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  1. you can have my spot, is that okay with everypony? Nameless doesn't seem to add anything to this plot - thingy. so you can have it if no one objects.
  2. well, this sounds interesting...are there any character types missing? and is it too late to join?
  3. I've been standing there fighting my guards forever now...Bored. If you'd preffer me not to be in this one and having two patients is too hard, i'll withdraw, no problem.
  4. The figure stumbled, exhausted. Around him the trees roared, cloaked in flames, always burning, never consumed. He had once thought the heat intolerable, but now - after such a long time in the pits of hell, he found the heat far more welcome than the fridged areas, where the cold froze the very blood in your viens. Here you could survive, if you knew how. and after so long...the dirty grey figure knew how. Above the crackling noise and the roar of the fire, a growl was heard, and a chupacabra leapt out at him freom the surrounding flames. Ears back, they circled each other, the grey and black equine limping and snorting in 'fear', the demonic monkey-kangroo took another leap with fearsome screech - intent on the equines blood, he came too close and was speared on the equines prepared horn. The dark unicorn shook the blood off his horn as the creature writhed in its agonizing death throws. When it was quiet, the unicorn moved it into the fire, cooking the flesh for a meal. Oh yes, the nameless grey unicorn knew well how to survive.
  5. Alex saw Carlos acknowledge him and summon him over to the iron barrier, nodding in return, he backed up a little and took the distance at a gallop, using his wings for an extra burst of speed. He was almost halfway across when he heard the yell of another and he couldn't help but look. A winged unicorn was hit badly, as green as Alex was blue. He was dragging himself as fast as he could as the soldiers paused to reload, too good of a target! Alex turned on a dime, his wings giving him the agility so he didn't trip and he dashed to help - sliding himself under the other and using his wings to keep the injured creature from sliding off his back. He moved as fast as he could with his burden, back towards the iron barricade, a burst of adrenaline helping him on his way as he shouted, "cover fire! cover fire!" praying that Carlos would keep the soldiers pinned down until he could get this one to safty.
  6. I am trying to keep up, but al of you post in rapid succession, and when I'm able to be online seems to be when you're all off already. I'm still interested, though and I will pot as often as I can!
  7. As soon as Carlos got off of him, Alex turned and dove for cover behind a large metal dumpster, shots pinging off of it as he slid to a halt behind it, he turned back in time to see a trail of snow coming from the cieling where the pastel blue pony (@Descant) hovered just visable to him. He turned to hear what Carlos had just said, was there anything he could do to help? He wasn't an expert on 'my little pony' and only knew that he could fly for short distances for the moment. the unicorns could apparently do magic - he glanced back at the blue pastel again - did that mean pegasi could as well? "C-Carlos?" he winced at another barrage of bullets, talking would give away any plans obviously, so he looked as determind as he could, trying to show that he was willing to help too.
  8. I'm still waiting around too, well, Nameless is... I kinda forgot who my nurse is...? I hate these word limits..
  9. Nameless narrowed his eyes, king he might be, but also lacking in manners..the stallion had basically insulted him in the worst way possible, he might have offered his services to the unicorn but that didn't mean he had debased himself! "I come from near the Monoceros mountains, being useless is not an option there..." He stood tall, now staring directly at the stallion as opposed to his earlier covert gazes. "I am an outcast of the Licorne Warrior Caravan tribe. Magic other than basic levitation is generally reserved for the shammans or magician warriors. I was only given that honor after I had already killed my first crocotta* and proved myself a stallion to the tribe. Even without my powers i am far from useless." He calmed, eyes turning from blazing electric blue to icy cold, "My master, a shamman named Fornax was trained by his master Escultor to forge magician warriors who would be loyal to the clan. Unfortunatly, I was more interested in power and discovering thier limits than to bowing and scraping. I was uninterested in the wars and feuds of my Tribe, nor did I care about thier peace treaties. I wanted knowledge, and cared little for anything else. I was soon cosidered Mad and dangerous, and my master was told to stop me." It was the longest speech he had ever made, and realising this, he cut it short, " These Chains were forged by my Master to controll my more...irratic behaviours, by consuming my powers when I attempt to use them - anything that demands to much energy takes double that energy away from me, besides the original power consumed by the spell. He forged it from Star metal, from the Starridge Aeries of the Eastern Hippogriff Clan, I cannot break it, and I would have asked you later at a more appropriate time...Had not you taken the task from me, yourself." ((crocotta - dog-wolf/hyena creature of an enemy tribe that wander the same lands as the Licorne Caravan. Far from Equestria and may or may not have been around/known about in King Flares time, your choice. ))
  10. Alex jumped, surprised they knew who he was, even in this form! He followed the group and helped them dig out the hole, following them through into the garage. He took one of the packets and then cautiously looked around the cieling, spotting three security cameras he exercised his wings and flew up to them and altered thier positions, figuring that destroying them would only show where they were. Now they faced the opposite door, away from where they had come from. He crossed back over to the group, finished and shaking from the exertion of flying. "They may not notice us here for a while at least. I was not in the camera's view."
  11. Alex looked at the only human with them when he spoke, but he seemed to be talking to someone else. He followed through the hole in the wall with the others turning to the one called 'Bright Spark' "Those alerted would not have known that we would be teleported here and wouldn't have been able to set it up in such an amount of time...I am more conscerned about the Captain Snow..will she be alright here? Although trained for combat, here she is outnumbered..."
  12. Alex walked a turn around the office, excersizing his wings until the muscles were strong enough to attempt flight. He hovered for a bit and landed, hopeing to conserve the energy until it was needed. He watched the man finished dressing himeself - having looked away to give him some privacy at least - and then noticed the lock of hair. He looked over his glasses at the others who seemed to be taking charge, he had no problem with that..but felt sorry that the Captain had had to sacrifice herself like that for them. Quietly he edged up to the others and asked "Is there any chance that she is still back in the cages room?"
  13. Nameless looked on after his introduction, watching as the glowing creature walked in, his eyes narrowed against the glare - he delt with shadows, and even though most of his powers had been locked away, he still disliked bright lights. He shuffled back a bit and watched the cultist through the haze of light the being threw off. He had been hopeing that he could ask the possessed stallion to free him from his chains and release his...*darker* side. but he supposed he could ask later. For now, he would observe and remain silent.
  14. Alex woke up with a roaring headache, unsure of what had happened. last he remembered he had been dealing with the machines monitoring activity when...something had happened. He opened his eyes and lay there trying to reajust to his...surroundings? he sat up slowly, head reeling with a loud rushing sound. He felt heavy, not just from his head pounding.. He blinked slowly and looked around and saw...PONIES? Unicorns? In shock, alex did whatever they said before his brain started functioning normally again. He looked down, resigned to his new dark blue body, and wished he had a mirror. turning his head on his now-elongated neck he saw wings and tried to flutter them, or move them at least, his muscules objected, not having been used before, not even sure how to move. he dropped them again, in an awkward movement in time to be told to go to a certain point...and then they vanished.. ((sorry for out of character, but really didn't have a choice on what else to do.))
  15. ((Ok, wow. sorry, power went out because of a major snowstorm, i'll try to catchup and post when I can, but it seems you guys really got far ahead... ...not sure how to manage this now...suggestions? I was supposed to be one of the scientists in the room...? remember that bit?))