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  1. pinkie pie, i dont really need a plan of what she would do, she just would do something that would work in a way, if the thing she managed to do is some what close to what i wanted then its a win for me
  2. have a great day

    1. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      Ok, I will do that.

  3. happy valintines day

    1. Kyoshi


      Happy Valentines Day to you as well. ^-^

    2. Oven Mitts

      Oven Mitts

      Happy birthday!!!!!

  4. well behold the male alicorn we all dream of
  5. close combat is allways fun and in games where most people use guns and i get a chance to run around with an axe or sword makes me happy, dont need armor, just alot of speed and agresshion works for me, nouthing is more scary then getting stormed by an angry man with an axe
  6. im stood far away and a small pony can still have a big heart XD
  7. good way is to lie in bed with some headphones on, close your eyes as you just let your mind sort itself out
  8. i would rather see a khorn bezerker making friends with fluttershy, be intresting
  9. can i play with madness

    1. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      Give me the sense to wonder. To wonder if i'm free. \m/

    2. Big Jack
  10. sadly dont own a beard (yet) but anyone got suggestions when growing one besides let it go mad?
  11. om nom nom, such a nice place to sit and eat
  12. i left this around a year ago and i came back, this is still going?