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  1. i dont believe it. hes clearly a closet brony if he knew how many episodes existed. i dont like the jersey shore, and i have no idea how many episodes were produced. theres more to liking MLP then just the show. personally, im more into the fanfic and artwork, and rarely watch the show at all unless theres new episodes, or im just in the mood. Well handled, regardless.
  2. i honestly dont feel awkward buying anything at Hot Topic. That place is generally a mecca for oddities and the weird. same goes for Spencers. Those employees have seen alot worse then some kids buying MLP merchandise. If you feel awkward, just make small talk with the cashier. its usually goes like this: Cashier - "Hey, hows it going?" You - "Can't complain. yourself?" Cashier - "Not bad not bad..." You - "Could be worse i suppose" Cashier - "Absolutely" By then, he/she is giving you a total and bagging your stuff. They might ask you about store related things such as Savey Save cards or email lists, but thats mandatory for them. Just be cool and dont make a big deal out of it. I've said this before on here, but most employees DONT CARE WHAT YOU BUY. They're too concerned with their jobs to make any judgement out loud. Angering a customer is a good way to lose a job. Go buy ponies. Now.
  3. You really cant enjoy anything these days without getting flak from someone who doesnt like it. Face reality, you cant please everyone, so please yourself instead. We've all been over this stuff a million times, and the answer is always the same. Over masculine alpha males expect other males to only like manly things, and if you go off the beaten path then youre some kind of sissy. Hey, ill go shoot some guns, drink some beer, go offroad, have bonfires, etc.... but when i get home im gonna watch some MLP or read a fanfic. thats my business, and if it demotes me as a man, then so be it. If theres a stereotype for a brony, then i dont fit it at all.
  4. i just want a worn but still driving hot rod from the 30s with aluminum seats, a supercharged flathead engine with open exhaust pipes that puke fire when you rev it hard, no fenders, no interior, cloth rag top, big fuckin wide tires in the back with skinnies in the front, a scary front beam suspension with drum brakes, and a shifter connected to a 4 speed transmission with 3 pedals. everything you need, nothing you dont. built to go, not to stop. a daily driven hot rod, not a show car. built to make me and other enthusiasts smile, not to win shows. drive it hard till it breaks, then fix it again. a lil home grown hottie thats roasts tires and makes environmentalists cry. honestly, if the car doesnt scare me occasionally, then i want nothing to do with it. this will do.
  5. i know of "films" that are fucked up enough that i dont dare discuss them here. Alot of them arent scary in nature, just beyond disgusting. One of the scary movies that i really like is The Evil Dead. Its campy, but theres plenty of good scares and an overall creepy atmosphere. Honorable mentions include Jeepers Creepers, and an early Spielberg film called Duel.
  6. real life is scarier then anything hollywood can produce. Serial killers, school shootings, cannibals, hostile countries at war, etc. So, i dont limit the horror genre to ghosts, ghoals, monsters, or anything more traditional. what terrifies you more? running for your life while cannibals chase you, or some supernatural monster? one can actually happen, so the choice is yours.
  7. Might as well add Cannibal Holocaust to the list as well, since it was one of the forerunners to the whole "shock cinema" genre. Saw it in high school and it stayed with me for a long time. some of those scenes.....yesh.
  8. Last pony purchase of mine was a couple blind bags from the local Wally. Only bought two, but i ended up with see through variations of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. word
  9. The Thing does it for me. Both the original and the remake were just plain scary. The remake is actually a prequel, and leads into the original 1982 film of the same title. watch them both back and back and try sleeping that night.
  10. The second i heard Flitter's adorable lil slurry voice, she became my favorite pony. Its difficult to pick just one pony as my favorite though, as theres so many good ones.
  11. Over a Barrel: didnt like the setting or the general theme of the episode. the whole western theme dulled me to sleep Baby Cakes: the baby ponies creep me out to no end Just For Sidekicks: iono... i jsut didnt like the episode all that much. it has some good CMC moments, but it just rubbed me the wrong way and of course: Magical Mystery Cure. I generally dont dislike Twilight as a character (i like her in fanfics more then in the show), but the entire premise of the episode was a scramble to get her wings. This moment was arguably her most important in the entire series, yet the writers took the easy way out and gave her a easy problem to fix. She went on quests or had to defeat a major villian any other time, soooo why the let down this time? They went on a quest to get the elements and defeat Nightmare Moon, they went on a quest to get the elements back and defeat Discord, she went on a quest to get the Crystal Heart and defeat Sombra as well as save the Crystal Empire. All these epic adventures, and the most epic moment of her life was compressed into a 23 minute musical with a simple problem to fix. I felt it was a complete cop out and a waste of a good opportunity on the writers part. Every episode has something to like though, and a great majority of the episodes have been decent, or better. Out of 65 episodes, only like 5 have been truly bad... so thats saying alot about the quality of the product theyre producing. I can handle the bad, just because theres so much good.
  12. Apparently, getting the right cutie mark is as easy as reminding somepony about their special talents, or more blatantly just pointing it out. Twilight should go tell Sweetie Belle that shes a good singer, then she can have a cutie mark too. The only redeeming thing about this episode was some of the background ponies being in the crowd, otherwise it was a piss poor way to end the season.
  13. *clickclickclickclick* Your post about the season finale! Why can I only brohoof it once?!?!

    1. Sks_Burns


      lol, glad you agree. We might all love MLP, but we dont have to hold every episode in high regard. Magical Mystery Cure might have been the worst episode so far, and that sucks since around 75% of the season was excellent. Seems like Season 3 just kind of fizzled out at the end. damn shame.

  14. Twilight reads an unfinished spell that she receives in the mail, wakes up the next morning, everyones cutie marks are swapped, she reminds them of their destinies, all the marks change back and she becomes a alicorn by finishing the spell. fluff it up with 15 minutes worth of song and send it to print. total cop out, and my least favorite episode this season. They basically took a 23 minutes episode and fluffed up 5 minutes of story with 18 minutes of singing, and it feels cheap. Its almost like they wanted to get to the point of the episode as quickly and as easily as possible the finale of season 3 was disappointing, considering some of the great episodes they produced this season.
  15. If you want to learn to drive better, abandon the automatics. Manual transmission cars force you to read the road differently, you focus more on traffic flow, and you might actually pay attention when driving. imagine that? besides the fun factor, ive become a more attentive driver, just by purchasing a stick shift car. learning to drive it will be a test of patience and perseverance, but its worth it.