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  1. Big Mac can be added to the list of single ponies. I'm not going to be coming back to this site any more.
  2. Would you talk to a stranger that just walked up to you? Yes. Would you be that stranger that walks up to others? No. Are you close to your friends? Yes. Do you have friends at all? Just my best friend, but he's my hubby now... I'm one of those pathetic work at home mom's...I have no friends because I was picked on through out school and when I got to college I was so terrified of being made fun of I didn't get involved with anyone. I was friends with my room-mate till our third room-mate moved back to Thailand, then she started fights because we couldn't afford rent any more and instead
  3. My little man like to go for my cheeks...and tug on hair while he's at it! He also loves to dance now :3 HAVE to get my hubby to get me a video camera for my birthday...I want to catch at least a little bit of this on film!
  4. All I'mma say is that I liked Derpy the way she was because she was awesome. Sure she had a lazy eye and was clumsy, but she was still helping others and the other ponies liked her. I thought it showed guts that they would have a pony with a handicap on the show, especially since she was so amazing. She was a hero in my eyes, showing that anypony, no matter what situation or handicap they have, is worth something, and should be allowed to work and play with anyone, just like everypony else. Changing her to make her "normal" is just saying that handicaps aren't accepted in society, and if that'
  5. Disney games like Tarzan!!! I loved those N64 games...these were so much fun! It took me 2 years to complete the game....BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
  6. I had Flynn's 1 year appointment just before the holiday's. He's a little short for his age, but the right weight and healthy He has 5 teeth so far, and from how many binky tops we're going through, I'd say he has a few more coming in now too... luckily he likes naval oranges and uses them as teethers :3
  7. lol...Thanks :3 I'm glad there's another mom on here too, means someone to talk with who will actually know what I'm talking about
  8. Aww! Thank you for the support everypony! You're all so wonderful! With everypony asking for a pic I had to upload some to the computer to show you, but here is the newest addition to our family! Little Mr. Jonathan! Oh and here's one of Flynn and Jonathan! Just because they are so adorable together and I want you to see my beautiful bundles of joy! Pictures deleted because my account can't be.
  9. For me, I nap from 10:30 to 12 (when my little men have their nap), then I'm up till 9 when they go down for bed, then I have to wake up at 3 to feed the littlest, then sleep again till 7 :3
  10. Walking to the gate of the fair, Lemon Lime hands the mare in the booth the two tickets she had bought weeks ago for her and Big Mac. She smiles at Big Mac as they enter the large "Stampede Grounds" as it had become known as. "This is so exciting! I love the fair! Where do you think we should go first? There's a new cheese making exhibit this year we could check out! Or the petting zoo, I heard that they got a turtle this year! Maybe we could stop at the concession they have apple fritters. Not as great as the ones you make Big Mac, but there average!" Lemon Lime smiled up at Big Mac,
  11. Sorry I've been gone for awhile every pony! My newest addition to the family has kept me on my toes and off the computer!
  12. I like to wear knee highs almost constantly. The only time that I don't is in bed because I kick them off. The rainbow toe socks are my favourites though :3
  13. leogal

    Mega Thread What Element of Harmony Are You?

    I could be the official bearer of the element of Honesty. I believe in treating others as they would treat me, and I hate being lied to. I could be the official bearer of the element of Generosity. Again, do unto others...although I have trouble actually taking anything from anypony I could be used as a substitute bearer of the element of Kindness. I try to be kind as possible, but with someponies, it's not... I could be used as a substitute bearer of the element of Magic. Even as a boring, old human I find magic everywhere :3 I could safely transport the element of Loyalty. I'm loyal to
  14. OMG!!! I LOVE this idea! It's absolutely brilliant!! I'm going to have to go out and buy a game controller for my computer just so I can play this! I know for sure my hubby will come out of the closet for this game (I swear he's a closet broney and doesn't want even me knowing for fear of me telling his friends....oh well :3)
  15. Happy, healthy little man! Weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz! Blue eyes and dark brown hair! So far he's doing really well, I'm hoping to get some pics and such up soon! Thank you for the support everyone!!
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