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    i love ponies and some animes i also do and love horse back riding
  1. I am considered strange because i personally don't like missing school.

    1. TailsIsNotAlone


      I was the same. I hated missing school. =_=

    2. Flicker Sweet

      Flicker Sweet

      with the exceptions of annual breaks, I agree with you

  2. OK I know this is meant to be a longe area and stuff but, resently I have found out that Netflix is slowly yet surely getting rid of anime!!!!!!!!!!!! They have already taken off Claymore, Trigun, and sowly D. Gray-Man! this is a warning to all those who have Netflix!
  3. Do any of you think there is a posibility that we were visited in the past? I know that I have seen some shows like Ancent Aliens and stuff like that that sujest that kind of stuff they have some good evidence but what do you guys think? Personaly I wasn't alive back then so I don't know if any of that did happen so if we get real good evedence I guess I will beleve it.
  4. Silver ice

    Movies/TV The Harry Potter Series

    I didn't think to badly of the movies I mean you are right but they staied on the books pertty well. And I am sorry I don't have any sites at the moment but if I find any I will be sure to tell you
  5. Silver ice

    Movies/TV The Harry Potter Series

    Both but I figured most would know the movies so I placed it under that. ^.^ sorry if that confused anyone in that way. so I will try to posibly change that
  6. Silver ice

    Movies/TV The Harry Potter Series

    I know it has been gone for a little while now but who remembers and misses the Harry Potter series? I know I do. I guess some other good movie serise and trilogies have come around after the seriese ended. but still.
  7. I know that we have all heard the rumors the world will end. Well do you think it will? Personaly I think directors and authors made that stuff up to sell a couple hundered books or a movie. But like I said that is my opinion what is yours and if it's not too personal why do you think that? I found this pic and thought it was funny but a FYI the Mayan's never made any predictions that the world will end nor that there would be any apocalypse!
  8. Silver ice


    Here are some bleach caracters as ponies! here is Torshiru, Ichigo, Byakuya, Ulquirra, and Rukia. Enjoy and tell me what you think
  9. Just a FYI to you I love your pic ^.^ (<3 Ogami)

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    2. Silver ice

      Silver ice

      True I know what I will do I am going to post bleach on my Ponies as animes blog thanks for the idea

    3. Silver ice

      Silver ice

      Happy B-Day to you

    4. WolfEdge


      Hey, thanks. ^_^ I need to check in here more often... There was cake, so I didn't complain about getting sick. lol


      And Bleach/Ponies crossover, eh? I don't see much of that. XD I'm checking out your page when they're up!

  10. I figured that since anyone whi would look at this would like animes so tell me witch you like better one the quoted topic above jope to see all of your comments on there Source: Animes vs. Ponies
  11. "Happy Holidays To All And to All I Hope You Have A Good Night"- A Musical Pece "And To All A Good Night"

  12. Silver ice

    Movies/TV Animes vs. Ponies

    Do you like ponies or animes or even both? What is your fave anime and/or pony? I would most likely say both and my fave pony is... I think is RD (Rainbow) or DJ Spin Pony. And I would say that I don't have a fave anime there are just to many to like!
  13. Here is the anime Friuts Basket what dose everybody think of the pic or the anime
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