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  1. I_wesley125

    Would you rather Die For your love,or save your self

    I am in love with myself, so I guess that means I would *divides by zero* Crap...
  2. Please note, this will bore and annoy most of you. Please discontinue reading immediately. Ever since I was a kid, I was quite poor. This resulted in a somewhat bad education as well as a lot of moves. I never had much of a chance to make friends. I got a hold of the internet when I was 10 on an old E Machines computer running Windows 2000. I made a few friends but nobody I really knew. Right now I have a few good friends RL but most of my friends are on the internet. I never had much to do, entertainment or other wise. Although I find learning entertaining. I would like to get a degree in C.S. (Computer Science) or Math. Although that may be somewhat unrealistic, considering my current financial status. I have never gotten along with my family, or myself. Fortunately, I may be moving out and getting my own place soon (I have been working at Future Shop part time, they do hire at 16) so that will make things better, at least on me. I suppose that is the end of my stupid little rant, I warned you not to read it.
  3. I_wesley125

    Technology Support the construction of a space elevator!

    I'm donating. One question, would 1 mile generate enough counter-force to hold it up? Also, I'm kinda jealous of you right about now...
  4. I_wesley125

    Feld0 suddenly shuts down MLP Forums one day. Wat do?

    Are you trying to tell us something we don't know, Devin? I guess I would have to go back to hanging out on Bungie.net and Reddit 4chan.
  5. I suppose a good solution would be to give hackers dedicated lobbies, as some games have done.
  6. Actually, I agree. In some cases with Indie Games, it is very useful to share some code (AI, for example).
  7. I_wesley125

    While I don't clop, I don't think it's wrong either.

    I mostly agree with you, however I don't believe that "xenophilia" is the right term, but I would go with (an unofficial) term; "quadrophilia". Also, I don't believe that "zoophillia" is inherently wrong, just as with pedophilia, as long as you don't actually act on siad urges, it's fine. You can't really do anything about the attraction alone. Lastly, I don't think clopping "reduces" the characters, many clop because they want to feel close to the characters.
  8. So, never posted a blog before. Although I have never written any code that is generally useful, I am a strong advocate of open source. Although technology needs to be proprietary in some very specific circumstances, generally something that is free should also be open. The general exception to this is websites. It is also a hot topic of which is the best license to go with, GPL, GNU, MIT. All of those limit freedom, although most of the time (sponsorships, etc.) you may want to use one of the former. However, I don't think that simple code (let's use the MLPF Firefox extension I am doing for example) should have such restrictions. As such, I hope to license it under "WTFPL" (if you could even call it a license) for very simple use on other IPS forums. Were I ever to make a game, or other program; I would encourage others to "hack" or modify it. With the sole exception of multiplayer, and even multiplayer in some cases.. A good example of this is The Elder Scrolls.
  9. I WOULD STEAL THE DOMAIN NAME AND TAKE OVER. I would miss the forums, and the nice community. But I suppose we must realize, EVERY site that exists and ever will exist will go away at some point.
  10. This may very well be the funniest thing I have ever seen. This show has some language in it, just warning you. SO, apparently Chief is a Clopper.
  11. I can't say I would mind, afterall; quadruped != animal. As long as said "pony" is intelligent I don't care.
  12. I_wesley125

    Technology Your thoughts on 4chan

    4chan is the asshole of the internet. And just like assholes, they are not for everybody, but those who like them love them.
  13. I_wesley125

    Have you ever had sleep paralysis?

    I have had it, it can be fun if you know what it is. The first time I had it was really scary, though.
  14. I_wesley125

    Omegle Trolling

    I have some GIF's I use that can get some really funny reactions. Although they are HIGHLY NSFW so I will just... not post them.
  15. I_wesley125

    The Forum's Extension Development Thread

    I am not sure if the theme-swapper is working, if not I will just remove the setting.There are also a few kinda-major bugs that I need to fix.