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  1. Episode Name - "The Crystal Princess" Synopsis - Princess Celestia sends Twilight a letter while she is studying Crystal Empire History, the Crystal Empire has stopped communicating with her and the "Love Radiation" (don't know what else to call it) has stopped coming from the Crystal Heart, Celestia wants Twilight to find out what has happened. Twilight and her friends travel to the Crystal Empire to discover that it has been taken over by Changeling who had been draining all of the love and joy from the Crystal Ponies, making it impossible to fuel the heart. The Mane 6 end up in the Crystal Palace where Queen Chrysalis has taken Shining Armor and Princess Cadence prisoner (i know this may seem repetitive but just stick with me). The Mane 6 are just about to use the Elements of Harmony on Chrysalis when she encases Fluttershy in crystal with her magic (it doesn't necessarily have to be Fluttershy). Without all 6 elements they are powerless to stop Chrysalis, however just when things seem to be at their worst they get even worse when King Sombra emerges from within Shining Armor (remember when he corrupted Shining's horn?) and uses the fact that the heart is no longer active to try to take over the Kingdom again. Chrysalis tries to fight Sombra but can't seem to hit him and it seems as if she isn't trying. After a back and forth between the two villains reveals that Chrysalis was the first princess of the Crystal Empire who created the Crystal heart, she fell in love with Sombra and they were to get married but it was a trick and Sombra betrayed her as the entire thing had been a dark plan. Chrysalis barely escaped the Kingdom with some of her subjects before he took over completely and in her sorrow she used her magic to transform herself and her remaining subjects into changelings so that none of them would have to feel the pain of betrayal of love again. Realizing that the love of her people still exists inside her, Chrysalis shoots the love that she took into the crystal heart as she's doing it she transforms back into the crystal princess and the heart activates, destroying Sombra and turning all of her changelings back into crystal ponies.
  2. 1. Characters - All the Mane 6 and Spike, Assorted dragons, The Elder Dragon 2. Location/Setting - The place the dragons migrate to in the episode "Dragon Quest" 3. Conflict/Synopsis - The "Elder Dragon", the oldest dragon who is responsible for leading dragon kind is dying (this can be made less blunt than that to make it 'kid friendly' if they have to) and Celestia sends Twilight and her friends to the location of the Dragon migration summit to fulfill the ancient dragon's final request before his passing. Then acting as a Princess, Twilight must re-sign the treaty between Dragon-kind and Pony-kind with the dragon's new leader who is chosen afterward. 4. Villain/Obstacle - Not an actual villain but the Elder Dragon has a secret and dangerous treasure that he has been guarding in order to protect all the creatures of Equestria called "The Heart of Greed" an enormous jewel that is the cause of the mystical Greed that Dragons feel and the artificial growth they experience when they hoard objects. The heart is also extremely dangerous as it infects anyone who looks at it with an uncontrollable urge to posses it and will cause them to do anything to get it. 5. Resolution - Twilight and her friends destroy the heart, fulfilling the Elder Dragon's dying wish of allowing him to see his people free of the curse of greed that has plagued them for so long. The treaty is signed without a hitch now that dragons are no longer greedy. 6. Plotline - Twilight receives a letter from Princess Celestia informing her that she and her friends are being sent on a diplomatic mission to re-sign the treaty with the dragons and fulfill the final wish of the Elder Dragon (who is one of the oldest creatures in all of Equestria, even older than Luna and Celestia and was around before Equestria was even formed) (the letter doesn't mention what this wish is). She and her friends depart for the dragon summit (which is why the dragons migrate to that location) on their diplomatic mission and find the dragons all laying upon their hordes of treasure and greedy as ever. The ponies (and Spike) encounter the Dragon Fluttershy convinced to move in the episode 'Dragonshy' and find out that Fluttershy and this Dragon have been "Pen Pals" ever since that episode (this is just a small side-detail I decided would be a good little addition). Twilight and her friends meet with the Elder Dragon and discover what his final wish is and that they must find a way to destroy the Heart of Greed somehow (the Elder Dragon is asking them because he is hoping that the pony's greater mastery of magic may allow them to destroy the gem (which they are told can not be destroyed with brute force). The Elder Dragon however will not show them the heart straight away due to the effect it has on anyone who sees it (it is explained that due to his immense age and wisdom that the ancient dragon has 'grown out' of his greed) he explains that only those with immense strength of will or great enough wisdom can resist the effects of the heart. The Elder Dragon wants the heart to be destroyed because he has seen the destructive effect the greed the heart has instilled in his people has caused and he wishes to see his people free of it before he dies the dragon is so determined to destroy the heart and the dragon explains that dragons live a lonely existence, so consumed by their greed that they rarely associate with others even of their own kind and that is why he wants it destroyed. The Dragon explains that he has been communicating with Celestia ever since the treaty original was signed through magical dragon fire letters (he receives and sends letters between his decades long naps) and he trusts that Twilight may be able to find a way to destroy the heart because of a letter he received from Celestia when she first took Twilight on as an apprentice where Celestia mentioned her trust and pride of the young Unicorn. Twilight and her friends begin to work on finding a way to destroy the