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  1. Celeryjack

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    So this forum still exists... I'd never imagine this fandom would be alive in 2018. Who are you guys?
  2. Celeryjack

    What does your avatar say about you?

    Mine says... Don't look behind you...
  3. Celeryjack

    Things You Had to Learn The Hard Way

    Cars are expensive. You can do almost anything if you have the money for it, if you don't no one cares about you. Never trust anyone, never expect anything from anybody. Wearing expensive brand clothes makes people like you more.
  4. Celeryjack

    Bronies, what hair type do you fall for?

    Long blonde hair, gets me every time.
  5. Celeryjack

    Which labels would you put on yourself?

    *SWAG *RICH *SEXY (and i know it) *HATER
  6. Celeryjack

    Confession Time!

    I judge people, a lot. sometimes i cant even talk to people because the look poor, smell bad or anything - It's a disease. I once hit a cat with my car, i regret it. My front spoiler broke.
  7. Celeryjack

    Spender or Saver?

    I save half of my salary and spend the rest... so 50/50?
  8. Celeryjack

    What is your favorite soft drink flavour?

    Lingonberry anyone? no...? okay....
  9. Celeryjack

    Gaming Video Game Nostalgia thread

    Haha, cool! what is your ancestors last name and where did they come from? (is this to of topic?)
  10. Celeryjack

    What Jokes offend you guys?

    Jokes about cancer are pretty annoying, but there is always some way to get people back. Either you joke about everything or nothing.
  11. Celeryjack

    Gaming Video Game Nostalgia thread

    yes, i am just guessing that you're Swedish because of your username. HA! NÖRD!
  12. Celeryjack

    Gaming Video Game Nostalgia thread

    Here is my childhood pretty much.
  13. Celeryjack

    Movies/TV Favorite Disney Princess movie

    Hmm... Maybe i am. And people are born without genitals, it's rare but it can happen.
  14. Celeryjack

    Movies/TV Favorite Disney Princess movie

    What is the name of a non gender prince/princess? Well, were i come from you can be anything you want*. Like Big mac, he once was a pretty princess in a game? *For real, sex change is payed with with tax money by our government and the legal age to change it is 16 years.
  15. Celeryjack

    Movies/TV Favorite Disney Princess movie

    Baymax is a robot, robots doesn't have a gender, the voice is male, but that could be changed. Also, Being a princess is not just for girls, that's sexist.