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  1. I have to say some things on some of the critics and many questions that arise from the different timelines, although some of the ... reviews were too large to even read. Some of the concerns: 'Why was Starlight so obsessed with Twilight when the whole Mane 6 were responsible for her losing her power in the village'? Because she knows Twilight is the 'leader' of the Mane 6, because she knows that she changes the time and that would affect anyone from the Mane 6 and even a lot more ponies (because it is more like a revenge on the whole Ponyville (the village of those who ruined her life in her own village) and even other places that are different from her = village) and she knows that the Map or something in Twi's castle can mess things up. 'How does she know about the cutie map' Well, if she didn't learn from the Mane 6 in Season 5 premiere, there were cases where she was appearing on the background, kind of hinting she's been watching them and learning some things. You don't need to see everything done to say that it happened, do you? Learning more about Startlight's past, what made her hate cutie marks, how did she become so powerful and more than even Twilight Who says there cannot be another pony with powerful magic and probably even more powerful than Twilight, I don't think it was ever suggested that Twilight is the most powerful pony of all Equestria because the magic essence is her mark. In Twilight's Kingdom she was so strong as she possessed the magic of all ponies - of Luna, Celestia, who else, of the Mane 6, of course she was strong there, once this was over, she got back to her usual Alicorn powers. She is most powerful in friendship, that's what I think is eventually implied. Although, it is like some said, I dont think Starlight was presented as more powerful, rather just as equal and capable of affecting friendship and using time. Twilight could have messed up the time too if she wanted to and modified that powerful spell. And it is not that Starlight's magic was making Twilight look weak and helpless, it was the very idea of changing time. 'How can stopping the sonic rainboom cause either Tirek or Chrysalis or Nightmare Moon ruling all Equestria and not the same villain regardless of what happens, or not even them uniting against the ponies?' It's simple really, like some pointed out, once change can cause a myriad of consequences. For example Rainboom is stopped: a) Tirek comes out as supreme ruler, b ) Chrysalis comes out as ruler c) Nightmare Moon takes out all under her reign d) Discord turns all into chaos e) The flim flam brothers turn this ito industry f) desolate wasteland (another event happens after rainboom is stopped .. ) - you can get the same outcomes Fluttershy is left alone, they no longer make fun of her - (the same villains win, again because of some other events after) What is squeezed in 40 mins is showing like the best of the best, so I think it is pointless to find illogical things in that. It is implied that in one case one is rule, in another case another, makes this an more awesome episode for us. Nowhere does it imply that changing one thing strictly leads to another villain coming supreme. And lastly about having more background on why Starlight's past that lead her to these decisions. Use your imagination, but you can't possibly put all these answers in 2 or even 3 part episodes. Would you like to have episodes that have no logical holes and absolutely nothing happens, it can be done 2 parts of showing everything so soapy and slow that really, ok we get everything explained and yet what did we see? Nothing much happened, no development. Cause I have seen such episodes and while I've seen them rated high, for me they are lesser episodes. I certainly love that they presented more interesting moments for the cost of leaving some things unanswered but you can't answer all these in such a limited time. I always find it easier to criticize. Actually you can get some more of the things answered if a whole season makes episodes that revolve around the final story and I am up for that. I've seen it in one past girly show I've watched with also 26 episodes a season *totally spies" - so you watch in Season 4 villains unite in the first episode of the season, it also follows the seas 3 finale, then the next episodes also have things revolving around these villains, while having also episodes unrelated to this problem, then in the 2nd half is the epilogue of this story, taking maybe 5 episodes to develop. They could do such things in MLP, instead of having unrelated episodes focusing only on Mane6, having some episodes focus on what could address some of the questions in a season finale. So many why's you can't answer all in such a show... perhaps it would need episodes movies like star wars to answer.