Heart (they still haven't seen it) based on what the Elder dragon has told them about it, meanwhile Spike talks to the Elder Dragon about his place in Dragon society (this is simplified to Spike asking the dragon what he thinks about him living with ponies and the dragon expressing happiness at Spike resisting the greed that most dragons suffer from and reassures Spike that he has been living a good life, Spike asks if he'll be puny forever and the Elder Dragon tells him that he will grow but merely at a slower, more natural rate as he feels all dragons should). The Mane 6 Decide to try using the Elements of Harmony to destroy the Heart but it fails when upon seeing it (as they have to to use the Elements on it) they start being effected by it's power, the ponies try to resist the effects of the Heart and begin to fight over it, Rarity, being the element of Generosity is able to resist the effects of the Heart more effectively than the others and tries to keep the others from arguing over it. Spike sees the gem and is effected by it like the others, he moves towards it and takes it while the ponies are still arguing. Rarity sees Spike taking the gem and tries to stop him, Spike looks at her and greedily tries to keep the heart for himself, he breathes fire at Rarity to stop her, frightening her with the flame and burning her mane (the other five are still arguing and fighting in the background, not noticing what's going on because of their squabbles). Seeing her hurt and burned Spike remembers when he had become greedy in the episode "Secret of My Excess" and how he gave her the fire ruby, the words of the Elder Dragon's happiness about his resisting the dragon greed cross his mind and he stops. Realizing his mistake, Spike hands the Heart of Greed to Rarity freely and it cracks and shatters in her hooves, the way to destroy the Heart and break the curse was for a Dragon to give up possession of it of their own free will, expecting nothing in return. With the heart destroyed and it's power broken the five return to normal, they move outside with the Elder Dragon to see that the dragons have changed, they have stopped guarding their hordes greedily and are conversing with each other happily, the group look at them happily and Spike turns to the Elder Dragon to speak to him about his wish being fulfilled only to see the ancient beast is slowly turning to stone. Spike and the ponies are sad but the old dragon reassures them that he is content with seeing the Dragons free of their curse, he thanks Twilight and her friends, Spike especially for their help in destroying the heart and finally turns completely to stone, gone.(Boy I'm tearing up a little bit just writing this scene) The scene cuts to the treaty being signed with the new leader of the dragons and the ponies are given a kind farewell as well as each being given jewelry and other gifts, Spike is given a gem as his gift but swears that he won't eat it so that he can remember the old dragon by it. They say farewell and leave the summit with the new treaty signed and the dragons much happier and no longer greedy. [End of Episode] Side Notes - After this episode it would be acceptable (and honestly pretty cool) to see dragons of various sizes, shapes, colours and genders in Equestria conversing with ponies or each other and taking part in events and crowd scenes as well as flying over head in the skies (the idea being that now that they aren't greedy they don't spend all their time guarding hordes and actually want to be a part of things and make friends). Descriptions: The Elder Dragon - The Elder Dragon is the oldest and wisest of all the dragons, his immense age also means he is the largest, so large that you could be forgiven for mistaking him for a small mountain. Having outgrown his greed many years ago, he has no horde of treasure and only possesses the Heart of Greed for the sake of protecting it from harming anyone, his name is unknown as he forgot it over a millennium ago.(This is optional, I couldn't think up a proper name that I was happy with) The Heart of Greed - The heart is a glowing green gem of medium size in the shape of a heart, it pulsates and glows ominously and is perched upon a stylized stand shaped like a dragon's claw.
  3. If I had to guess I would say that doing the Jappleack tumblr story probably changed the way he viewed the series as a whole and it most likely seriously effected the story. That entire side story with Jappleack was so much more soulfull than his .MOV series and SWAG.MOV feels much more like that than the other .MOV animations he made.
  4. Okay, I gotta show this to you guys, some of you have probably already seen it but what the hay, what do you think of this explanation for Twilight becoming an Alicorn, I like it, would make an excellent cross pollenizing add for MLP and Red Bull (although the company themselves could never have made it because they would get bad PR for marketing energy drinks to young children). XP
  5. I don't mind Twilight being an Alicorn but I think that for all of you guys who hated it, here is an ending you might like a little more,
  6. Something occured to me recently, training Twilight to become a princess, reforming Luna and Discord, regaining the Crystal Empire. Is Celestia preparing for something, has this all been heading towards some enormous conflict that she didn't think she could handle on her own. I just can't help but feel that this might be heading towards something big in later seasons, or at least it would be cool if it did! Some kind of huge thing happening that ties the entire show together would probably make for an awesome series finale when the show does eventually end. Also, on an unrelated note, what happened with Luna's book, remember all that buzz that Luna's black book generated when it appeared in the season 3 premier. Just wanna know if anyone still thinks that will have some relevance to the plot, I mean maybe it actually was just a little random detail animation that was added and has nothing to do with anything. Anyway I guess my real question for you guys is where do you think this show is going? Where is it headed in S4 and beyond? Any thoughts on this are appreciated!
