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  1. Happy birthday Ling (=

  2. Happy birthday, mate.

  3. Linguz

    Ask Arya

    How about Cody?
  4. Linguz

    Ask Arya

    Can I hug you?
  5. LAs will most likely be constantly denied, but feel free to try your luck. Okay, per David's request, you can also use 32 point buy. If anyone wants me to explain how the point buy system works, tell me.
  6. I'm going to say... yes. It'll be a learning experience for me. So that's 6 people who have played before and 3 people who haven't.
  7. That is the site that I always turn to when I need to know something. And normal races, standard core races only. Same with classes. Though, you can ask if you can use anything and I'll take a look at it.
  8. Alright, for all of you that already know how to make characters, here's how to do the rolls and where to do them. should be the site that you roll and then you give me the results, either a post here, a pm, or some other way that I get it. You should roll 4d6, best of 3, 7 times. Take the best 6 of those 7. As for where to make the character sheet, please use myth-weavers. For everyone else, I'll be sending you a PM.
  9. Alright, for the new people out there, how much do you know about D&D and how it works?
  10. You want to teach them over this thread, over private messages, or over Skype?
  11. Hello, everyone. I was wondering how many of you would like to play D&D. This is an interest check to see if anyone does.
  12. (Someone else put challenges for Garth [probably Slendermane]. He'll have his inner demons later :3) Garth hadn't followed them into the fountain, taking his own luck instead of the doctor's, whoever he was. He seemed to be leading them into many more perils than anything else, so he had kept going on his own way.
  13. "Meh." Garth took a left and then proceeded to constantly go left first. If there was no left, forward. If there was no forward, right.