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  1. went ice skating and then got a huge blister...great

  2. Cherry Berry is my favorite one. I noticed she is in the background ponies allot so far in season three. Also derpy is my other favorites
  3. Can't wait for tomorrows episode! :D

  4. Had the BEST thanksgiving ever!!! :D

  5. The movie Lincoln was the most greatest movies i have seen about Abraham Lincoln. The only thing is that they didn't really put the right words they used back when Lincoln was president. The movie used words like dimwit and some cuss words that weren't really used in the sentences they used back then. BUT you guys should go see it because it was still awesome. i give it a 9/10
  6. What a week! I havent been on here for a whole week! gosh i have been so busy with schoolwork i forgot to have fun with my bronies and pegasisters! This week i might be on more :) YAY

  7. Candace because she has the cute looks and poses that a royal princess pony should have. I mean really guys, she might even put you on a love spell to love her and think she is attractive. I think she put me on that spell xD
  8. Lets PaRtY!!!!!!!!! :D

  9. School tomorrow....yay? i guess....

  10. I might sketch a pony today. maybe pinkie pie or fluttershy..MAYBE BOTH!!! <3

  11. Welcome hope you enjoy the forums! <3 i just started yesterday and this website is pretty fun so i hope you enjoy it too!!
  12. lol its mostly making cherry bombs. they are mostly like cake pops but they look like a cherry and they have pop rocks inside them! I love to make them.
  13. thats exactly what i wanted!thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it! Thats exactly what i wanted it to be!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I need help finding a cutie mark. I have literally searched all day trying to find a Cherry Bomb cutie mark. I promise you i have been through 100 pictures that we NOT a cherry that looked like a bomb!!!! Can you guys know where i can make one or you know where a good cutie mark is?! you know what i mean?!
  15. I relate to pinkie pie because i talk alot and i love to make friends and make them laugh and smile! I love to party too!! It does make sense for me to be pinkie pie if you see me off the computer a lot.