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  1. Love your username! :D

  2. Would it be alright to throw another OC your way? Although I will need to give a little background on him (not much, but the artist should know something about him). Meet Dusk, Although he looks it, he's not an earth pony. He has small scars, that are faintly visible through his coat, from where his wings were removed when he was a foal. Should mention he goes by Dusk, the second name is one I'm still playing with.
  3. On any game I play I start on medium difficulty and once I've completed it (and got the hang of controls etc) I'll jump to the hardest mode. Except in some games like Fallout where you can change the difficulty as you play, then I knock it higher while still playing if I find medium too easy.
  4. I'm actually reading Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes Thought since I loved the original so much I should read this one too. I'll read Project Horizon once it's finished. For actual books I'm read One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde. Pretty good but you have to have read the previous books in the series to understand it all fully.
  5. The UKoE is a UK forum for MLP, so another source of OC's. I know that at least a few members, other than myself, are members of that one too.
  6. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and got myself back on my feet. Anyway as for the 'what would I do', I'll replace it with 'what did I do.' I started travelling, I took it as an opportunity to explore the world around me. While travelling I learned a lot, met new people and found out things about myself. I also discovered how to live on little and alternative lifestyles. Once I returned 'home' (4 years of wandering) I knew I couldn't work for anyone else and started my own business. And before anyone says it, no you do not need money to go travelling. You have feet and a thumb. As for places to stay you just be smart, it's not hard to sleep outside and usually you can create something, also people throw away all sorts of useful stuff. Lastly food.., dumpster diving my friend. I'm not homeless anymore and I still fill my fridge with food the supermarkets throw away. Technically it's theft, but meh. While on the road there are quite a few places (at least in Europe) that allow you to work for food and board, a good example is what's know as Woofing, meaning Workers On Organic Farms. Go to a farm involved and they will house you and feed you all you need do is a few hours work a day.
  7. Not art per say but an art form. Actually this video series will likely be helpful to you, they'll say what I want to say in a more succinct and understandable way (I know one of them covers this subject); But in short. yes, they are a art, it's still evolving rapidly and not every game is ate the same that not every film or drawing is art. There is a very good reason for that. Both Spec Ops: The Line and Apocalypse now are based off of the book Heart Of Darkness. That's why one of the characters is called Konrad.
  8. I have a few that I think would work very nicely. For now I'll donate this one. Scarlet Star You should probably think at out putting this advert on UKoE as well.
  9. He's not going... Or rather he'll not attending the Gala, but he will be within the castle grounds. While the elite are away the thieves shall play
  10. Yeah, they add loads of new words every year and cut out older ones that are less used. There's even a radio show on the bbc that discusses the different new words once a year, it's usually worth a listen to because not only do they get experts but comedians too. There have also been shows that discuss the origin of certain words... It's weirdly fascinating to listen to. The last change to the English language that annoyed me was they added a meaning to the word 'literally' to mean 'figuratively' because so many people keep getting it wrong. That's like changing 1+1 to also add up to 9 because people get it wrong.
  11. Oh, I didn't touch on something else in my last post. Latin in its hayday only had one medium, other than the spoken word, to be spread, and that medium was written text, which as I said once the empire fell came into disuse. Like Latin the French language also only had written text to spread itself limiting it greatly. But English... Well after it had become the dominant language of the world, through mass settlement and the British empire. Things like radio, film and TV popped up, and since English speakers invented them of course they were the first to use them on a global scale. This helped spread the language further, then comes the Internet... Well as everyone else has pointed out its pretty clear that most of it is written in the English language. Anyway, yes it will one day no longer be the dominant language, but I doubt we'll be around to see that. In fact it's more likely it will evolve beyond our recognition and become another language all together (just like how English in the 1700's is almost a totally different language). lol was offically added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011 and meh was officially added to the Collins English dictionary in 2008.
  12. The thing is the English language is not only pervasive but more adaptive than most others. We constantly steal words from other languages... Latin fell as a language because the whole Roman Empire fell, without an economy to need the use of this language it fell into disuse. English is far more widespread than either French or Latin ever were, especially as the Americans, Australians, Canadians and Brits speak it as the primary language. That's a sizeable chunk of the worlds population. Of course Chinese is quickly becoming a popular language as they are becoming a dominant economic power. I haven't even touched on how the Internet has affected it. In short, I doubt the English language will lose its power for a while simply because of how widespread it is even without a empire and due to its adaptability.
  13. Predominantly I'm a single player type of person. I like the storylines that only a single player game can really give. But there is the odd time I'll play online, Mass Effect 3 was one of those games I really enjoyed playing online because most the players were reasonable. Perhaps it was because the more "immature" ones were put off by the lengthy campaign of the single player game. One type of game I can't play though is mmorpg's or any other mmo game, I just find them shallow.
  14. I remember reading a theory about this a little while back, or maybe I heard it on the radio... Can't remember which. Anyway, the theory ran that time travel won't be possible until the time we create the first time machine, that's why we aren't surrounded with time travellers. It would also mean that time travel could only go forward for us. I kind of think of it like a stargate, you could only travel to a point where another "time gate" is. Although I honestly hope we never discover time travel. It would be disastrous.
  15. I'm pretty sure that Pony-shock is a thing, in the run up to Bioshock infinite there was a video released of Ken Levine doing a short reading of a MLP crossover with Bioshock. Love the artwork by the way the colours are the perfect balance of dark and dirty yet retain what makes it mlp.