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  1. It helps if you think of grass as a raw food at the most basic level. My Little Ponies eating grass straight off the ground would be like humans eating insects: it's physiologically sound (insects are a good source of protein), but not considered to be socially normal. If a pony were to eat raw grass, there would have to be exceptional reasons for doing so, as touched on in this thread: they may be desperately poor and starving (in which case Celestia and Luna need a stern talking-to about social welfare), or they could be lost and trying to survive. Every time we see ponies eating grass-based
  2. This episode only serves to reinforce my belief that Luna is indeed best princess. Am I the only one who thought of Giant!Derpy as a possible nod to the SDCC 2012 Derpy toy(which I happen to have)?
  3. Yeah, broham, I know exactly how you feel. I was freaking out as much as anypony who loves best pony.
  4. You ponies like my new userpic? I cropped it from the episode via VLC Player.
  5. DERPY. SPEAKS. *freaks out* I <3 Tabitha St. Germain forever. When this episode was announced months ago, I figured Derpy's new voice would be somewhere between the original and the revised Last Roundup voices, and it appears that I was correct. She doesn't sound full-on "hurr durr", but there's just enough derp left in to let you know that, yes, this is still the klutzy, goofy mailmare we know and love. Lyra + Bon Bon is canon AND I LOVE IT. I've always had a spot in my heart for Lyra. Luna is still best alicorn. Time Turner is best Docto
  6. You don't think there's a problem in our fandom? Perhaps you should have a look through this tumblr and seriously think about the stories posted therein: http://brony-horror-stories.tumblr.com Maybe you're just not concerned because you're white and male and nothing has happened to you or anypony you know. But things like this do happen, they do damage bronies' image, and yes you should absolutely be concerned because it's not just about how we look, it's about the things our fellow bronies are doing to hurt and terrorize people that are a serious issue we need to step up and combat. Your in
  7. That's not the point. The point is the show staff specifically asked bronies one little favour. ONE. Yet some of them out there thought "forget that, Imma draw me some PORN" because they were too bucking selfish to care about anything but their own wretched self-gratification. It's a common symptom among bronies and it's one of the reasons why the internet hates us (and it's a reason why some of the hatred is justified).
  8. Why not? You're both having the same effect on the fandom: Rule 34 fans are splattering pornographic content all over a cartoon that was originally intended for young children and which young children still watch. The pervert mentioned in the OP is performing an act of public indecency which will most certainly be linked to other (though admittedly less graphic) acts of public sexual dysfunction. (Examples: attempted child luring at conventions, that weirdo who claims to be married to a plush Twilight Sparkle, etc.) Whether you like it or not, you're all contributing to the destruction of bron
  9. That is exactly my point. Even if it turned out the guy wasn't really a brony, it's still something th anti-bronies are going to latch on to. It sounds like he is one, though.
  10. Wow. I left this thread thinking it had run its course, then come back to find it's blown up! OK, let's start from here. If we can pin down roughly when the Crystal Empire was founded, we can then sketch out a natural extrapolation of how long it took for Celestia and Luna to get their cutie marks (which would seem an awfully long time for anypony to get their mark, even an alicorn). Second point: we don't know how long unicorns live. Because they're overtly magical beings, I'd bet even Hasbro would be willing to give them a pass in terms of lifespan. It's pretty much taken for gra
  11. http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-citrus-hernando/brooksville-police-arrest-man-for-masturbating-in-walmart-with-stuffed-animal My thoughts on this immediately turn to "GTFO MY FANDOM YOU LOUSY DEGENERATE". See, this is why the internet hates bronies and why the word "brony" in itself is quickly turning into a synonym for "evil pervert". The Rule 34 is bad enough, but people acting out like this IN PUBLIC is where I have to speak up and say "bronies, look at this and tell me how this reflects on us". Now, this fellow could be mentally disabled. He could have some kind of soci
  12. I've long given up giving a screaming blue pegasus buck what people think of my interests. I go into Toyworld, get what I want, pay and go. If anyone ever gives me grief (they haven't), they're just going to get an annoyed look and a "I like ponies, what's your problem?".
  13. This is exactly what I haven't figured out yet.
  14. But what about Megan from G1? If humans are canon, logically one could see Rescue at Midnight Castle as the official first contact, but it happened so long ago that most ponies see it as a myth, which is why Twilight didn't recognize humans when she saw them (or became one herself). The exodus from Dream Valley would mean leaving the portal to Earth behind along with everything else and not finding another one until Sunset Shimmer went rogue in the Third Era.
  15. Hmmm, okay. Maybe I could add another two centuries to Granny's birth and Ponyville's founding? Still, though, I'm tempted to either give Starswirl a later birth date or shove him into a time warp or something. Let's say I moved his birth year up to 3200 TA, that would make him 135 years old at the time of the Tribal Summit. However, that would require explaining why he simply wasn't there to advise Princess Platinum or even sort out the windigoes himself. Either he was off somewhere doing something completely unrelated and didn't know about the climate shift in Dream Valley, or (more likely)
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