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  1. CherryBomb

    Mega Thread Favorite Background Pony?

    Cherry Berry is my favorite one. I noticed she is in the background ponies allot so far in season three. Also derpy is my other favorites
  2. CherryBomb

    Went to see the movie Lincoln!

    The movie Lincoln was the most greatest movies i have seen about Abraham Lincoln. The only thing is that they didn't really put the right words they used back when Lincoln was president. The movie used words like dimwit and some cuss words that weren't really used in the sentences they used back then. BUT you guys should go see it because it was still awesome. i give it a 9/10
  3. CherryBomb

    Who do you think is prettiest pony?

    Candace because she has the cute looks and poses that a royal princess pony should have. I mean really guys, she might even put you on a love spell to love her and think she is attractive. I think she put me on that spell xD
  4. CherryBomb


    Welcome hope you enjoy the forums! <3 i just started yesterday and this website is pretty fun so i hope you enjoy it too!!
  5. CherryBomb

    My cutie mark

    lol its mostly making cherry bombs. they are mostly like cake pops but they look like a cherry and they have pop rocks inside them! I love to make them.
  6. CherryBomb

    My cutie mark

    thats exactly what i wanted!thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it! Thats exactly what i wanted it to be!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. CherryBomb

    My cutie mark

    I need help finding a cutie mark. I have literally searched all day trying to find a Cherry Bomb cutie mark. I promise you i have been through 100 pictures that we NOT a cherry that looked like a bomb!!!! Can you guys know where i can make one or you know where a good cutie mark is?! you know what i mean?!
  8. CherryBomb

    Which pony or character are you most like? Why?

    I relate to pinkie pie because i talk alot and i love to make friends and make them laugh and smile! I love to party too!! It does make sense for me to be pinkie pie if you see me off the computer a lot.
  9. CherryBomb

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    I want to know what cutie mark would you guys like if you were a pony?! Also i wanted to know what name would you guys like also!! Please reply thanks! <3
  10. CherryBomb

    Hello Everyone!

    oh ok they should re-name the title to the type of music though. LOL
  11. CherryBomb

    *SPOILERS* The Black Book?

    It's a good thing i wasn't the only to see that! I hope it has something to do with Luna because she needs to be more active in My little pony: friendship is magic. The book looked like it had Twilight Sparkles cutie mark on it!! That seemed interesting to me...
  12. CherryBomb

    Hello Everyone!

    i never ever heard of electroswing, whats that? It sounds like a dubstep song
  13. CherryBomb

    Beware the GAK

    Luckily for me, I set the 2 part premiere on record it for later. I fast forward through all the commercial breaks! Just dont be fooled by those kid commercials!!
  14. CherryBomb

    Hello Everyone!

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: On How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My boyfriend told me about it and it sounded cute Hi, first things of i'm a girl. I didn't really see anything saying "bronys only" on this website so i just came along and joined the website. I am 13 years old and i like to dance. Formal dancing like Ballet, tap, and jazz. I love to play minecraft! I like to play on a server that hosts "trouble in mineville". Im such a noob with forums..i dont know what to do so im just reading the rules and seeing what i can do here thats mlp related!! I dont know if you can add people on here but if you can, ADD ME because i love to meet new people and i love to make people laugh!!! Well i think thats enough about me