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  1. CloudsdaleCompanion

    Food What's your usual breakfast?

    I don't usually eat breakfast.
  2. CloudsdaleCompanion

    The USER above you is naked in your bed. Your reaction?

    Does your partner know about this?
  3. CloudsdaleCompanion

    Ask Ethan

    What's your hair color? How do you spend a rainy afternoon if you are free?
  4. CloudsdaleCompanion

    Post your Desktop

    (click to enlarge)
  5. CloudsdaleCompanion

    The USER above you is naked in your bed. Your reaction?

    It's not gay unless the balls touch.
  6. CloudsdaleCompanion

    Do cartoon NEED adult humor?

    A good cartoon shouldn't have to resort to adult humour, unless it's specifically trying to appeal to only one demographic. I feel like this forceful need to categorize is an unhealthy trend that has become stronger in recent years. When I look at stuff like Spirited Away or even Lilo & Stitch (granted, these are movies), I get reminded of a time where a cartoon was something an entire family could watch and enjoy, without having to worry about segregating age groups.
  7. CloudsdaleCompanion

    What does your avatar say about you?

    While I like most of the mane six ponies, I usually choose Twilight, AJ or Rarity as my avatar. Perhaps because I like purple, orange and white as colors, although it could also be because of other reasons that I am not aware of. I prefer something simple, yet elegant. It must harmonize with the design of the forum but also be pleasing as a picture on its own. So it needs to be well drawn and show-accurate. To spice things up a bit, perhaps because I dislike most things that are maintsream, I like having a small twist in my avatars. In this case (at least for my current avatar), that would be the suggestive look from Rarity. Not that I'm implying anything. :I In conclusion, I would assume the following about myself: -I like being organized (simple yet asthetically pleasing avatar) -I put an emphasis on matching/harmonizing color schemes (also evident from the colors I choose in my sig) -It's hard to for me to choose favorites (I indicated AJ as my fav in my profile, yet I have a Raity avatar) -I say I don't like following the crowd, yet I do most of the time (by choosing a pony avatar), which to some extent may indicate insecurity or hypocrisy -Also I may be a clopper :/
  8. CloudsdaleCompanion

    Do you feel comfortable singing in front of others?

    Maybe if I actually were able to hit a note, I might not feel so uncomfortable singing in front of others. But since I don't exactly sing in the choir or practice my singing much outisde of the shower, I don't see any changes happening soon. Although slightly off topic, I do play guitar and while I have been playing for many years, I still get nervous and slightly uncomfortable when performing in front of a crowd, even when I know I can pull it off. It's normal for most people to have such feelings.
  9. CloudsdaleCompanion

    New Season 5 Trailer

    Equalist ponies? Reminds me of the Legend of Korra.
  10. CloudsdaleCompanion

    What's the fastest you've ever driven?

    Yeah, German Autobahn. I generally find driving in German to be very pleasurable. The roads are all in great condition, there is some nice scenery and little traffic. Speed limits are generous as well (100Km/h on country roads, 50Km/h in cities) and thanks to the Autobahn (no speed limits on most stretches) you can get to places really quickly if you wish to do so. Most drivers are very disciplined and follow the rules, so it's really easy to follow the flow of traffic. Out in the countryside, you can also have plenty of fun driving around forests and fields. (think rally)
  11. CloudsdaleCompanion

    What's the fastest you've ever driven?

    Small Update: I needed to get something from Thomann (some of you may know this shop) on the same day, so I decided to drive there. On those stretches of Autobahn that had no speed limit and little traffic I drove 220Km/h (135MPH), which is the maximum the Mondeo will do. It's a Diesel, so fuel consumption wasn't even too bad. (15L/100KM)
  12. CloudsdaleCompanion

    Are you bilingual? If so, what languages can you speak?

    My mom is from Malaysia and my dad is from Germany, so I speak both English and German.
  13. CloudsdaleCompanion

    LGBT Support Thread

    I'm Oliver and I'm gay. I don't really like my name though so you may call me whatever you like. I think Jaden is a nice name. Some people describe me as a femboy but personally, I just see myself as androgyne. A thread where you can meet other people who might share their LGBT experiences sounds like a good idea since it can be quite helpful for those among us who are still unsure of their sexuality and/or gender identity.
  14. CloudsdaleCompanion

    What was your first episode?

    My first episode ever was S2E19, Putting Your Hoof Down. I watched it on YouTube back in 2012. I remember it as if it happened only a week ago.