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  1. Changing my OC to an earthpony 'cuz earthponies rock!

    1. Leafeon


      Unicorn master race

  2. Well, I do like to think that one does not need to be a unicorn to become an alicorn. Personally, I believe that since Twilight became a unicorn because she displayed a great feat of friendship, in the same way perhaps Cadence became an alicorn by displaying a great feat of love. I sorta feel that she was a pegasus before she became an allicorn. I don't have any solid evidence, just a hunch. Like how at the last second she can pull her wings out and save the day. She did this in both A Canterlot Wedding and The Crystal Empire. Also, just her traits. It may be considered racist in pony terms to
  3. Hey! Just wondering, did I write myself out of the story for good? Turns out my hotel has wifi so I would still be able to post. And if you're short on mares, would Lucky Clover be able to make a return? Her character is pretty straight-forward. I already posted it on the first page. And you can probably find everything you need to know about her in the RP already. But I think after her cinderella act, it might ruin the plot for her to suddenly come back.
  4. I would like to resign from doing this because my webcam is broken. Sorry, I would like to take part and if there was any other way, I totally would.
  5. In most cases, yes, but there are actually a few female bronies (pegasisters) on this website and I am one of them. Just putting it out there.
  6. I love your avatar welcome to the forums! Be sure to ask me if you need any help!
  7. Lucky Clover

    Hiya Everypony!

    Welcome to the forums! Pinkie Pie eh? She's cool. My fav is AppleJack.
  8. I think the shadow is great personally, maybe it's not in the right stance but hey, I didn't notice that untill it was mentioned. I love how you put her in the right spot. She is lookjing directly at the pole and she looking from a distance too and I like that.
  9. Wow! You picked the perfect positions for them to stand in. And such a clean edit too! I love the way that they are both looking at AppleBloom and they have the perfect expressions for the occasion. It's like a family portrait!
  10. Great idea for an episode! I'm not much of a writer myself, but with your permission, could I tell that to my friend? I'm sure she could turn it into an episode if you give her enough time. I would hardly call Applejack bland! Your story is actually quite cool. But earth ponies aren't boring, they just have talents that don't involve or require wings and horns. Applejack is a farmer, her talent is running sweet apple acers and she doesn't need a horn nor wings to do it. Infact, she is so good at it that she can do it without wings or a horn. Rainbow dash probably could, but rarity, flutte
  11. Lucky Clover

    Private Penthouse Party RP

    Lucky Clover saw the time on Flyer's watch. Oh dear! I haven't got much time left! " Faceless, I....." she forgot what she wanted to say. "I just... I just wanted to tell you....." She looked into his eyes and found the words she needed " I wanted to say that, well, I really have to go soon, and I don't know if I'll ever see you again. I live in Canterlot, you live in Ponyville, what happens if we never cross paths again? Ever? I don't want to forget you.....I guess it's ok if you forget me....You'll probably find somepony else...." Clover's eyes began to fill with tears. She had fallen for
  12. I'm leaving today! You might see some frantic posts before I leave!

  13. Lucky Clover

    Private Penthouse Party RP

    "Oh my Celestia! You look like you've seen a ghost! Are you alright there?" Lucky Clover giggled, thinking it was funny. But when she saw the expression on the pony's face, she realised that this might be serious. "Oh it's ok darling, what's your name? Tell me what has happened and maybe I can help." she said with a soothing tone. This pony could sure use a little good luck.
  14. Lucky Clover

    Private Penthouse Party RP

    "Well thanks, but I would hardly call my magic amazing. I heard that the old cave systems beneath Canterlot are still in operation, in fact, legend has it that there is a hidden city down there! You never know what lies beneath Canterlot.... Perhaps you should check it out. My father would always read me that tale when I was a filly. The book is called The Hidden City, I'm sure your friend Twilight will have it somewhere. You should gather a team and head down there while you're here in Canterlot. Be sure to let me know what happens!"
  15. Lucky Clover

    Private Penthouse Party RP

    "Actually, I'm unemployed. You see, my parents were rich and left behind a fortune of money to my sister and I in their will. My older sister, Lucky Penny, is an earth pony and she works at a bank. She is quite good at saving and helping ponies get out of debt. Me on the other hand, well, I don't work because I don't need to. I already have plenty of cash. I just wonder around and um... can you keep a secret? You see, since I'm a unicorn, I have unicorn magic. My particular magic can cause good luck. I just like to spread luck everywhere I go. I guess you can say it's a hobby. I go to a lot of
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