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  1. wow, I have a fan, and it isn't even done yet lol. I'm a pretty big procrastinator, but with this much excitement, I'll get right on it
  2. Not yet. I'm in the process of finishing the first chunk. I might just finish the NMM part and post it, just to give everyone a taste of it. Honestly though, this is going to be massive. I want to use as many of the episodes as possible, even if it's just a passing mention. I'm trying to stay away from a gary-stu character. This is my first time writing anything to completion, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to model him after just a regular Joe Schmoe kind of pony who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3. No lie, I've been slowly writing a fanfic about this very idea since the end of season 2. It's going to be about a pony named Jack and his adventures that coincide with the Mane 6. Pretty much, it would play out like Cutie Mark Chronicles, where he had a connection to the Mane 6, but through both (maybe all three, considering how long it's taking me) seasons. For instance, he would be in Manehatten during the summer sun celebration (equivalent to times square during new years) when NMM escapes, or in Fillydelphia during the parasprite invasion. All and all, a really big, all encompassing adven
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