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  1. Well, i'd love to be a part of this since you never read my personal messages maybe this is a way to get in contact with you, hah. I enjoy listening to pony music and the idea of a directory for them is awesome. -Whooves
  2. Still proud to be one of the first 100 members :P

  3. Hi there! Any of you play League of Legends? (EU-West) If so you can add me there: Jeuhen. I sometimes do some stuff on the youtubes too for some games. /Jeuhen if u wanna see that. I just want to have some fun -Whooves
  4. You play on EUW too? Hit me up, my character's name is Extare. I am totally not good in the jungle though D:
  5. LOL He edited rainbow unicorn attack to make this, that's pretty cool.
  6. Whooves

    Pony Pins !

    Well it's not really that they lose their grip, those things that are supposed to keep them in place just fall off, i lost all 3 of my pins i put on one of my bags, they must've fell off during my trip to school... :[
  7. Partying with pinkie!

    1. Anachronous
    2. ProjectRKA


      Wish I could join ya' :P

  8. Whooves

    Pony Pins !

    Round 4 will start soon, if you want them: http://ponyorders.wordpress.com/category/pony-pins/
  9. Whooves

    Pony Pins !

    Hmm shame, maybe this happened during shipping, but those things on the back of the pins came loose fairly easy, only the RD one has a good grip, so i cant use all three of them at once.
  10. I honestly can't stop listening to that glitch remix alexS made. It's THE. BEST. POSSIBLE. THING !

  11. Hello Pinkie! How are you doing :>

  12. Whooves

    Pony Pins !

    I GOT THE RAINBOW DASH CUTIE MARK AND THE MUFFIN TODAY <3_<3 -- Also got the wonderbolts one but i haven't made a photo of that yet.
  13. Yogscast + Mine Little Pony = Epic win