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  1. Look who's back and on holiday!

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      You've returned! :D

  2. SEASON 4 TOMOROOW OMG! I'm BACK GUYS! ALSO THIS: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/56154326577472116/

    1. Lunas Husband

      Lunas Husband

      yup, looks good! staying up all night for it :) 8:00am is when it starts for me and Welcome back.

    2. Scootalove


      Awesome! Also, welcome back! :)

    3. Fluttershyfan94


      Welcome back, have you been away I remember you though.

  3. So I was gunna make a banner for Halloween, but then I saw the whoever made the current one had my exact same idea. Ah, well, I'll work out something.

  4. Still adjusting to the new forum layout -.-

  5. Hey, the changed the forum setup thingy. Looks nice.

  6. You go dude! "Now if you'll excuse me I've got some My Little Pony to watch and I don't give no f***s about anybody who has a problem with it." And that is the proper way to end an argument about ponies.
  7. God: Poseidon / Apollo Goddess: Artemis / Athena Artemis is just really cool, being the hunter goddess and all. I found her personality interesting in the PJATO series, and Athena is badass. I liked Apollo and Poseidon for the same reasons, also I like the sea, and being the god of the sun is just cool.
  8. I loved Back to the Future! I even mentioned it in my "Favorite Movies of all time" post. Placed third, I think. However, if my dad hadn't shown it to me, I would have never known t existed. In fact, I bet in a few decades, maybe MLP will be long forgotten, too. That's life.
  9. Did he possibly ask for a shot? Ok, a really cheesy one now. What do you call a party in the bathroom?
  10. Dat. Banner. SOO AWESOME!

  11. So I got Photo Finish on teh 'Which MLP FIM Character are you most like?" quiz. I have no idea what to say.

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      Could I get a link to that quiz?

  12. No offense, but he's seriously much of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. You might want to give him some flaws, and delete the part where he can perform a Sonic Rainboom. Only Rainbow Dash can do that. Eeyup.
  13. This is, like, so radical, you've got to read it and see for yourself, bro. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10161/the-adventures-of-sundude-and-moonbro

    1. Dsanders


      So much bro. lol

  14. ~Chaotic Fireball~

    Movies/TV Best movie you've ever seen

    Top 3: 1. Percy Jackson 2: The Sea of Monsters *Squee!* Was more true to the book than the first movie was, and they fixed most of the errors from the first one nicely as well. Also, I'd been DYING to see it for 6 months. Do you know how infuriating it is waking up each morning, knowing you still have a whole two or three months to go until a movie you want to watch starts showing? Ugh. At least I got to watch it *twice* in cinemas 2. Toy Story 3 Was more thrilling than the first ones, and I personally liked it a lot. 3. Back to the Future Parts 1, 2 and 3 *shrug* I guess I just
  15. Well, in 4th or 5th grade I was playing football (soccer) with some people in my class. The people playing were mostly boys, although there were a few girls playing, myself included. Then it was a penalty kick, and naturally I was the goalkeeper. So the guy kicked the ball, and instead of missing me, or flying over me, the ball smacked me right in my face. Everything went black, and I felt "as if I was dreaming" as I described it at the time. I think I might have fallen flat on my back, (like Charlie Brown) but I seriously can't remember. I must have blacked out for a few seconds at the lea
  16. Somebody give me some brain bleach-- and make it ASAP.

    1. DarkEmeraldRarity


      *gives* why do you need it?

    2. TheMangoPony


      Saw something you can't unsee?

  17. To me, she's probably repeating what somebody probably told her. Maybe she told a friend that she liked it, and her friend said it was for babies, blah blah blah. Maybe her family just didn't approve of us bronies. That's just sad.
  18. Yes, you can use Google Docs. That's usually what I use to work on and share my stories. Once you have a google account, log on if you aren't already, and google up Google Docs. Click on it, and voila! You should be able to work from there.
  19. Ugh, been sick for the whole day. So much for my wonderful ice cream-eating-watching-TheSeaofMonstersforthethirdtimeinarow-evening. :C At least I made some progress on my tulpa, (well, wonderland really. Read my new blog post to see more)

    1. Remi


      The tragic story of the ice cream that was never eaten.


      Okay that was better when I thought of it.

  20. Death by monkeys!!!
  21. ~Chaotic Fireball~

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because I felt like it.
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