  2. Let me post this before I get influenced by anypony's opinion: This episode.... was ... PURE AWESOME!!!!! I always consider Twilight's Kingdom to be the best (2 part) episode of all seasons, but this episode is no lower! I proclaim Twilight's Kingdom (Season 4 Finale) and The Cutie Re-Mark to be the best episodes of all seasons! (at least to me) My favorite villain Chrysalis with the changelings were there, Nightmare Moon was there, Tirek from my so far most fave episodes (Twi's Kingdom) was there, I didn't expect King Sombra and there was Discord, the party is complete! I think we only didn't see Trixie reigning. So many interesting 'what would happen if' cases. The post-apocalyptic plot - I am not from the doom sayers and not fan of such predictions but because I have had so realistic dreams that my eyes were wet with tears when they felt so real in my dreams and after waking up, never thought I would see such kind of plot here, I totally loved the plot - it is untypical for the show but I just love the topic of future and some apocalyptic or simply (everything has changed in this timeline) kind of plot, I purely love this! It was so interesting I was like watching with fear, what would happen next! The way the episode ended was fine - I was all the time expecting that Starlight Glimmer would be banished from Equestria, defeat or somehow would disappear like Trixie, I wonder if Trixie and Starlight ever met, how this would go, that would be interesting in a Season 6. So even though it didn't end that way, I like that the Mane 6 earned her as a friend but the new season would be even more epic if they had to face such situations multiple times and this time with Starlight. Although if she went back to her village, she may make no more than a cameo appearance. I actually had forgotten earlier that she would be in the finale, not that everybody didn't talk about it all the time and her appearances but I was staying away from spoilers and didn't know what to expect. On the final perhaps, it happened too quickly how she decided to turn good and just not do what she couldn't be stopped to do and that may be seen as a downside like again the end came all of a sudden (wow she's so smart, she could really do anything and the future would change into a catastrophe - this was well thought idea of the episode imo). The plot, the dark future, the encounter of all antagonists for me made this two parts the best of all seasons along with the Season 4 Finale. I was wondering, should this so awesome episode be placed as even greater than Twilight's Kingdom but the Season 4 episodes so many things happened that I think they are just so equal, this Se5 Finale had moments and plots that were not present in Season 4's finals and were so great, at the same time some more things happened in Season 4. So to me it is a quite a tie between these 2 finales, and they are just equally the best of all Seasons. Overall Season 5 was a great season with lots of shipping but I liked it for the interesting Luna based episode (Do Princesses Dream of Magiv Sheep), I liked Scare Master, The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Make New Friends but Keep Discord and The Hooffields and McColts for funniest, and I think overall had more of the nice episodes than previous season but I've forgotten how many of the episodes in previous seasons I liked.
  3. Sorry to point it out but.. it's a cartoon show of 20 mins... I dont think even the greatest movies of that time have such perfections, sometimes Im wondering... what did you guys expect from it?
  4. I will have to start with some critics of overall season - How many AJ or Apple family episodes did we see this season? They were many, after the last time we saw AJ, Applebloom or Big Mac episodes, I thought they would be done. I am lesser fan of AJ but I still like AJ a lot, and yet the episodes were an overdose. Like some mentioned, barely saw Fluttershy and havent seen RD episode for quite a while. Anyway, this was the last single part episode, so let's see what the 2-Parter will prepare. Also it seems that most like some musical episodes, as nothing big happened other than some relationships and the episode's votes revealed much higher results than episodes that imo were having more interesting or funny things, like even the previous episode about mccolts and hooffields, this episode isnt my type but I still liked it, just not loved it. It was a heartwarming episode. And to get into the details of the episode, yes Lady Gaga is the only one that came to my mind when Rara started singing (no not because of her name, only cause of the song), before listening to her song, I was expecting some rock song cause that's what she looked like as as singer but it was more like Gaga. Also I expected rara to feel AJ like a total stranger and in the end to apologize but the plot went into diff direction with that manager, I dont find any trouble in that but it wasnt predictable to me, which is good. And the episode I watched was cut or it ended indeed suddenly after the CMCs sang with her.
  5. It was long ago since we saw some adventure episode and they are from my favorite type, especially when Fluttershy and this time with Twilight Sparkle are the featured ones - loved the episode. I think this 2-pony interaction between the two was interesting to see and the behavior between each other was just correct. I could easily call this episode from the best regular episodes of Season 5, that are not based on shipping or the episodes not having connection to the end story or main plot of the season (or it may have a connection?). I guess those who like seeing more relationship than adventure will not like the episode, as we werent seeing any for the Mane 6. The place they restored to normal, this valley may be of some importance for future episodes and they may get allies from there when it becomes needed, I think the wrestle was funny and the exchange of fruits, pumpkins and hay. The village ponies themselves did not impress, nor did they become known except for their leaders (still haven't learned the names). It's not that much happened in the episode but for a single ep, it was all well timed imo.
