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Status Updates posted by FlutteringDweamz

  1. Hello :3 I hope you are doing well. Your post in the fluttershy club was very nice^^

    1. FlutterGuy999


      Thanks.  Which post in particular?

  2. Hi :3 Its nice to meet you.

    I don't know if I really feel like being active on ponyverse again, I do have social anxiety (likely its a part of my aspergers), but posting in the fluttershy club was fun. Nice rarity av too.

    1. Alexshy



      Why shan't thou be active hither? Tis the most friendly herd around thou can mayhap find. Many ponies hither would be happy to chat and share common interests, in the earnest.

      Tis not Rarity *giggles* Tis my human counterpart ponified: Alexshy, MLP fanfiction writer. The whole image:


      Nice to meet thee likewise, mine friend!

  3. Hi :) Nice to meet you. I think your avatar is pretty (i think blondes are pretty in general due to my crush on korrina X3; ).

    (though, its funny, but i think rainbow dash is the most attractive equestria girl, rather than apple jack xD I just like rd's character more lol)

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    2. FlutteringDweamz


      You're welcome :)

      The girl from my avatar comes from pokemon.

      She's really special to me. Being into her has helped me through my autism and depressions :)

    3. Califorum


      That's interesting.

      My avatar is Cali. One of my characters as I said. Cali is a megalomaniac thief. She steals anything thats not tied down, pretty much. She is sort of a coward, and prefers to run from threats unless if they piss her off. Her magics involve electricity, though its red. She can summon in tools and weapons that fade away without her focus. She is somewhat heroic though. With all of my characters, shielding, cloaking and teleportation comes with all of them. Cali would sound sly, somewhat sinister. With a slight hint of seductiveness, to lure people close in and then surprise them with a magical move and swipe away their money. She is also capable of shapeshifting, and draining the energy of her opponents to an extent. She is not always a thief though, and is generally curious about things sometimes unless if they seem threating. She is sneaky, and likes to be stealthy. Cali has a pocket dimension in which she keeps her stolen things. Though, it's not infinite. About the size of a large house.

    4. FlutteringDweamz


      A tea cup for interestingness! :3

      I have a lot of fan made characters myself too. A lot of them are fake pokemon xD

      I'm gonna go to bed soon.

  4. Korrina is so beautiful *hug's her*

    1. The_Gobo


      The who duh what now?



  5. I hate this forum.

    I bet people are going to bully me for my crush on Korrina here. I'd like someone to prove me wrong. I really, really wanted to be happy on this forum now that I returned. But all i'm seeing is darkness, and its making me so sad. And its making me want to give up on mlp too :(

    I hope you can help me feel better...*sigh* i. I don't want ponies to be to me what kingdom hearts became. I just really, REALLY can't stand that there are actually people who believe homosexuality is evil on this forum. And after crushing on a girl for a little over a year and it was the ONE THING that was HELPING MY AUTISM AND DEPRESSION, i feel like breaking down into tears right now. This isn't right....*sigh*

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    2. FlutteringDweamz


      Thanks sparkle :) It helps that I made some good friends here now. Its like the pony series is all about: The magic of friendship ^_^ It really does feel better when you find someone who cares.

      *bro hoof*

    3. Sparklefan1234
    4. FlutteringDweamz


      I made a happy status about korrina on my profile :)

      I'm glad we're all friends now. I wish drama didn't have to happen for me to make some new friends here but oh well....i'm glad people were able to make me feel better :) Its best to look at the bright side.

  6. Like hi i'm back lol my name is so weird for a person with some roller skater rd like character as their av xD

    1. Prospekt




    2. FlutteringDweamz


      Don't welcome me back.

      I'm leaving this forum. I hate it here.

    3. Rikifive


      Ouh, already? What happened?

  7. CHECK OUT MY NEW AVATAR :D isn't is cute? :D

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    2. FlutteringDweamz


      *bro hoof*


      Past 10 now! Goodnight :) i hope i have okay dreams...MAYBE about battling giant crabs! LOL

    3. Zachary


      Yep it is fun! :D


      Too bad it'll reach 100 Comments limited.

    4. Chrylestia600
  8. Happy holidays and happy new years everyone! :D

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    2. ChB


      You're welcome, PinkuRiku! Why will you have a great 2017, if I may ask?

    3. Prospekt


      You too, PinkuRiku :) :) :)

    4. Leere


      Same to you

  9. I wish i didn't throw such a meltdown in the banned game...

    1. FlutteringDweamz


      Maybe i'll concider editing my post. I was...frusterated when i wrote it. very much so :/

  10. I'll just add it to my look up. Is there anything 'wrong' with liking flowers? :<

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    2. FlutteringDweamz


      "Good ain't bad". I gotta remember those words...thank you...

    3. CosmicSpark


      I think flowers are amazing, though daffodils are amazing flower <3 <3

    4. FlutteringDweamz


      Flowers are awesome. I shouldn't judge myself for liking them. I think i should even lock this topic. I need to learn to believe in who i am more, and ask questions less...

  11. If i stop fearing hurting others, will i end up hurting them? how am i so 'special'?:(

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    2. Vulcan


      I'm pretty sure there are also good spirits or guardians that specifically protect folks from the bad ones.

    3. Widdershins


      No. Yes. No. Yesno. I can get a good five paragraphs of philosophical prose out of just this one line here. But to be succinct, if by evil spirits, you mean your emotions, then its always alright to feel any way about anything. Even if you may have a tendency to go overboard with those feelings, it doesn't make you a bad person. Now actual spirits, or outside forces, the blame's on them for mind controlling you! Don't ever doubt yourself Pinks, things only hurt you if you let...

    4. PonyMage


      Well. I say the fear of hurting others is a mighty good thing. It means you are a sensitive person. The world could use more people like that :)

  12. PARTY! XD

    1. Leere


      Party Hard!

    2. Blue Vexillographer
    3. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      party like no tomorrow .... PINKIE PIE STYLE ... :P

  13. I'm a little worried the red picture i posted in a few forum games might be...suggestive...any1 wanna take a peak and tell me if it is?

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    2. thegoodhen


      I wanna see it.

    3. thegoodhen


      Wow, I almost mistyped that as "I wanna see tit"

    4. Rawzy


      @thegoodhe, ;)

  14. *paint's the forum pink :D*

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    2. Lulaypp


      IS IT REALLY?!?!

      Happy birthday then! ^^

    3. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      I wished u happy bday in banned game .... Hope u like it :)

    4. Tarnation


      *Paints forum more pink*


  15. My new name is adorable and i refuse to feel any guilt about it, even if its disliked

    1. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      Someone dislikes it? *Hugs*

    2. Dreambiscuit
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