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  1. Sunbro 4 Lyfe

    Gaming Your Gaming 'Firsts'

    The First Boss I ever beat was Jack of Blades in Fable: the Lost Legends on the Xbox. I remember walking through those hell gates, with a sick sword on my back, and losing multiple of my revival potion thingies. I played it recently last year, and I don't think I died once. good times. The first physics engine I played with was Spiderman 2, for the xbox again. The way he swung around, the way he ran up walls. Spiderman Is the best, and Spiderman 2 was one of the best. Now the First game I played on my 360? Sonic 06. My parents got it (well my dad got it. He beat one game and gave up) I kn
  2. Whoa what a surprise. The people with the superior tech and power are elitists. Next you'll tell me that racism exists or something.[/sarcasm] I think the issue simply stems from human nature. when you're computer runs GTA at above 60 on ultra, when the PS4 and Xbone run at 30 on what is basically somewhere between high and medium, it would make sense to see yourself as better. Not only that, but Indie games are way more common, and we've had MMOs since basically the internet. If you can play the current gen at even 30 FPS on ultra graphics, you actually have no reason to play that game on a
  3. Sunbro 4 Lyfe

    Animation Anime fan club

    My relationship with anime is very weird. I'm subscribed to a lot of anime youtubers, and have dabbled in numerous shows from Madoka Magika to Kill La Kill. I've only ever sat through 2 anime right through: Toradora and One Punch Man. I'm currently sitting though JoJo, and will be buying Cory In the House at some point. if anyone can give me some small things I should probably finish then I'll be sure to try and lose my social life by the end of the week. Thx!
  4. Just beat it. True pacifist ending. It made me shed a tear. 17 years of gaming couldn't do that. Truly my game of the year
  5. Well I'm a kid now... Oh god! I'm a squid now!
  6. Considering how many people die every day, it's safe to assume they reserve hell for the the worst people. And seeing as how I'm not that bad, I'd probably get a second chance? Or limbo. Probably that.
  7. You asked who would survive the longest, and It's nintendo. Because they've survived 120 years or so.The've already lasted the longest. Now it's just how long before one of them ends.
  8. Nintendo. 'Cus they were founded in 1889
  9. Sunbro 4 Lyfe

    Gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Wow. The new trailer for Deus ex: mankind divided looks pretty good!
  10. Sunbro 4 Lyfe

    Who are "They"?

    They know everything. They watch your every step. They know more about you than even you do. They are eternal. They are one.
  11. Sunbro 4 Lyfe

    Gaming Skyrim or Dark Souls

    *ahem* \[T]/_420 praise it_\[T]/ I think i've said enough.
  12. "What? Oh no, I had a trainer." Freckle corrected the Riolu. "And he was really cool with all these Pokemon! He said he had like, a hundred of them, and that they were all different! I mean I only got to see a few, but they were all really awesome! Oh yeah, he even said his friend had a Lucario, and that they'd been friends for years!" Freckle wasn't sure as to whether or not he was off topic or just rambling on. He did ask about the trainer, but not about his Pokemon."Oh yeah. Having a trainer is super fun! You get to explore, and battle all the time, and make tonnes of friends. He said he w
  13. @, @@Midnight_Aurora, Freckle gave a quick wave as twi left as if to say that he would not follow her, before focusing back on the new two pokemon. What were they? He knew one of them was called Storm. But that was it. Freckle shook the pokemons hand. "Cool! I've never seen you two before. What pokemon are you? I bet you're super cool!" He then turned his attention to the new one. She, She? it looked like a she. it was white and pink and had weird ribbons. "you remind me of an Eevee. My trainer said he had an Eevee, and he was going to get an Espion. I though that was some kind of food!" he
  14. Suddenly, out of the blue, two more Pokemon showed up! Freckle had never seen these one before, one of them looked like a Lucario. His trainer said he knew a guy with one of those, Freckle never expected them to be so short. But who was this new one? Freckle turned to Twi, she looked reclusive, like she didn't trust them. Maybe they were spies? Or ninjas! Ninjas would be cool! "Hey! I've never seen you before you seem cool!" He stated boldly. "My name is Freckles. I just found these berries that belong to my super cool friend here!" He pointed Over to Twi near the small tree. ((I'd try and q
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