  6. I liked the episode, not too good though. Discord is the jester of Equestria it seems, he did make me chuckle with his imitations of others. Not much to say about the episode - I always doubt Discord and think he's always up to something sinister so I feel Twilight's suspicion (you can see with what tone he's saying some things), it also felt strange to me how Discord got closer to ponies that never liked him. But I liked, Twi got tested for once, on her friendship skills while being a princess. Zecora's appearance, (first for Se 5?), was good. I dont think Discord can ever be and should be too much of their friend, he is fine being not loyal and betraying them like he's done so far, isnt it less boring to be like that? - To all the Starlight references - looks like she is watching them! I wonder if the final episode is made with showing some results of that, like knowing what each of the mane 6 likes and to use it against them!
  7. From the 'other Fluttershy' i.e Marble Pie back to mah fave Fluttershy! It was long since I haven't seen her episode. And I loved the episode (my first watch now)! OK so maybe it had some questions here and there but overall one very pleasant episode. I will start with the Q's - Isn't Fluttershy already at a point where she doesn't fear those anymore? Also since they had to deal with scary villains, or is it all the sudden startling feel of Nightmare Night. As for the rest, it was nice she developed from scared to partially scared to fearless. I truly love her vampire look (Flutterbat , really nice outfit she's ADORABLE!! I thought they were in a real trouble situation in the 3rd part of scaring, didnt know it was Fluttershy until I saw this frog like creature resembled the bear in disguise. Hmm, contact lenses? Well they do use a lot of human accessories RD was a little mean no? I love RD is from my most fave too, just so she did I think. Now some would say -isn't this too scary for the kids? The eyes, the granny skeleton, yeah it was! Not a user of the apple with the bite, may not become either. Seems even more reasons That's what I thought happened at first, she got some magic on herself!
  8. I was to say - too many episodes of Applejack or the Apple family lately (from the 2nd half of season 5 too including CMC), but this one, I am glad what came out of it, I loved it! And I have a new favorite background pony! - Marble Pie! Her shyness combined with this emo look, I found very attractive and if I were a pony I would love to get to know her and hang out. Also what made the episode so interesting was to see the Pinkie Pie family, for once somepony else's family. But my, for Maud Pie we know, I am not reading lore, I wasn't expecting Pinkie Pie to have an all-rock family, it even looks weird to me, as if she doesn't belong there. Neither the mood, nor cutie marks or skills are close to that of Pinkie Pie. (I imagined Maud as an exception, while their parents to be also party ponies) No, we shouldn't. I don't want to see shipping out of Big Mac-Marble pie just because of this episode, let's not burst into conclusions and probably all sorts of other things, unless future episodes really develop things that clearly show a new relationship. This is overreaction.. - I found nothing wrong if they got together eventually (incest - not really - just distant cousins if even that, not bro-sister) but I feel buzzed by this shipping reaction out of this very first episode with Marble Pie. In b4 the Mac-Marble meme storm. --- Was the episode planned for Christmas? Maybe not, it comes before the Halloween episode, or their order was changed.
  9. After having several episodes where we saw the Mane 6 only making some 'cameo appearances' togther and only in 2 it was nice to get back to seeing them doing things together, that was missing. As for the episode and not having Pinkie episodes as most fave, I think this was ok, probably even better than ok, so 'enjoyable' fits the grade. It was also very nice to see the CMCs with their new cutie marks to show that all continues from where it last stopped. I was expecting Pinkie Pie to just spit it out and holding the secret to the end came as a surprise. New writer, unexpected end (one would really see somepony mess up usually). So I am okay with an episode that once again had the big event in the end and nothing that much happened during the ep.. I was going to attach a screenshot thinking that no one else noticed it but well, someone did, good job. I checked the frames before and after, the rest do have it (the disappearance was noticeable), - probably it hides under her mane.
  10. Far not, all two parters have been making some of the best episodes of all seasons. They involved adventure, magic and some interesting action throughout the whole episodes (Twilight's Kingdom being the best) - the while musical thing and school story - for me not enough for a season finale. 'Do princesses dream of magic sheep' I liked more but unless the shadow of Luna made as much damage as in the 2 part episodes, wouldn't also be for a finale. For this CMC episode nothing that required a 2nd part happened really, I mean it all happened in the last 5 minutes.
