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  1. It's a bit of a hassle to make a new thread every time I want to post art, so I'm doing this instead. To start things off, have Rarity as a lemon. Why? watch "It isn't the Mane Thing About You" to find out.
  2. Spoiler

    From the most recent episode
  3. For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about the concept of drinking something through your nose and into your brain.
  4. Is there anything I should fix before inking and coloring?
  5. Visual Art

    After saving carnival island, it might make sense that they would pop by for a casual visit. Also, this piece might be a good way to celebrate Vector appearing on Sonic Boom.
  6. light or dark?
  7. Do these characters look better with colored ink or black ink? EDIT: or dark-colored ink as someone on deviantart suggested
  8. Visual Art

    For this image, I attempted to make the character appear soft.
  9. I see, alright then
  10. Glad you guys like it
  11. You are what I like to describe as impossibly talented. I wish the best of luck in your future.
  12. Say...this isn't half bad. BTW, when you're coloring in darker colored areas, try drawing lighter, then rubbing with your finger. Just remember to wash your hands afterward.
  13. This is a remake of a previous work. Here is a link to the piece I re-did
  14. Exactly HOW young were you when you saw those movies? Anyway, fun story about legos: When I would play with them at my grandma's house, I would do this thing where I would make crappy-looking giant robots, but then take the legs from the minifigs and use them as joints. That way, my robots could have bendable arms and legs. I, too had a ton of Hotwheels (and other off brand toy cars) as a kid. However, instead of using them for their intended purpose, I would arrange a death tornament in which I would send the cars colliding into eachother. The ones that flipped over lost.