lately - being in constant pain. I was not able to function at work, or even socialise with friends. This took me to some dark places where I started to re evaluate my entire existence. As the stress got to me and the depression worsened I was unable to cope and had a total breakdown. These candy colour ponies really helped (and are helping!) to get me through these difficult times. The show always makes me happier and I find I can reach greater levels of creativity when I write music.
  8. CyberFlash

    Technology Do you recommend trying Ubuntu ?

    I definitely recommend Ubuntu as your first linux distro! Mint too. Historically, I've always had big problems with some of the installers on CDs/DVDs not working correctly. If you get stuck Google is your friend! half the time just googling the error will let you know what's wrong, feel free to PM me anytime if you need help. I must admit I've been a big Debian fan these last couple if years, a lot leaner also I spend more time with it on our little Raspberry PI. But you will definitely miss the games. Although there are things like WINE (if this is still going?) It's very hard to get many things to run at all. might even be best get a cheaper lower-spec (even second hand?) To use as an experimental machine that you could try this on?
  9. CyberFlash

    Gaming Mods

    One of my all time favourite mods is Small Horse for Amnesia It's an MLP based horror that is somehow also funny. Not for the faint hearted tho! (So be aware before playing!) Even though you can't take it too seriously: it is surprisingly fun. My favourite bit is the zombified Fluttershy. The Portal Gun hack for Half Life 2 adds a new bizarre dimention to the game and really confuse baddies! Also SMOD / Garrys MOD for Half Life 2 allow some silly and also amazing weapons from other games and also let you shoot actor characters in the story and killing them sometimes breaks the game lol
  10. CyberFlash

    Is Jailbreaking, not unlocking, your phone illegal?

    Jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Droid is perfectly legal! At the end of the day it is your toy, you bought it, you legally own it and can use it however you choose. The only issues are (obviously) voiding any warranty and that you will need to install updates manually in both cases. I have both an iPhone 3 (jailbroken) and an HTC Sensation XE (rooted) I've found Android very easy to update with Clockwork Recovery MOD. I've not attempted updating iOS so don't know the process for this (mine is so heavily hacked I suspect I would need to do a complete reinstall.). But Cydia is pretty cool, and there are some fantastic apps there. So yeah, definitely legal..however if you go to a bar with your friends after work and run nmap against an unsecured WiFi network to probe for other devices, then gain access to one of the devices using some other tools you've installed via *THAT* just might be illegal so don't do it. But it would definitely be worth familiarising yourself with whatever device you root/jailbreak because obviously the manufacturers are unlikely to help if you get stuck or end up with a non-bootable device etc But if all else fails is a fantastic resource and you'll almost certainly find the answer to most questions there!
  11. CyberFlash

    Limit on internet 'free speech'

    I hold two totally conflicting views on this: First I believe the law has a duty to act to protect people (particularly vulnerable people!) who are put in immediate danger by specific threats or suggestions. However, also I believe the Internet is not part of any country, but is it's own soverign entity. Therefore, I believe that no country holds the right to impose such restrictions on free speech on the web. I hold both the above statements to be true. When I was younger, I read the Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow (recommended read!) which lays out this view wonderfully. It has motivated me to engage in hacktivism knowing that what I do is for the good of all Internet citizens. That any attempt by governments to meddle with Internet freedom could be considered an act of war and under international law we legally have a right to resist. They have no mandate to govern us and we did not vote for their control of the web. Any powers they have here are illegitimate. The biggest lie is that we need governing at all! Why would we need anymore law that simply the moderators of the site itself? If some free speech on a site raises problems, it should be brought to the owner or administrators attention who may then deal with it. They are the gentle shepherds looking after the flock. I consider each website it's own domain and country. Owners should be free to impose whatever rules they wish. I'm always uncomfortable with the idea of any single person - or group of people having ultimate control over all websites. That's not how the web works So I guess in a nutshell, that is the overriding argument in my mind
  12. CyberFlash

    Movies/TV Sad moments

    The saddest TV moment for me is in the great Anime film: Grave of Fireflies ("Hotaru no haka") - the movie focuses around two children's struggle for survival during WWII and the bit that always chokes me up is: So so sad hehe
  13. CyberFlash

    Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Heya Everypony! Really enjoying this game, please add me if you haven't already working my way up ... keen to get Scootaloo - I'm on 45 hearts just need a few more!! My Gameloft ID: cyber_flash
  14. CyberFlash

    The Most Attractive Pony Tournament 2013!

    Yey Lyra! I'm really glad she's got this far, she really is a beautiful pony. I love Dashie too of course and I could barely decide between them myself. For me, I think Lyra being a background character adds a bit of mystery too. I hope we have a Lyra episode sometime, that would be great.
  15. CyberFlash

    What is Cider? Is it alcoholic?

    Hi there! I think I know where the confusion might be! Here in the UK apple cider is alcoholic and there is no such thing (so far as I know) as non alcoholic cider. If it were non alcoholic it would be known as apple juice. Am I right in thinking that in the U.S you can have alcoholic or non alcoholic cider? I think this may be where you are confusing other non American English speakers