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  1. @TailsIsNotAlone, aw, thanks man! I'm really glad to hear I left a positive impact somewhere. I guess it's been almost seven years since I joined, and I'm happy that you guys are still going strong. I know that I haven't been active in... years, but my memories are fond ones. Some notable ones include the silliness that ensued from the Chaotic vs Lawful battle (#TeamLawful), banding together in the name of generosity for Making Christmas Merrier, and making friends in the few roleplays I participated in. For most of my years in college this was the place I went to destress, and it made my life so much easier. Thank you to the staff for keep these forums up and running, and thank you to the community for being here and being so accepting of those with the wish to join you. Happy (belated) birthday, and congratulations! We've done great things together; keep it up guys!
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Wow, it's been a while since I've shown up here...  I like the new interface!  How long has that been in place?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jeric


      Welcome back my Octavia avvy wearing friend. How ya been?

    3. Antismurf9001


      I've been doing pretty well.  I managed to graduate from college and get myself a full-time job, so that's been nice, though time-consuming.  How about you guys?  I might come around here more often than I have been, but that's admittedly not saying much :P

    4. Batbrony


      Been doing pretty well, ya know, work and other stuff.  Got a girlfriend now, that's been super fun since we started seeing each other!  She is absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be happier being with her right now (well admittedly I could if we lived in closer proximity, but things are going great so far). :muffins:

  4. I should probably update my profile post, given that the 2015 Making Christmas Merrier ended nine months ago...

    1. ponchomonkey


      Ohai I remember you

  5. Go to your profile page, then in the top right corner there should be a button that says, "Edit my Profile." Click that and then click the tab on the lefthand side that says "Signature." You should be able to update it from there. Also, welcome! Sounds like you're into light RPing, so I'll direct you towards the "Everfree Empire" section of the Roleplay World if you haven't already found it yet. That's where a lot of the more casual RPs tend to take place. Don't worry about being a bit rusty, they generally don't mind over there. There's also often RPs there specifically tailored towards taking in newer RPers if that makes you more comfortable. Just head over to the OOC section, find something that interests you, and you're good to go! (Though you may first want to add any OCs you'll be using to the character database, as a link to your character's entry there is typically a requirement for joining.) Of course, feel free to ask any questions! Oh, and I think the following song is obligatory:
  6. Really, that's it? I'd go all the way and give it 5/7 On topic, I certainly don't mind a bit of messing with people; I've been guilty of doing it myself sometimes when I see it fit. As others have said though, it should be done in moderation to avoid anyone getting hurt.
  7. You get a special thank you hug, for this very generous donation. *Huggles* ^_^

    1. Antismurf9001


      Hm? Oh yeah, not a problem! It's not like I'm using it/have plans to use it any time soon. MCM has pretty much always been my favorite forum event, so I try to do a little bit more for it every year.

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      That's incredibly awesome from you. Much love from me. <3

  8. Guys, Making Christmas Merrier is back! If you can, please donate; even small donations help!
  9. Well then.... I didn't expect that. That was actually very well done! I'll admit that there were a number of things that felt a little bit forced during the first half of the episode, but the end made up for it. I was most impressed with how the CMC's cutie marks were dealt with. To me, their special talents were obvious: Sweetie Belle sang, Scootaloo scootered, Apple Bloom... er... built stuff, I guess. I have been screaming this at my screen for four and a half seasons. Turns out I was wrong. The above were talents certainly, but they weren't their special talents. Not only that, but their true special talent, teaching others the meaning of their own talents, doesn't actually break up the CMC, but instead encourages them to continue! I don't know about anyone else, but this twist caught me off guard in the best way possible. Amy Keating Rogers deserves a cookie. Overall, I think it was a great way to end the CMC's blank flank arc, and (I can't believe I'm actually saying this) I look forward to future episodes with them!
  10. ^This. It wasn't until I got a strategy guide for the game that I finally got that one stupid key hidden in the chamber under that floating platform... Also, the ice cave in Pokemon Gold was a freaking nightmare. It took SO LONG for me to figure out the puzzle on the sliding ice. I got through it eventually, but not until I mapped out the entire thing on grid paper. When I came back to it years later in HeartGold it was significantly easier.
  11. Very rarely actually. If there's some around and no one else is going to drink it, I'll finish it off, but it's not my go-to beverage of choice. I'd honestly just prefer water.
  12. I guess it's time to see if all those horror stories I've heard about the C language were true...

    1. Yamato


      C is the easiest shit ever.

    2. Antismurf9001


      That's good to hear. The project I'm going to be starting calls for C, and I've heard bad things about working with it.

    3. Fhaolan


      Nah, C is easy. Once you grasp pointers, you've got it. The rest is just syntax.

  13. Sorry, don't have the ralts for you, but I do have an alternative to Super Training that's significantly faster. It's basically just normal EV training but utilizing hordes. If you have the right items and pokerus, you're pretty much guaranteed to fully train a pokemon in around 20-40 minutes of light grinding. Here's some guides if you're interested: Basic guide and EV hotspots for X/Y: EV hotspots for OR/AS: Hope this helps at least a little bit!
  14. I'm sort of disappointed that Zygarde's new forms don't maintain the Z-shape of the 50% form. I thought that one of the coolest things about the gen 6 legendary trio was how they all had the vague shape their letters: X, Y, and Z. Ah well, I'm still interested to see how they function in-game.
  15. That giant blob sculpture is messing with my head It looks like your group is standing right in front of it, but then there are people who are clearly further back than you who are also in front of it. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it...