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  1. Excellent setup you have there. Twili as Jerry is amazing, ther s hould be a PMV for that. Only if I could source some decent FiM clips and some Seinfield audio clips then we would have something going
  2. You are not they only one my friend, I think that it is mildly overrated. We should of course give thanks for what we have but dressing up to do it for 3-4 hours is a bit overdoing it. Another overrated holiday is Black Friday, you couldn't pay me ANY amount of money in the world to get up at 3 or 4 in the morn to go shopping. I think that Black Friday should be outlawed, it makes it diffucult for un non-BF shoppers to get X-Mas shopping done
  3. If they were to do a pony balloon(s) in the parade I think they should do either Shining Armor + Cadence or SA + Twili (pref Armor + Cadence)
  4. I agree, I think I may have caused a bit of a scene and not even realized it. I will work on a new one sometime later today. Man work can be such a stinker but we gotta make some money somehow
  5. I recommend to both of you to try it on another device and see what happens. When i had my android phone I had the same issue with certain apps. But when i tried it on another device it worked just fine. Android can be fickle at times like that
  6. I agree with you that one but i thought it was funny when they watched the wall of paint dry. Only reason being is that I that the clones would not stay focused on it. Seeing Dashie read again was also great makes me glad they did not abandon that idea
  7. I have had multiple parted dreams starting when I got magically transported to Canterlot by 'Tia. We then talked for a while and created these portals that allowed humans into the pony world and ponies into the human world. We soon showed the world and peace came between ponies and humans alike. Talk about a interesting dream, i still have em to this day and I love and its one of the main reasons i love this community
  8. Famicom

    Herro Evaray Ponay!

    welcome welcome and more welcome oh... and did i mention welcome to the forums all joking aside, welcome to the forums enjoy your stay here
  9. Famicom

    Um... Hi!

    Welcome to the forums, like stated in the previous posts there are plenty of friendly ponies here and of course...
  10. I understand and i am not going to judge as that isnt my style and when i made that post i knew that was going to happen probably
  11. Go watch metal gear awesome 1 and 2. They are 2 of his best works in my opinion also if you are a big gamer you should also check his series called Sequelitis where he compare two different games from a series from a comedic standpoint. Arin is amazing short sweet and to the point
  12. what? I posted it because i want to get some opnions not to troll. XD It was not my intention to start that if thats the case ill delete the post lolz XP
  13. ive seen it thats the part that i tend to stay away from, I only like the beginning of 3.5 after that it went downhill with the newborn cuties i know that. I am more into 3 than 3.5
  14. *listens to the Wangan Midnight Max Tune 3 soundtrack*

  15. watching the hunger games

    1. Riclo
    2. Famicom


      Wut it was a awesome movie XD

    3. Riclo


      Never saw it. Heard alot of it though.

  16. I am curious as to which is your favorite MLP generation(s) are. Mine are G3 and 4, I like 3 for its cuteness. I like 4 because of the flashiness and the life lessons it teaches sometimes Heads up: After reading one of the replies it was NOT my intention to troll and/or flame, I was curious mainly because I know some of us liked the previous generations. If it is meant to be looked at that way I will delete the post. Like I said it was only a post to get some honest opinions from my fellow community members.
  17. Getting ready for work soon, gotta make dem bones somehow XD

    1. Shiki


      Good luck with that.



  18. *yawns and curls up with his twili animated story teller* off to bed

  19. Famicom


    Welcome to the forums, I am also new here as well. So far the people i have met are awesome
  20. I am curious to see if there are any bronies out in the Virginia area on this forum. I feel like I am the only one but I am slowly finding some. If you are from or currently reside in Virginia let me know. I do plan to make a shoutout to the 1st 30 who reply to this post. You can post where in Virginia you come from if you would like me to put that in otherwise its not required Thanks for your Time Famicom
  21. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: I found it somehow while googling for images of cadence in chibi form How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I saw the orginial brony shirt in hot topic one day and I of course bought it. I was wondering what is all this about so i did some googling found out what it meant. I watched the cartoon and I fell in love. After that my love for MLP grew and grew to what it is today I am 23 years old, I love MLP (duh), Video Games, Computers, TV and Music. I am also a Arcade Enthuisist. One of my biggest dre
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