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  1. Youtube seems to be screwing around with people who use Adblock to avoid their insufferable ads.


    1. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      I didn't know they ever stopped. My experience there has been pretty miserable for the past couple of years. 

  2. A boop to @ShadOBabe @SparklingSwirls @Ganondorf8 @BasementSparkle @Sparklefan1234 @TempestShadow @Celestia Nova @Techno Universal @Steve Piranha @PathfinderCS and @The_Gobo
  3. You get a restraining order by @Storminess ! *Inserts $326.85 in nickles*
  4. I turned 18 the year the show premiered, but it wasn't until I was 19 that I actually started watching it.
  5. Dreams of small children
  6. Magneton
  7. Mega Thread

  8. Pretty good for your first cosplay. I have to ask: did you make or buy the wig? Cause it looks awesome.
  9. They're all awesome in their own rights, from their design, to their history, to their voices, but for me, my favorites would be Mistmane and Somnambula. Mistmane's story is my favorite in that she sacrificed so much to heal her friend and Somnambula's voice is just pure velvet, plus I adore Egyptian themed characters.
  10. "So, tell me: what do you look for in the perfect girl?" "Sunset Shimmer. Enough said." Chou Henshin! Mahou Shoujo Sunset-Chan!
  11. Deep-Fried Ice Cream
  12. Motor Oil
  13. Mega Thread