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  1. I'm glad Trixie as Starlight as a friend now. I remember when they were amazed they had so much in common first meeting xD They look quite cute together too~~ o.o
  2. FlutteringDweamz

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Sunset's song "My Past Is Not Today" is an awesome song. I've listened to it to help me let go of my regrets about my childhood in the past :) Also, Sunset's style is.....awesome :P
  3. Hello :3 I hope you are doing well. Your post in the fluttershy club was very nice^^

    1. FlutterGuy999


      Thanks.  Which post in particular?

  4. FlutteringDweamz

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Here's a Fluttershy blingee I made :) I may post in other pony clubs too. And I really liked FlutterGuy999's post :)
  5. Hi :3 Its nice to meet you.

    I don't know if I really feel like being active on ponyverse again, I do have social anxiety (likely its a part of my aspergers), but posting in the fluttershy club was fun. Nice rarity av too.

    1. Alexshy



      Why shan't thou be active hither? Tis the most friendly herd around thou can mayhap find. Many ponies hither would be happy to chat and share common interests, in the earnest.

      Tis not Rarity *giggles* Tis my human counterpart ponified: Alexshy, MLP fanfiction writer. The whole image:


      Nice to meet thee likewise, mine friend!

  6. FlutteringDweamz

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Very cute Fluttershy pictures everyone :) I have been more of a Fluttershy fan lately. A lot more of one. For awhile, I didn't like her so much, since I thought she wouldn't be a helpful character for my 'insecurity issues', however I don't think that now. Fluttershy's a timid pony who tries her hardest to be braver and more assertive in a lot of episodes. I find that very admirable. :) I also like that she's a cute, innocent, girly character. She's girly like Rarity is, but I find she's probably more the type of girly girl I see myself as now than Rarity is. I'm not really into fash
  7. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cuz I wanna snuggle my avatar so much X3;
  8. Men dressed as girls are cool^^
  9. Hi :) Nice to meet you. I think your avatar is pretty (i think blondes are pretty in general due to my crush on korrina X3; ).

    (though, its funny, but i think rainbow dash is the most attractive equestria girl, rather than apple jack xD I just like rd's character more lol)

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    2. FlutteringDweamz


      You're welcome :)

      The girl from my avatar comes from pokemon.

      She's really special to me. Being into her has helped me through my autism and depressions :)

    3. Califorum


      That's interesting.

      My avatar is Cali. One of my characters as I said. Cali is a megalomaniac thief. She steals anything thats not tied down, pretty much. She is sort of a coward, and prefers to run from threats unless if they piss her off. Her magics involve electricity, though its red. She can summon in tools and weapons that fade away without her focus. She is somewhat heroic though. With all of my characters, shielding, cloaking and teleportation comes with all of them. Cali would sound sly, somewhat sinister. With a slight hint of seductiveness, to lure people close in and then surprise them with a magical move and swipe away their money. She is also capable of shapeshifting, and draining the energy of her opponents to an extent. She is not always a thief though, and is generally curious about things sometimes unless if they seem threating. She is sneaky, and likes to be stealthy. Cali has a pocket dimension in which she keeps her stolen things. Though, it's not infinite. About the size of a large house.

    4. FlutteringDweamz


      A tea cup for interestingness! :3

      I have a lot of fan made characters myself too. A lot of them are fake pokemon xD

      I'm gonna go to bed soon.

  10. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cuz I got GLITTER! 8D
  11. White and pink!!! PRETTY :D
  12. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    *snuggle's korrina while dressed head to toe in adorable pink and light yellow sweet lolita* Yay for cuteness!!!! :D *gigglegiggle* And hi everyone~*play's some pokemon now xD*
  13. She has long blonde hair!!! Like my beloved Korrina :) 10/10
  14. Barbie dolls xD I owned sooooo many of them. I also liked Sailor Moon and The Powerpuff Girls a lot. It still feels strange I didn't start liking Pokemon till age 11-12 (pokemon became one of my most beloved things ever since!!!)
  15. She's not afraid to be feminine. That is a huge plus to me. :)
  16. FlutteringDweamz

    I'm back

    I've seen them :) (sparklefan and a few others i'm sure i'll remember the names of soon) Those people are wonderful. They reached out to me when I was sad. They are true mlp fans :D
  17. Korrina is so beautiful *hug's her*

    1. The_Gobo


      The who duh what now?



  18. I hate this forum.

    I bet people are going to bully me for my crush on Korrina here. I'd like someone to prove me wrong. I really, really wanted to be happy on this forum now that I returned. But all i'm seeing is darkness, and its making me so sad. And its making me want to give up on mlp too :(

    I hope you can help me feel better...*sigh* i. I don't want ponies to be to me what kingdom hearts became. I just really, REALLY can't stand that there are actually people who believe homosexuality is evil on this forum. And after crushing on a girl for a little over a year and it was the ONE THING that was HELPING MY AUTISM AND DEPRESSION, i feel like breaking down into tears right now. This isn't right....*sigh*

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    2. FlutteringDweamz


      Thanks sparkle :) It helps that I made some good friends here now. Its like the pony series is all about: The magic of friendship ^_^ It really does feel better when you find someone who cares.

      *bro hoof*

    3. Sparklefan1234
    4. FlutteringDweamz


      I made a happy status about korrina on my profile :)

      I'm glad we're all friends now. I wish drama didn't have to happen for me to make some new friends here but oh well....i'm glad people were able to make me feel better :) Its best to look at the bright side.

  19. FlutteringDweamz

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Very, VERY triggered....
  20. FlutteringDweamz

    I'm back

    I....might leave this forum. I read this one thread about LGBT on this forum, and it had HOMOPHOBIC CHRISTIANS posting in it. Yes, there were people standing up to them, but the fact that crazy homophobes who believe love is evil go on this forum makes me want nothing to do with it. I mean, maybe i'll stay, maybe i'll go, but I loathe homophobes. They're the sickest grossest people ever and my crush on Korrina brings me happiness and people like that who put people like me DOWN do not belong on the net or a nice forum supporting my little pony. I'm glad I haven't been very active in
  21. FlutteringDweamz

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Pinkie Pie is THE best pony!!! :3 She's super happy, always throwing parties, can really make me laugh, likes sweets like I do, and she's my favorite color :D
  22. FlutteringDweamz

    Rarity Fan Club

    I really like Rarity. She enjoys being girly and fancy :3 I even have her in my screen name on here. A good friend of mine also has a huge crush on Equestria Girls Rarity. I also like that she's a successful business woman. And beautiful pictures Rarity's Crush! (BTW, i'm pretty sure Rarity's Crush is the name my friend is using on this forum xD I know him as 'Jack' on a lot of other forums i'm on though lol He's a really nice person and his crush is so cute)
  23. FlutteringDweamz

    I'm back

    I'm really doing quite well :D I feel happy. Thanks for all the nice re-welcomings everyone^^ I changed my av to a better picture of Korrina cuz she barely showed in my other one. I liked seeing her roller skate but oh well.
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