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  1. Not sure if you're ever coming back, but just in case, happy birthday! :)

  2. This is the worst possible thing that could happen to this project. I'm not trying to be cute and make a Rarity reference here. This fucking sucks. I was on pins and needles waiting for this game to release, getting more and more excited every time new footage was put out. I have only one friend who likes fighting games as much as I do, but she has a 360 while I have a ps3. This was going to be the game we both played together on the PC, and now that's never going to happen. Hasbro, I don't know what your problem is. You knew this game existed for a long time. Don't act like you didn't. If you didn't want it to be released, you should have stopped it a long time ago. You should have killed it back when they'd barely done any work on it. It would still suck to lose it, but not nearly as much as it sucks to lose it now, after they've put so much work into it and built up this much hype among the fans. For fuck's sake, I actually bought an arcade stick to play this.
  3. Corey's a woman? Well damn, I've been calling her a man all this time like a jackass. I have never known a woman named Corey in my life. Well, until now, apparently.
  4. As of right now I have to say Corey Powell. He's new, but the two episodes he's written so far are just gold. If later episodes end up being not so good, I'll probably go back to M.A. Larson.
  5. Simple enough. Which writer do you feel is the best? Lauren Faust is on there but remember that the only episodes she is actually credited with writing are the first three.
  6. Ever since the Tea Party came to prominence I've been ashamed to be American. I think that sometimes, in the most extreme cases, it's acceptable to slap a woman. There are a lot of corrupt CEOs and politicians out there who are responsible for the mess we're in right now and I wish someone would murder them. I'm not exaggerating. I want them dead and displayed in public as a warning to the rest of them. I think that anyone who still bothers Lauren Faust about changes made to FiM is, at best, functionally retarded. How many times does she have to tell you that she doesn't work on the show anymore? Animal cruelty should have a minimum sentence of having five burly guys beat the shit out of you with pipes. Whenever I hear someone claim freedom of speech in circumstances where it doesn't apply, I automatically think they're a moron.
  7. Not to be a downer, but I feel like they wouldn't be making a whole new bunch of alicorn toys if it only lasts for one episode. I could be wrong on this but I dunno.
  8. Alicorn Twilight is no longer a rumor. It is an undeniable fact. The official merchandise and promotional material make it abundantly clear.
  9. This was a really cute episode. Corey is shaping up to be one of the best writers on the show, despite being new. Let's see what he did right. - Finally acknowledged PeeWee - Brought back Tank - Made a Spike episode that was actually interesting - Gave Spike and the CMC screentime together - Sweetie Belle. Oh. My. God. New favorite Crusader.
  10. Oh good, my objective is to get 20 chests. I really like having goals that are totally out of my control. Or goals that flat out require me to spend money.
  11. For the record, I'm not trying to start an angry letter writing campaign to Hasbro. We were lucky that the episodes weren't taken down much sooner. I just want to find a good streaming website besides youtube for new episodes.
  12. Well, it's finally happened. Hasbro has finally decided that they don't want episodes on youtube anymore, and are using a content ID system to automatically block season 2 episodes in the US. They will probably try to do this with seasons 1 and 3 soon enough. So, if anyone has a good alternative site for watching episodes, one that updates promptly when new ones air, it would be appreciated. And before anyone says anything, I don't get the HUB.
  13. Fighting is Magic is currently "stampeding" the other games in terms of charitable donations. I can't really say I'm surprised to hear that.
  14. This game is up for a possible spot in EVO 2k13. It's up against I believe 12 others games including Blazblue and DOA5. Which game gets the slot depends on which fan community raises the most charitable donations for breast cancer research. So it's probably a safe bet FiM is gonna win.
  15. The show's quality has always fluctuated. Even back in season one there were episodes every now and then that just weren't good. Likewise, season 3 has episodes that I just friggin hate (Spike at Your Service) and episodes I adore (Sleepless in Ponyville).