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    Hey, My name is Collon, I'm a Dj. And, not much to tell. My interests are Mlp:Fim, Music, Bronies, and some other stuff...
  1. Happy Birthday Collon!

  2. Collon704

    Cyber Rainbow Dash

    crush, kill, destroy, swagg.
  3. Collon704

    Hi all

    hey, mal. welcome to the herd, i hope you have a friendly and comfortable stay here at the MLP forums!
  4. truthfully... I would still watch the show. But, MLP:FIM right now... is magic, and nothing in the ENTIRE world will change that!
  5. Pwning some noobs on TF2!

  6. Happy birthdaaay ! (:


  8. this chat is too slow...
  9. Collon704

    Hello, every pony!

    hehe, thank you all.
  10. Collon704

    Hello, every pony!

    well, thats cool... even though i didnt get what you just said. but, this place is pretty hangin'. thanks for the warm welcome
  11. Collon704

    Oh um Hi....

    howdy, flaire. we get alot a new people 'round here. we folks here love makin' new buddies. what can I do you for?
  12. WINTER WRAP UP! you gotta love it
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