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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Antismurf9001


      Haha, thanks!

  2. The current emote library has a tragic lack of bowties. To rectify this oversight, I second any nomination for Octavia.
  3. It's been too long since I've joined in on one of these. For old time's sake, I'll help you all out a bit.
  4. @TailsIsNotAlone, aw, thanks man! I'm really glad to hear I left a positive impact somewhere. I guess it's been almost seven years since I joined, and I'm happy that you guys are still going strong. I know that I haven't been active in... years, but my memories are fond ones. Some notable ones include the silliness that ensued from the Chaotic vs Lawful battle (#TeamLawful), banding together in the name of generosity for Making Christmas Merrier, and making friends in the few roleplays I participated in. For most of my years in college this was the place I went to destress, and it
  5. Merry Birthiversary!

  6. Wow, it's been a while since I've shown up here...  I like the new interface!  How long has that been in place?

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    2. Jeric


      Welcome back my Octavia avvy wearing friend. How ya been?

    3. Antismurf9001


      I've been doing pretty well.  I managed to graduate from college and get myself a full-time job, so that's been nice, though time-consuming.  How about you guys?  I might come around here more often than I have been, but that's admittedly not saying much :P

    4. Batbrony


      Been doing pretty well, ya know, work and other stuff.  Got a girlfriend now, that's been super fun since we started seeing each other!  She is absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be happier being with her right now (well admittedly I could if we lived in closer proximity, but things are going great so far). :muffins:

  7. I should probably update my profile post, given that the 2015 Making Christmas Merrier ended nine months ago...

    1. хорошо́


      Ohai I remember you

  8. I'm sincerely proud of us all. Once again, we've managed to smash our goal! Awesome job guys, really awesome job!
  9. Go to your profile page, then in the top right corner there should be a button that says, "Edit my Profile." Click that and then click the tab on the lefthand side that says "Signature." You should be able to update it from there. Also, welcome! Sounds like you're into light RPing, so I'll direct you towards the "Everfree Empire" section of the Roleplay World if you haven't already found it yet. That's where a lot of the more casual RPs tend to take place. Don't worry about being a bit rusty, they generally don't mind over there. There's also often RPs there specifically tailored tow
  10. @@FlitterFlutter, seems like it might be the character Ghoulia from Monster High. http://monsterhigh.wikia.com/wiki/Ghoulia_Yelps I honestly don't know anything else, but what the hell, I may as well make this post useful for something. $15
  11. Really, that's it? I'd go all the way and give it 5/7 On topic, I certainly don't mind a bit of messing with people; I've been guilty of doing it myself sometimes when I see it fit. As others have said though, it should be done in moderation to avoid anyone getting hurt.
  12. Tree Hugger and Trouble Shoes were from S5? Dang, that mid-season hiatus was long... I honestly thought they were earlier than that. On topic: went for Marble Pie, because the Pie family is pretty cool.
  13. You get a special thank you hug, for this very generous donation. *Huggles* ^_^

    1. Antismurf9001


      Hm? Oh yeah, not a problem! It's not like I'm using it/have plans to use it any time soon. MCM has pretty much always been my favorite forum event, so I try to do a little bit more for it every year.

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      That's incredibly awesome from you. Much love from me. <3

  14. So I remembered that I have some random cash just sitting in my Paypal account (one of my friends always pays me back using Paypal). I rarely ever remember that it exists, so I probably won't mind if some of it's missing! On a related note, about that $2000 goal...
  15. Well we can't go and let that be the case for too long! Hopefully it's fixed by now.
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