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  1. this is hellfire he,s a evil pony that wants to cover the land in darkness and demons but all he really wants is a friend he weres a gas mask and goggles to cover his face
  2. in the words of jake green "nuts"

  3. jericho

    1. Dr_Waveband




      I win.

    2. go away seb

      go away seb

      Welcome to MLP Forums. I will be your guide for about 2 seconds.

  4. eh everyone has there opinion but my point being pound puppies needs a fan base go give pound puppies some love hay you dont know you could like it just like how we all felt about mlp fim we thought we wouldn't like it but we ended up loving it so hay maybe you'll love pound puppies i know i do
  5. applebloom:you are now a cutie mark crusader scootaloo:YAY!!!!!!!! sweetie belle:congrats man your now a member of the cutie mark crusaders
  6. cutie mark crusaders

  7. i agree pound puppies needs a fan base maybe not ask big as mlp but a fan base none the less before i started watching mlp fim i watched pound puppies since pound puppies was so good i saw the dhx and hasbro also ade mlp fim so i decided to check it out also ive bin seeing something about a mlp fim crossover with dan vs so maybe mlp fim might do a crossover with pound puppies that be sooooooon awesome id love to see the cutie mark crusaders and the super secret pup club together
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