  11. There are episodes that I like from first watch and this doesn't change. There are episodes that I don't like very much or parts that I don't but as I watch them more or get used to it, I start liking them more and more, like getting used to them. Exactly why I didn't like them the first time! The Cutie marks looked weird to me and I expected their marks to be something like those of the other ponies but now a closer look thanks to some posted images and explanations of what they look like, I can understand why these items are combined. And in fact I am looking forward to seeing them and what they will do now with their new fate and how all will interact with the new CMCs. They are like the Cutie Mark Musketeers of Equestria but yes they could have differed a bit, maybe small shield, different colors on top of the wings+lightning bolt or other 2 items to really make each of their marks unique and different. - so not the most suitable design for the 3. DIam Tiara - In many shows there is the 'school nemesis' and usually while they may change to good at some point, they return back to their old self. Do you think DT will remain good from now on? I think it is good to be unique and not repeat all other shows and unlike them just go on MLP's own way of being different - and that is if she is no longer the bully. Ah really, I didnt know MLP would end then, I wasnt following such news. But every good show has a shorter end, if it is stretched to countless episodes, it becomes bad - this is for every tv show or a movie.
  12. OK the way the episode came in the end was like a sudden storm coming out of nowhere, a storm of excitement and joy that is! I do not find the CMC episodes interesting most of the time and for me they were average. I do not like musical type episodes too, so I couldn't understand what was so great about the episode. Then it came, the long awaited moment of seeing the CMCs acquiring their cutie marks! And all that followed turned the episode for me from another CMC average to just really good! I still wouldn't put it highest not only because I like less CMC episodes but for some things (though - I still liked it, it's the best episode of the CMCs so far!) When I first read the title of the episode I thought Diamond Tiara would lose her cutie mark somehow (I later suspected when she was so hostile, she'd lose it, the CMCs would help her recover it and then they may get their cutie markis, I had some intuition this may be the episode that does it, without having read spoilers or watched trailers). So DT never lost her cutie mark as the title initially misleaded, however the way they helped DT and showed her their friendship was making it look like they would not get their marks again!n (Scootaloo even said she didnt care if they didnt receive their marks now) - and as expected after such words, the opposite happened!\ Now I dont think the marks would be such an impact on the community (I have yet to see the reaction) but I think how they would develop that would be a key moment in the show. Personally I was imagining their cutie marks would be again something related to Friendship ('it is Magic' afterall), like some specific behaviors in the friendship for Applebloom, Sweety Belle and Scootaloo. I am kind of surprised and not sure if 'Crusaders of cutie marks' is what they were meant to do. To me the idea of being cutie mark chasers is weird and I do not know what exactly are they supposed to do with that. They were crusaders of their own marks. Now if they protect the cutie mark of all Equestria and try to return them, like when the Mane 6 lost them in 'The Cutie Map' - imagine the CMCs doing everything to restore them - that would be interesting and with purpose. Because every other pony has some specific talent and this didnt look like the kind of talent, Ofc there is something inside those crusader marks that distinguishes Scotaloo, Apple Bloom And Sweety Belle. Overall nice episode, the best of the CMC episodes, something that was waiting to happen but after a not so special 3/4 of the episode, it happened so sudden, I didnt realize it! DT's mother, ok that's new and well this plot of school, voting for class president and the evil girl, I've watched the exact same stuff in another cartoon show but it's probably in every
  13. 3/5 . I know why most liked it,hearing Big Mac share his thoughts for once was great and much better, eeeyup? Though not enough to substitute for the rest. Okay seeing him dress up like that was fun for a while but i've seen that kind of plot many times, so later i was like what? then went like :meh: From what I'm seeing the episodes by D Polsky have always been the lesser ones.. not that every ep has to be the greatest.
  14. The episode was fine but least interesting from the past 3 for me. Twilight's boredom of books was a new thing. AJ amused with her work in the park and the expressions she made. I think I like Coco Pommel, very cute. The hat thing - hasn't it happened many times, i can see how AJ's 'new' hat would be the same in the next eps. And since when are their cutie marks blinking for 'quest completed'?
  15. I liked the episode (only thanks to RD and her cute dance when she heard she't take part with the Wonderbolts), otherwise nothing that special for me. It felt strange with this 'Sherlock' or other detective plot, I dont know what that was all about, even the episode ended with music in that theme. At least it's spicing up the usual expected episodes. I liked that we saw more participation and role of the Wonderbolts than just some cameo appearance for a short time, which is so in most of the episodes. At first I couldnt guess who the suspect was going to be but before Rarity busted him, I kind of figured it. And yea it's cool how it continued the previous episode with the boutique.