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  1. Sorry I haven't been on much. I have been going through a lot, and I have been struggling. Hopefully I will be able to get on more.

  2. He sees the other pegasus and looks down. He flinches as the pegasus blurts out causing him to step a few feet backwards and stopping a little ways away from them. He quickly presses his wings against his side while his breathing begins to become quick and short. He closes his eyes and begins to concentrate his horn glowing dimly for a few minutes. His horn suddenly stops glowing and he opens his eyes his breathing finally having returned to normal. He looks up slowly at the other Faceless and speaks with a slight stutter. "H....hi...." He looks back down digging his hoof at the ground. He hesitates for a moment longer before looking back up at Faceless. "I.... I am a first....responder..." Upon speaking in his stuttered tone he quickly looks back down.
  3. See everyone's responses makes me real happy to have joined something great. I have almost come completely out of depression now since I first started this topic, I have met so many awesome people, heck I even met a bunch of bronies and pegasisters that live in Indy where I live. It's even helped me open up, and heck I don't even care anymore who see's me buying merch, or who knows that I am a brony. All my friends that aren't bronies accept me and still want to hang out. Heheh, actually I might be converting a couple of them heheh. I love all the responses that I have seen so far, and it is a miracle that I stumbled onto something so great. I want to thank each and every one of you for enjoying this fandom like I am.
  4. He flinches slightly upon being talked to, only to realize it was Electrobolt. He shakes his head a moment looking around but eventually bringing his attention back to him. "I.....It's nothing.." His body is a little more relaxed but the nervousness in his voice is still apparent. He notices now, the pegasus that Electrobolt was walking over to earlier. He turns his attention back to him once again closing his eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath before opening them again. "I.... It's a long story... One I... I don't wish to share at this time..." He blinks for a moment and loses himself in thought. Wait what? At this time? What is wrong with me? Maybe he didn't catch on and ask to hear my story later. Come on Shining Star, you can do this. Just think before you speak. He shakes his head and takes another deep breath and forcing a small smile.
  5. He hesitates for a moment nodding at what he has heard, then slowly makes his way following Electrobolt slowly. He spots the pony that he is looking at and looks down just watching the back of Electrobolt's hooves. He stumbles a bit on his own hooves but catches himself before he falls. He blushes and looks around to see if anyone saw him and just continues trying not to draw much attention to himself. "U....ummm... if I might...." He speaks very softly unsure if he was even heard. He shakes his head and just continues to walk, while keeping his wings tight against his side.
  6. He looks up at Electrobolt and takes a deep breath trying to keep his composure. He shivers slightly when he is talked to and takes another deep breath, keeping himself and his body calm. He shakes his head and looks down for a moment "I..It's not your fault.... No need to apologize..." He looks back up at the other pony and forces a nervous smile. "I am just... not used to talking to other ponies...." He looks back down again kicking his hoof gently against the ground trying to think of something to say. After a moment he gathers himself and thinks of something looking back up at him. "We need... to gather up with the others.... and work out some kind of plan... And to... figure out the damage of recent disasters..."
  7. The Train arrives at the Ponyville station and he looks out the window as the PA crackles and comes back to life. 'Now in Ponyville, please depart in a neat and orderly fashion. Thanks for choosing Ponyville express and have a great day.' With that the PA crackles and dies back down. He gets up and walks past Electrobolt gazing up at him for a moment before looking back down. Once he exits the train he steps to the side and waits sighing softly. I need to do it.... He is part of my team... It needs to be now. He stands at the side of the train and waits for Electrobolt to walk out after him still holding his wings tightly to his side. As soon as I meet him... the task can start. And I can prove to my parents that I have what it takes. I will prove to them that I can do it. I will stand in the way of any disaster, help everypony, and I will be the shining star in the night. He laughs softly at the pun he just made keeping himself amused.
  8. After not hearing anything else he takes a deep breath hearing a voice over the PA 'Arriving in Ponyville in 5 Minutes. Make sure you are seated, and make sure all business is taken care of.' There is a crackle as the PA fades away and all is silent again. He looks back out the window and sighs softly to himself his body finally returning to it's calm state. He closes his eyes and begins to calm his breathing. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. He repeats the mantra over and over in his head.
  9. I was just browsing the threads and noticed this one. I would be interested in joining the group. I actually have an account on there, just not very strong. I will prolly have to make a new one on the world you are on. My user name on there is dragoon1246224 please consider me as an ally
  10. I loved it... I wanted to hug something while I watched the episode. All I had was my pillows though, but overall it was one of the best episodes so far in my opinion. They are all good but each one gets better than the last. Love them all so far.
  11. Shining blushes a bit more not being used to interaction with other ponies. He hears the other pony introduce himself, causing his heart race. I have never thought that another pony would talk to me... I am used to others keeping their distance from me... I am an alicorn... He becomes lost in thought for a moment before turning his attention back to the other pony. He looks towards him, unable to keep eye contact. "My.... my name is Shining Star...." His voice is shaky and he stutters a bit on his name before quickly turning his attention back to the floor. He holds his wings tighter to his side unable to keep them from shaking.
  12. He looks away quickly after seeing the lime green pony look back at him. He blushes slightly and looks down at the ground, clenching his wings tightly against his side. He then hears the other pony speak making him twitch slightly. Not being used to interacting with others he looks back at the other pony and nods slightly. "Y...yes...I.... I was there...." He looks down for a moment unsure how to act or what to say. What should I say..... what do I say....?He shakes his head trying to clear out the multitude of thoughts running through his head. He turns his attention back to the other pony. "I.... I am stationed in Ponyville....I... I am a first responder...."
  13. He looks back over at the lime green pony and thinks for a moment. Hmmm... I wonder if he is part of my group... He sighs softly and looks towards the front of the car. He gets up slowly and stretches his wings for a moment before sitting back down. He looks down at the floor for a moment before turning his attention back to the lime green pony.
  14. The train whistle blows and the PA springs to life once again. ALL ABOARD!!!! LAST CALL TRAIN TO PONYVILLE!!! He looks out the window then back around the car for a moment before stretching. A few more minutes pass as the train jerks and begins to slowly start moving down the track eventually picking up speed. Mere moments later the train picks up speed until it is now going it's normal pace. He looks out the window and watches the scenery passing by quickly and lets out a soft yawn. "Not too much longer now and we will be there....." He whispers softly to himself.
  15. I wouldn't mind helping out in any way I can. I am always looking for ways to help others, and help the community. So if you need any help just let me know. I am not too big on making music and stuff, but I have been writing a fanfic. So just let me know if there is anything I can help with.