  7. As I've been parroting ever since I heard about this, if you look up American copyright laws and take a look at fair use laws in regard to copyright you will find that there is a very strong defense for Fighting is Magic due to it's nature as a non-profit game. I'm not going to go into specifics because I've already done that a few times today explaining it to other people and it is unbelievably tedious to write over and over again. Seriously, this can be easily fought and won if we just try.
  8. Actually, there is a great argument for fair use as far as Fighting is Magic goes since it's a non-profit game that doesn't infringe on Hasbro's existing ability to exploit their original work (the show) and extends the original work by being a game (it extends it because Hasbro haven't made a MLP: FiM based game) as well as not harming any future prospects for Hasbro to market a game of their own because Hasbro never will and have no plans of making a 2D fighter of their own. It's just such a difficult process to fight a large company like Hasbro on the issue, especially when you're a small group of people with little resources other than your own talent like the Mane6 are. As for your projects, as long as they aren't anything big Hasbro won't care and you will be fine (take a look at all of the other, smaller Fan-Made games that have been released by people no problem). The only reason that this one was hassled by those corporate jerks is that it drew too much attention to itself because it was such an impressive and big project. From what I've heard of your project ideas, I doubt you will suffer any problems unless they draw an astounding amount of publicity like Fighting is Magic did.
  9. I've gotta be honest, I'm not sure about this, I'm not really against it but at the same time I can't shake the same sinking feeling I got years ago while watching DBZ shortly after Vegeta became a Super Saiyan and then every single character that wasn't a Super Saiyan became completely irrelevant to the story because they just couldn't keep up. I'm really just not sure about how this will work out...
  10. Well, about season 3 having 13 episodes for you and anyone else who doesn't know, that was to get the show to the requisite 65 episode mark required for syndication so that the show can be shown on other channels and broadcast worldwide, so now people outside of the US will be able to watch the show on TV rather than just the internet. So yeah, that is the real reason that it was just 13 for this season only.
  11. "Yep!" Moonshadow said cheerily, smiling, "See, this Evil Dragon Pony named Avarice who was trapped long ago by the princesses inside a picture has just escaped and is probably planning to do some very mean things to everypony so we are going to go to Canterlot and warn the princesses so that they can stop her again!" As he spoke, Moonshadow levitated his book of 'Important Stuff' out of his bag, it was a plain blue book with his name written on the front and the symbol of a full moon, this was where Moonshadow kept all of his most important spells and ideas, he began to read it as he relaxed into his chair, thinking of the excitement to come.
  12. Moonshadow got on the train and sat down, "This exciting, racing to Canterlot to warn the Princesses that an ancient foe has escaped from captivity and is probably out for revenge" he said to no one in particular, "This is gonna be cool, maybe we'll even get to see some powerful magic or an epic battle!" Moonshadow was excited, it was that kind of frantic excitement that came with new experiences and dangerous adventures.
  13. Moonshadow rushed to where he had been staying for his vacation, 'oh well, much better than any regular vacation could be' he thought to himself as he quickly packed all of the things he would need, food and his hand written 'diary' of important things among them, not really a diary though because it contained all of the spells he considered 'important' as well as a few interesting facts, he also grabbed his money of course 'never know when a few extra bits might come in handy' he thought. Moonshadow ran to the train station 'I'm late, why am I always late' he thought to himself as he saw to his relief that the train had not left yet and his new group of acquaintances were waiting for him. "Sorry I'm late" he called out as he arrived, "is this everyone?"
  14. "Oh, that's awesome" Moonshadow said, noticing the slight pause in Grey's speech but deciding it best not to comment, 'maybe I asked too much, I don't want him to feel uncomfortable'. "Well, I won't keep you any longer, it's been great to meet somepony new but I think it's time I let you get back to your lunch, hopefully I'll get a chance to see you again soon" he said happily. Moonshadow turned "bye" he called over his shoulder as he began to walk in no direction in particular, just going for a stroll around town like every day.
  15. "Oh, so that was Avarice flying off then" Moonshadow said "Escaped from a picture where the LEGEND SAID SHE WAS TRAPPED!" he exclaimed, remembering the rest of what he'd read, "trapped a long time ago by the princesses for wreaking mayhem all over Equestria, ooh that is some big evil there." Turning to Firebolt Moonshadow said "yes getting to Canterlot would be an excellent idea and yes I am going with you guys" turning back to Book Quill "and yes I do know that avarice is a synonym for greed". "My name's Moonshadow by the way and you are?" 'Darn I wish I had my amulet' Moonshadow lamented in his thoughts, it was a long trip to Canterlot but he could have contacted Princess Luna immediately if he hadn't left it in Ponyville but honestly how often can you expect to come into contact with an unspeakable ancient evil.